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Why Us?

Smartwoop receives thousands of readers per month to solve their problems. You can get your message across to reach the global audience.

Put your products and services in front of the right customers before your competitors do.

Smartwoop is a popular technology blog that provides high-quality articles to solve technical related queries like how to tutorials, reviews, lists, software solutions, gadgets, websites, tools, apps, and we almost covers all tech related things.

Smartwoop is currently generating 61,200 page views per month. Most of our audiences come from countries like India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Nigeria.

Website Stats and Demographics

We like transparency. Unlike other technology blogs who shows fake data to influence the brands to put the ads, and in results end with no leads. But, we provide real Screenshots of real stats of Alexa Ranking, Google analytics, Moz Da and PA, Aherfs Traffic Data and more.

Alexa Ranking is a global site ranking company owned by INC which provides an accurate ranking of websites globally and country wise. They provide the data by analyzing visitors, Page views per visitors, demographics, engagements on pages, search appearances, growth rates, SERP traffic, bounce rate and lot of other factors in the count.

On Alexa our website is global ranked at 513,173 and India ranked at 40,677 by examining it for years and observing several factors.

To check the current data our website click here

Website traffic Stats, MOZ Da and PA and Similarweb Stats

Google analytics is one of the most trusted source to see the traffic stats of any websites, however, it’s not publically available but available for admin.

Below is the report of our website traffic stats by Google analytics over the years.

We don’t lie. We had very few traffic receiving in starting years, but right now we are boosting our ranking to get more appearance on search engines and Social media.


Also here is another stats from Moz metrics PA/Da

Ahrefs Stats of Smartwoop

Similarweb Stats

Advertising opportunities

We welcome Banner Ads, Video Ads, Sponsors Posts.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Here are a few general guidelines that one should meet in order to submit a guest posts

  • Content must be 100% copy free. No article will be taken if copy found in the content.
  • Must include least one image.
  • Become a contributor with us if you have good knowledge about technology trends, we accept only tech related articles.
  • Must be at least 600+ words article and cover the topic well.
  • No grammatical error

How to proceed to submit a guest post on smartwoop?

  • Step one, send your article idea to us.
  • Once the article title is approved write an amazing article following the posting guidelines.
  • Send it to us, we will review the article and if everything looks good, the article will go live within 24 hours.

Our clients are so satisfied that they keep coming back again and again

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