List of 30+ Active 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites 2018


1337x proxy sites are the only option left for the users to access the 1337x Torrent site. It was one of the most popular torrent sites. It used to allow the users to download free movies, software, premium games, and others. But after the restrictions put on the site, most of the users of the site are looking for some alternatives to 1337x. If you are also looking for the same then you have reached the destination where you will get the best solution.

Because here in this article, we have researched and listed out 30+ 1337x proxy sites. All these sites will give the users full access to download all the contents of 1337x torrent site without any problem. So read the article until the end to get all the best 1337x proxy sites and download whatever you want for absolutely free.

But before starting with the list, let’s get started with discussion about 1337x torrent site that you must know before browsing through the proxy server.

1337x proxy sites

1337x is one of the most popular torrent sites that use to allow the users to download latest movies, premium software, paid games and many others for absolutely free. Basically, all the contents found on 1337x and other torrent sites like the pirate bay, kickass,  are pirated. Hence the site owners can provide them for free. But as a huge usage by the internet users, the producers of those contents face a huge loss. As a result, the producers appealed for legal interference in this matter and the result is known to all.

Almost all countries have made policies or going to make policies to put restrictions on the torrents sites for the sake of the producers. That is the main reason that users have to browse to the proxy sites or get a proxy browser to download the digital contents as before.

What are Proxy/ Mirror Sites?

Proxy or Mirror sites are the intermediary medium between the main server and the users. Proxy sites are being introduced to provide better services for the users (for users of those regions too where the main sites are restricted). That is why almost all the online service providers use to create proxy sites.

When users use to browse or download something from the main servers that are blocked in some regions, proxy sites (not restricted) use to provide all the information to the users from the main servers. This way the users can get all the contents without browsing to the restricted server. There are many proxy sites for unblocking youtube, video proxy, putlocker, 1337x, limetorrent, torrentz, the pirate bay. You can unblock almost everything using the right proxy server.

Genuine List of 30+ 1337x Proxy Sites 2018

After the restriction on 1337x torrent site in few countries, many proxy and mirror sites come into existence. Some are very effective, some are slower. But after a long period of time, even many proxy and mirror sites have been blocked by many countries or authorities.

Today we have researched and listed out the active proxy sites of 1337x torrent site. Users can browse to those sites and enjoy services of 1337x like before.

So the list of 1337x proxy & mirror sites is mentioned below.


As earlier said, proxy sites are the medium that is not restricted by any governments or authorities. Therefore those sites can be browsed by anyone anytime. And the proxy sites can bring all the information or contents from the main server (restricted) without any governmental interference for the users.

The proxy and mirror sites of 1337x torrent site will play the same role for the users. So users can browse to the sites and can download movies, software, games, and others.

Generally, proxy sites are safe to browse and download torrent files. But these sites can also be restricted by the authorities. So if there comes any warning or alert on your computer screen while browsing to the proxy sites, then you are suggested to stop browsing.

Final Words

Don’t waste more time. Just try out those 1337x proxy sites of 2018. All the sites are used and verified by the experts. Users can browse to them without any worry. So browse to the sites and enjoy unlimited downloading of all your favorite digital contents including movies, games, software, and others for free.


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