To use and implement a system in your current app development platform, you need to get into a sound understanding of the system. Here are some of the features of Salesforce DX explained, so that you can develop a nice understanding of what it is, and how it can help you in your lifecycle management and better quicker release management.

Salesforce DX is a set of features which you simply can implement or add on to your existing Salesforce platform. Many common problems that developers face can be solved with the use of Salesforce DX when it helps address the org management and the source of truth management. Developers knowing Integrated development environment, and Command line interfaces can work with DX with ease.

How DX helps in defining the changed source of truth

Sandboxes are created to test and develop apps by developers as they work with Salesforce. Complications often arise during working, when developers realize that they have a moving source of truth, where the sandbox is not the same. In such cases, DX helps specially to define the new path for the source of truth by making use of centralized source controllers, and this kind of development is referred to as source driven development.

All conflicts in the path of lifecycle management do not get sorted in this way. But some of the more challenging issues can be sorted by handling them with source control systems so that a process with greater efficiency can be created.

Overall enhancement in Salesforce productivity

Salesforce DX is one such powerful tool that can enhance the productivity of the Salesforce platform in multiple ways, increase security, give developers with more options for better working, and overall helps in quicker deploying with express deployment features.

Smarter and faster collaboration with scope for innovation

Management of orgs and releases with unlocked packages is a feature of Salesforce DX that has been simplified in it. A trackable and replicable method is provided by the unlocked packages for the management of changes in org. A team or an individual developer, both can get benefitted by a host of tools for this. IDE, CLI, the best command interface, and text editors make the platform a really great one to work with. The open and agile design of DX is great to be integrated into your existing app development platform. Apps can be managed through full lifecycle using the power of Salesforce DX.

Get help for quicker integration

To use the full potential of this native release management system, you can get associated to a solution like, who knows how to use salesforce DX the best and integrate it wonderfully into your app development platform. You can get visibly better results in release management and deployment with the integration of DX through learned and experienced service providers.


It’s time you give your developers more freedom by empowering them with an efficient tool like Salesforce DX. You are going to enjoy the high-quality faster releases and deployment.