4 Useful Tips to Using Uber


There is no denying the comforts you enjoy when booking an Uber. You get a ride at a swipe of a button. The perks do not end there actually because the founders of Uber are still on-the-go adding more features for extra convenience to the rider. Got your Uber app on your phone? You may not be optimizing all the features. Read on for more useful tips on how to use your Uber app.

  1.  Save your home and work address

Every time you book an Uber, you need to type your exact location. If you need to be picked up from home and brought to the office and vice versa, there is no need for you to input this information every time you need a ride. Uber has made it easier for you. Just go to Settings on your app, save your home and work address and these will create shortcuts which will be available to you in one touch of a finger.


  1.  Check the cost of your ride

You are enjoying the perks of booking a ride faster. But how much does Uber cost? Ask no more because your app can provide you with the answers. You can check the estimate the price of your ride before booking it by following a few steps. Using the Uber app, type your destination, then your pick-up location. After that, you will see a list of car options, and you can tap one to know a fare estimate. It contains the breakdown of the rates which include the base fare, booking fee, minimum fare based on per minute or per mile. You may also want to try using a third-party Uber estimator before booking your ride. The advantage of using this app is that it has more information that you might need such as city-based information (when you are planning to travel to a different state). You may also get fare estimates for different types vehicles of Uber whether UberX or UberBLACK. You can compare and contrast the fare estimates of the high-end versus the low-end vehicles to know which one suits your need or your budget.


  1.  Connect your calendar

The next time you book, you can save time if you connect your calendar with your Uber app. There is no need for you to flip from your calendar to the Uber app to know which event you are going next and where. Again, in Settings, click Calendar Shortcuts under the file Events. Once your Uber app and calendar are connected, your appointment schedules will pop-up when you open the Uber app.


  1.  Share your ride status

You can now also tell your friends your expected time of arrival through the Uber app, so your friends need not ask for updates on your location during the length of your travel. They may follow you through a real-time map of your ride. You may also send them a photo telling them you’re running late. The Uber app works alongside the Snapchat app which has different filters to choose from. You may take a picture using a filter telling how much travel time you have left.

Those are just 4 tips on how you can use Uber for your convenience. There may be other features that you may find interesting, more useful and may make your life and others easier, so please share away.


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