20 Best Apps Like Instagram For Android

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Instagram is awesome! you play with the photos, videos, make followers, follow friends and overall a great photo editing and sharing app. But, doing these you might feel like what’s next?, and look for similar apps like Instagram that gives you different experiences and features. These Instagram alternatives apps are almost similar, some are even better than Instagram. And, yes, you can get these apps for your iphone, android, windows phone. Also by using an android emulator, you can use Instagram for PC.

Today, we are going to cover 20 best alternatives to Instagram for Android as well as iOS devices. Along with the Instagram like apps, we also shared some video and social sharing apps that go well with the meaning. So, this is going to be a super interesting post, for those who want to get rid of Instagram.

20 Best Matched Apps Like Instagram

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In this list, there are some free apps like Instagram where some are paid. You are going find exactly similar apps like Instagram what you are looking for. So, without waiting more, let’s straight jump into the list of 20 amazing photo sharing and photo editing apps like Instagram.

Social Apps like Instagram

Here we have mentioned the exact alternatives of Instagram that allows the users to share photos and videos with friends on its own server on the go.


Flickr is the direct alternative of Instagram for sharing photos and videos with friends and family or with virtual friends. It allows the users to edit photos and videos in real-time and share them with conditional access option. Apart from these, Flicker provides 1000 GB cloud storage for all users to store their memories and stories as well as to share them from any devices.


Twitter is one of the top alternatives to Instagram that provides all the features and facilities of it as well as provide some other features too. Like Flickr and Instagram, Twitter also allows the users to edit photos and videos with various filter options and effects. Users can share and tag their friends and followers on the web using Twitter.


Facebook is the most popular social networking site with billions of users from all around the world. It has become a common destination for all smartphone users. All the similar features like photo clicking, photo editing with filter options, photo sharing with tagging friends and others are available on Facebook.


Another social networking site that can be added to this list is VK. Using VK, users can send messages, send or share photos and videos with many editing options, play games, join many communities based on different issues and interests, and many others. Users can watch live videos by streaming them online. There is an option available for listening music too.


Snapchat is another direct alternative of Instagram which provides almost same features like sharing photos and stories with friends. But most interestingly, the shared photos, stories, or other digital contents on Snapchat vanish automatically after a period of time. After the time, the contents become inaccessible for all. It helps to secure privacy as well as to clear unnecessary contents from the interface.


Pinterest is the great destination for sharing thoughts, stories, and many others. Users can share almost anything as well as can search for anything they want. The best feature of Pinterest is that users can search for anything by typing words or by clicking photos and videos too. There are many communities also available based on different topics or interests.


Google Plus is so popular among the smartphone users that it does not require any special mention in comparison with Instagram. Here users can also share their photos, videos and stories like Instagram with friends and family. Google Plus allows the users to provide conditional access to particular contacts for each and every shared stories or picture.


LinkedIn is another great option for sharing one’s photos, videos, stories, others. Though it is most popular for professionals or freelancers for a community-based discussions or news, it can be used for sharing memories with friends and family with conditional access too. It can be used from computers or from mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices.


Tumblr is one of the most popular social networking sites developed by Yahoo. It allows the users to share photos, videos, GIFs, stories, or whatever they want. There are tags and re-blogging options available for sharing and starting a discussion with friends. Most importantly it provides many communities based on users’ interests. Users can chat privately also on Tumblr.

We Heart It

We heart It, in short WHI, is a social networking site specially designed for fashion and quotes. Here users can share and find all the fashion and inspiring quotes or stories with friends. Like other social networks, WHI also allows the users to follow the favorite celebrity or friends from all around the world as well as get connected with them in times.


Tagged is another great option competitor for Instagram which provides many interesting features and facilities to the users. Using Tagged, users can send messages, photos, videos, and other with their real or virtual friends from anywhere. The most interesting feature of Tagged is that it shows the nearby available users to get in touch with them.


Vimeo is one of the most popular Photo and Video category apps that allow the users to share messages, photos, videos, live videos, streaming online videos and many others. That is why we have listed it out here. Users can share videos from their device storage directly, or from any devices after logging in to their accounts.


Odnoklassniki is also a great competitor for Instagram which users can opt for. It also allows the users to share photos, videos by real-time editing options with various filters and effects. Users can share GIFs too for sharing their stories. Apart from these, there are many other features too like news, free calling options, and others.

Almost Similar to Instagram

There are many photo editing apps like Instagram available in various play stores that provide features and facilities almost like Instagram in case of editing photos and videos with several filter options. Users can share the edited contents on the internet with their real friends or virtual friends using these apps. So the list of almost similar apps like Instagram is mentioned below.


Vine camera is almost similar app like Instagram. It is especially known for editing looping videos. It allows the users to capture, edit and share photos with friends. But it does not have any server or feed section like Instagram where users can watch the photos or videos. Vine allows the users to share their photos or videos directly to other social networking sites like Twitter.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the best photo and video editing apps. It provides all the features and facilities required for editing photos and videos. There are many effects, user-created stickers, collage maker, camera option, and many more. It also provides direct sharing option to all popular social networking sites cum app including Instagram.

Photo Editor By Aviary

Another great tool that can be used with Instagram or any other social networking sites for editing photos and videos before sharing is Photo Editor by Aviary. It also has all the features and facilities that are required for editing. Apart from these, users can share edited photos and videos directly from the library to social networks.


Photo Bucket is yet another great option and a tough competitor among all other photo editing apps for editing photos and videos with easy filter and effects as well as with advanced editing options. It also allows the users to create their own GIFs using the GIF maker. So those who are looking for an alternative to Instagram can use this app to share photos and videos to any social networks.


Povio is a great app to get in touch with friends and family with real-time photos and videos. It allows the users to ping their friends as well as ping them in return for photos and videos with easy edit options. It can also be used with other social networks mentioned above for advanced editing options.


Like Photobucket, Retrica is a photo and video editing app that allows the users to edit and share photos and videos instantly. The reason behind its fast editing is the inbuilt filters and editing options. Users can click, edit, collage, and share contents using the advanced options too. Its GIF maker allows the users to make GIFs from videos or multiple photos.


One of the most popular photos and video editing apps, as well as social networking app, is the Path. It provides many features and facilities for clicking, editing, and sharing digital contents on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Final Words

These are the best 20 similar apps like Instagram that smartphone users must try. All these apps allow the users to share all the moments with interesting effects and stickers on social networks. Users can use the photo and video editing apps that we have mentioned above because they all provide direct sharing options to social networks for the users. So choose the best Instagram alternatives and enjoy sharing moments with friends via social networks.

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