5 Reasons You Should Buy a Cell Phone Signal Booster

We have all been there, you are on a business call or you are making plans for the evening and then suddenly, beep, and your cell phone signals are dead. And here we are, it’s 2020, about half a century since the alleged moon landing and still, we haven’t figured this out. So, what is the prime reason behind this? Well, there are actually a lot of variables in an average cell phone connection. There could a signal handoff problem while you are traveling due to switching towers.

Today’s phones have their antennas buried inside the device, rather than sticking out as they did back in the 90s. Such issues of connectivity have also been absorbed in concerts or sporting events when multiple people try to upload their selfies and eventually overload the nearest tower. And of course, today’s world is full of concrete that doesn’t exactly get along with phone signals.

But now let’s say, your whole business revolves around calls and online meetings. How can you give your signal a boost? Well of course there are better solutions then sitting by the windows or stepping outside to take a call.

You might have heard of a cell phone signal booster before, but if you are reading this, you are not completely sure about this, aren’t you? Or maybe you haven’t done thorough research about it. Well, here we have given the top 5 reasons why you should buy a cell phone signal booster.

  1. Easy installation 

If you are provided with the proper kit i.e two antennas 1 amplifier and a connecting cable, you can install a signal booster all by yourself. After installation, they are also really easy to maintain.

  1. Get rid of weak signals

According to a research made on dropped calls, it was found that about 70% of Americans experience weak connectivity and dropped very often. Squetiantially, 33% of these engage with distorted call many times in a week.

Hence, if you are one of them, you are not alone in this. So can sort it all out just with a reception booster installed at your home.

  1. Saves Battery

If your phone is getting strong signals to transfer data, it will consume less of its battery. However, if you are in an area with poor reception, and your battery is draining like sand, you know you need to buy a signal booster. With a booster in your house or car, your cell phone can stop working hard for catching signals.

  1. Safety Factor 

I think the most valid reason to install a signal booster would be that it increases safety. The Federal Communication Commission stated that boosters can help people nearby to call emergency numbers like 911, especially in areas where there is low reception. If you are using an amplifier in your home of vehicle you nearby broadcaster can also take advantage of that and enjoy a full bar of signals.

  1. Flawless Surfing

In the era of technology, we have started relying on our mobile phones so much. We have pinched this in our everyday task, from work to entertainment, phones play a huge role in our lives. According to a research made in 2017, it was found that more than 87% of people read news online, and a lot of them get real-time alerts of any breaking news through social media app on mobiles.

Subsequently, low connectivity can obstruct our daily routines, our productivity, and also the source of awareness around the globe. People who use cellular data for surfing the internet instead of Wi-Fi will experience a huge up shirt in the performance of their carriers after the installation of a signal booster.

If you still haven’t found any good signal booster, you can try taking a look at Mobile Phone Reception Booster Nikrans NS-5000GDW.


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