Air Cooler Advantages and Disadvantages: Is It Worthy To Buy?

Air cooler technology is not a new an innovation. Since, the birth of this earth, we are gaining benefits of this technology. Basically, Air cooler vapored the water and deliver us the cooled air. And this is the same process how our climate gets cooled. But, when we are using a machine instead of nature, it comes with advantages and disadvantages both. Today, I will talk about both pros and cons of an air cooler. Let’s see what comes in conclusion. Is it really worthy to use or not?

Before we go for pros and cons of air cooler, first, let’s quick check working principles of an air cooler. Because, to understand the pros and cons properly, it is very important to know working principles of Air cooler.

How Air Cooler Works?

Air coolers work on simple air evaporation technology. This technology used for converting water into vapour. There is many more complication in these procedures, but the simple principle is, when water gets evaporated, the temperature of the air goes significantly down, and it comes out as cool air. This is the main working principles of Air cooler to provide fresh the air. However, We also can add ice to make the air cooler according to our needs. But, it is totally optional and not all air cooler has ice cooling functionality.

You can watch this video for the more detailed understanding of “how air cooler works?”

What Are The Type of Air Cooler? 

Commercially there are two types of air coolers are available in the market, personal air cooler, and desert air cooler. However, both of these types have the different configuration and use. Below I have explained about both of the types.

Personal air cooler comes with the lower capacity of the water tank storage(10-30 liters). The personal air cooler is preferable for humid weather like near to the sea, or high humid climate regions. Also, it covers the small area compared to desert air cooler. Best for home use, personal use or even you can set one air cooler for small office rooms.

Desert air cooler is for dry climates. Also, it comes with larger water tank (30-50 liter) capacity. It is superior for dry weathers or low humid climates. Compare to personal air cooler, it can cover larger area rooms. However, the desert air cooler is more effective for office, and commercial uses, not a good choice for individual users.

Advantages of Air Cooler

First, let’s see what the pros of Air Cooler.

  • Available at affordable price range.
  • Low maintenance charge compares to other cooling devices.
  • No insulation is required for installation.
  • Works for humid and dry both conditions.
  • Can cover a large area with the desert air cooler.
  • Moveable with trolley legs. You can move anytime.
  • Can operate without any stabilizer.
  • Environment-friendly cooling device.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Consumes less power and electricity (Only 33% more than ceiling fan).
  • Spreads the cool air all over the room, according to its capacity.
  • It delivers the evaporated air to your room, which is healthy for your skin and body.

Disadvantages of Air Cooler

There are few limitations are there, those need improvements in the air cooling device.

  • Noisy compared to AC or other cooling devices.
  • Don’t have controlled temperature drop.
  • Always you need to put the right amount of water to works perfectly.
  • Don’t provide the instant cooling facility, it takes time.
  • Can become very unhygienic soon is not maintained well.


Is it worthy to buy Air cooler?. If you look, cons are negotiable compare to the good features of Air cooler. Depending on your needs, Air cooler works great for personal as well as commercial uses. If I am honest, not all air coolers are good enough. You should always buy good air cooler brands, lower quality brands have fewer features and have many disadvantages.