Best Cricket Games for Android That Cricket Lovers Must Try

Best Cricket Games for Android That Cricket Lovers Must Try
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Are you a cricket lover? Then you must want to keep the Best Cricket Games for Android 2017? Don’t you?. Then i must say you are in the right place. Here you will get to know about the top Cricket Games for Android. The Best cricket gaming apps by users choice is a post away from you. In these games, you not only enjoy your favorite android cricket game but also you will connect with many cricket lovers all around the world. Download and install those games and experience a great cricket gaming world.

best cricket games

Read the post and it will help you to choose the best Cricket game for your android Mobile according to your device configuration and choice of games. Here you will get the best games rated by the users. So go through the post, choose and download the Best Cricket Game for your Android Smartphone. Here we go..

Best Cricket Games For Android List

  • World Cricket Championship 2

best cricket android games

World Cricket Championship 2 is the best cricket gaming app among all. It provides you the real atmosphere of a match. You can enjoy a lively 3D gaming experience via World Cricket Championship 2. It’s different interesting features have made it the users’ first choice. Users have given it 4.6 stars out of 5.


  • It provides different events and tournaments like test series, ODI series, World Cup, Wolrd T20 Cup etc along with the different international team as well as domestics. It also provides different stadiums with realistic field response for its users to feel the real experience.
  • It is featured with different batting shots like the front-foot shot, the back-foot shots, drives, sweeps etc and also with different bowling actions like the side on, front on etc. It has also provided two batting camera settings from the batsman’s end and from the bowler’s end.
  • It also provides the exact field and pavilions effect to the users.
  • More than 40 camera angles to enjoy different views and action replays.
  • 3D bar chart for the score.
  • Users will get both English and Hindi Commentary.
  • Users can enjoy the same with their real-life friends, give or take challenges and hence can edit the players’ roles and names. And at the end can share the result among the friends.
  • Real Cricket Premier League

real cricket premier league.png

Real Cricket premier League is the 2nd best Cricket Game especially for premier league lovers. You can experience a real and complete premier league from team building to winning the trophy. The average ratings, by the users, for this game is 4.4 stars out of 5.


  • It provides a real experience to its users to franchise a team and building it with players of your choice.
  • Users are allowed to play previous matches too, even the matches from the previous seasons.
  • One can download and run different batting and bowling styles from the internet and enjoy.
  • You can play cricket online with your friends and others, score high and share it with all.
  • Enjoy 2D motion animations.


  • Real Cricket 17

real cricket 17.png

Real Cricket 17 is another best option to experience real feelings of cricket. It is smooth and very fast responding. It has also provided some interesting features which make it the users choice. Now it is your turn to enjoy the real cricket gaming experience right on your mobile. You can play it on your desktop also.


  • Here in Real Cricket 17, you can play and enjoy cricket with your friends and player from all around the world and rank yourself on scoreboard using the Player’s profile feature where users can record their performances.
  • You can own your premier league team with selected players of your choice too.
  • Users can enjoy the Champions cup. Even the domestic T20 tournaments can be played here.
  • It is equipped with all the cricket types of equipment from top manufacturers like SS Cricket.
  • The Cricket Quiz feature is provided for the users to strengthen your knowledge of cricket. Here users can take part and can challenge your friends and others.
  • T20 Cricket 2017

T20 Cricket 2017.png

T20 Cricket 2017 is placed fourth on our list. this Cricket gaming app provides a real gaming experience to its users as well as provides cricket updates and news. This app is rated 3.9 stars out of 5 by the users.


  • Apart from the great gaming experiences, the app provides live cricket scores, news, and updates, interesting IPL facts, famous quotes of cricketers and lots more.
  • Its provides its users with 3 modes like single player, two player, and tournament to play cricket with an opponent, play with your friends, and play with your team of friends respectively. You can play the matches with international cricket team as well as with IPL teams.
  • Users can choose games with the choice of lovers of their own, Choose a day or night matches, choose different batting styles, and lots more.
  • Users can get a complete analysis of their game.
  • You can share the result of your game with your friends and fans of cricket all around the world online. you can share the results on social networking sites too.


Final Word

These are the Best Cricket Games for Android, according to users review, users’ experience, ratings, which you can try and enjoy the real gaming experience alone, or with friends or with the cricket lovers from all over the world. If you want a big screen experience, then you can download and run the games on your PC using emulators too. So don’t waste time, just choose the best cricket gaming app, download and enjoy.

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