4 Popular Bar Games To Try

Going to a bar is a fun adult pastime, and many people enjoy playing games at these establishments. Some contests require certain skills, while others require knowledge of particular subjects. The winners of such games may receive money, other tangible prizes, or simply bragging rights. Here are four popular bar games to try the next time you have a night out.

1. Poker

Poker is a card game where people are dealt two cards and bet according to how well their set of cards, or starting hand, compares against the cards placed on the table. As knowledgeable people in the gaming industry, such as Howard Mittman, President of 888 Holdings U.S, will tell you, winning at poker requires a little bit of luck and a lot of strategy. One strategy is to read the non-verbal cues of other people at the table. For example, sometimes a person with a particularly good starting hand will stare longer at the cards on the table, in order to figure out how much they should bet. Although you never know when someone is bluffing or betting money just to make the other players think that they have a good hand when they actually do not.

2. Pool

Pool is a common bar game that requires excellent hand and eye coordination and perhaps a bit of geometry knowledge. The goal of the game is to get each ball that you call into a pocket on the pool table, with the winner being the person who ends up getting all their balls in the pockets first. Some bars have a room dedicated to playing pool since this game can get quite noisy due to the sound of the pool stick hitting the balls. Pool also requires more space than many other games because of the length of the pool cue. However, this is a fun game that two people can play and only requires practice to become better.

3. Trivia

For those wanting to flex their brainpower, organized games of trivia are often held at bars and pubs across the United States. Typically, certain categories are included and the entire venue is asked the same question at a time. People can play solo or on a team during each game of trivia. Playing on a team is usually recommended since you can combine the knowledge of all participants on the team. Common categories include music, geography, history, science, and celebrities. Those who are very good at trivia might consider going on to play game shows on television or something similar.

4. Darts

Darts is a simple game that involves throwing a needle-like object at a target and seeing how close you can get the object to the center. Due to the sharp objects involved, it is not recommended for very intoxicated people to play this game. It can be a fun and laid-back game, however, and may be played either competitively while keeping score or casually.

The next time you are enjoying a couple of drinks at an over-21 establishment, consider trying your hand at one of these four games.

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