Download Amazon App For Pc Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Hello, Are you looking for “How to download Amazon App for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Pc?”

If so, Here you will find quick and simple “step by step guide” to install Amazon App on your Pc.

Advantages of using Amazon App on PC

  • Wider screen option
  • Better user experience
  • Easy to use
  • Get benefits of androids app on PC
  • Multitasking

Amazon is the giant online shopping company, where you will find latest electronic gadgets, trendy fashion, Large and small appliances, and almost everything that you need at one place, so amazon app is a must-have app for your PC, but let me tell you the true fact, there is no officially Amazon has been released so far. Then How can you install Amazon app on PC?

Well, everything has a solution, with little-known tricks you can easily download and install amazon app on PC. Follow the step I mentioned below and you will end up with installed Amazon app on your PC. Anyway let’s jump into “how to section”

This “how to guide” is divided into two sections

Installing Amazon app on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 is as easy ABC. Just follow the simple step and you are done!

Before we move into downloading amazon app, let’s have a quick look into the 3 must have things that are required for installing Amazon app.

  • Free space on your PC
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Windows operating system (windows 7/8/8.1/10) pre-installed on your PC

1.Download Amazon App For Windows 7/8/8.1

Let’s go…

Step 1: Windows the operating system doesn’t support android application, So we need to first install an Android Emulator like bluestack, This external operating system will allow installing android application on your PC. So, first, you download and install an android emulator.

[junkie-button url=”” style=”red” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_blank”] Download BlueStack [/junkie-button]

If bluestack not working try these alternatives

Note: If you are installing blue stack for the first time it may take a little time to install, so keep your patience while installing, and make sure you have internet connectivity.

Step 2: Once you are done with installing bluestack, its time to search for “Amazon” application and install it.(It’s almost similar to installing Amazon from google play store)

In the right top end section, you will find search option, click on it and type “Amazon” and then search. You will find Amazon application appears in the search result, click on “Install/download” and you’re done with installing.

Note: Similarly you can search for other shopping applications and install them on your PC. and make sure you have proper internet connectivity.

Step 3: Once you successfully installed Amazon app, go back to my app section where you will find recently installed amazon app, click to open and you are done!

2.Download Amazon App For Windows 10

Installing Amazon app for windows 10 is easier than other versions of windows. As windows 10 comes with windows store, where you can play with thousands of useful application on your windows 10 PC. You can easily search and install amazon app from windows store.

However, the fact is there is no official app for other versions of windows but if you are using windows 10, then you are lucky! Amazon released its windows 10 application for a better experience on windows 10 OS. There is not much change in this version of the app, just the user experience is better for windows 10 users.

amazon app on windows 10

But! How to install?

Well, To install amazon app follow these simple 2 steps

Step 1:  Go to windows store and search for “Amazon” or you can directly click here to download it.

Step 2: Click to install and enjoy the better experience of Amazon app on your windows 10 devices.

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Backend Story Explanation

As we all know windows operating system doesn’t support android application, so what we have done, we installed one external android emulator which let us run the android application on windows PC. There are many android emulators are out there online, but I strongly recommended bluestack for smoothly running android application.

Why Install Amazon App on Pc?

As there are millions of online shopping products are there on amazon app, if you are using a smartphone for a long time, the small screen may effect on your eyes and create a problem for you. Why not we enjoy same Amazon app on Pc with much wider screen and same app features. Installing Amazon app can help you to do multitask while it is not conveniently possible on smartphones.

Q & A

  • Can I use this method to install Amazon App on windows tab?

Yes! you can use this method to install Amazon on windows tab, just make sure you have installed android emulator properly.

  • Can I apply this process for Windows Notebook and other Windows devices?

For windows notebook, you can apply this process to install amazon app, but for other windows devices it depends on some factors, but still, you can hit and try this method for other devices.

  • Which Android Emulator should I use? 

There are many android emulators are out there, but if you ask me which one is the best? my answer will be Bluestack, It runs on all windows operating system smoothly and fast.

  • Can I Install Other Shopping Apps Using this method? 

Yes! One can download & install any shopping apps like Flipkart, or myntra use this method.

  • Can I use it Offline?

No! you can’t use amazon app offline, your PC must be connected to an internet connection to enjoy it.

Hope this article helps you to download and install Amazon app on your Pc.

Do you know any other method of doing this?

I would lover to hear from you

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