Top 15 Best Cricket Games for Android in 2020 [Updated]

Are you looking for top best cricket games for android?, Then, here is a good news for you, Today, we are going to walk you through 15 top rated android cricket games of 2019. We have reviewed all cricket games for android available on playstore and others Apps stores, and filter out below the described list of amazing cricket games for android mobiles.

There may be a lot of games out there in the Google play store, but a few of them provides the best real cricket gaming experience. The games we are going to discuss are the best in class as they provide good 3d players, high-quality graphics, commentary, free downloading, and more exciting features.

Best Cricket Games for Android 2020

Below, you are going to find out all best cricket games that you can download and install on your android smartphones, tablets, and on other Android devices. So, without waiting more, let’s jump into the list of best cricket games for android phones.

Epic Cricket

The newest kid on the block is the Epic Cricket. Just launched last month, it gained a huge popularity and over 1 million of downloads and still going strong. It is an advanced game with good controls and graphics which attracts a lot of gamers in the modern era. and the amazing this is this you can enjoy this cricket game for android with commentary.

Epic Cricket - Best Cricket Simulator 3D Game- screenshot

Key highlights

  • HD quality 3d graphics with real-like matching international players.
  • Every Cricket playing nation on offer.
  • Full match commentary.
  • Modern bowling and batting styles with each and every shots available.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champion

Sachin saga Cricket Champions is designed to put the user into Sachin’s shoes and live the cricketing adventure of the god himself. You can build your own team of over 100 international players and compete in the different arena. You can enjoy this cricket game just like enjoying live cricket matches.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Very good graphics with 3d players.
  • You can play as Sachin himself.
  • Real-world batting and bowling system with real-world playing conditions.
  • Live match commentary (both Hindi and English).
  • Play in world famous stadiums all over the world.

World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket championship 2 is the updated version of the most popular World Cricket Championship. It is the winner of a lot of gaming awards and has been popular among most of the cricket games out there. It has rich quality graphics and very good gameplay with good controls and many more features.

World Cricket Championship 2- screenshot

Key highlights

  • 69 different batting shots and 8 different bowling options.
  • Cinematic cameras with replay options and good lighting which depicts the real format.
  • You can challenge your friend and play online as multiplayer.
  • Modern features of the game are also included like Hawk-eye. DRS system, free hit and much more.

Big Bash Cricket

The famous Australian Big Bash T20 Cricket is in your hands now. It is one of the best cricket games ever in the Android today. You can play all day long without getting bored. It has beautiful graphics with loads of features on offer.

Big Bash Cricket- screenshot

Key highlights

  • A very addictive game with best graphics.
  • Easy controls, easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Over 1 million downloads and going strong.
  • The fully licensed game, with the most number of teams. You can update them on your own, unlock daily challenges and become the best.

MS Dhoni: Untold Story-Official Cricket game

MS Dhoni cricket game is depicted from the Bollywood movie goes by the same name. You will play as Sushant Singh Rajput acting as MS Dhoni in the game. It is a nice game with good graphics and nice skills to learn the mechanics.

MS Dhoni: Untold Story- Official Cricket Game- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Very simple and easy game controls.
  • Full 3d graphics with realistic game animations.
  • First ever manual wicketkeeping and fielding system.
  • 10 world class international teams to play with.
  • Multiple gaming modes for better gameplay.

Real Cricket 17

Real cricket 17 is the most authentic, surreal and the complete cricket game ever on android platform. It provides with every format of the game to choose from and play accordingly. It also offers the difficulty level a gamer can choose to have fun and show his skills.

Real Cricket™ 17- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Real game experience with almost every Cricket playing nation on offer.
  • Test cricket option is also provided.
  • Smoother gaming experience with better representation.
  • All major T20 domestic tournaments are included.
  • Only disappointment is that it has 2d graphics and it lacks commentary.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is a very good game which offers about 200 international payers globally. This game has been specially designed for the Android users of version 4.2 and above. It is one of the most detailed and realistic cricket simulation game ever.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Real simulation and 3d experience.
  • Motion captured animations with 3d players.
  • 2 gameplay cameras with over 25 camera angles.
  • Good batting and bowling control with every modern feature.
  • You can build up your own dream team with the famous players around the world.

Real Cricket-Premier League

The same developers of Real Cricket 17 too developed this game for giving its users a real gaming experience capturing each drop of the Indian Premier League 2017. The game has good graphics and controls with user downloads of over 1 million.

Real Cricket™ Premier League- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Auction mode is introduced which allows you to purchase players globally.
  • The game is smoother with smooth and better gameplay.
  • You can download new batting shots and bowling actions with a lot of customizations.
  • It lacks 3d graphics and commentary, although it has good scintillating 2d graphics.

Cricket Megastar

One of the best android cricket game that you can download right now is Cricket Megastar. The story of the game is about a rookie batsman trying to make it big in the professional arena. You can create your own player and play the different levels of the game and become the ultimate Cricket Megastar.

Cricket Megastar- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Good graphics and 3d players.
  • Easy control and variety of shots.
  • It lacks bowling department, only batting option is available.
  • No full matches can be played.
  • The only domestic arena is available, no international matches.

Cricket Career 2016

Cricket career 2016 is the complete 3d cricket game on the Android platform. It has massive downloads of over 4 million and still counting with a good overall rating. It is 3d simulation game with a variety of cricketing shots.

Cricket Career 2016- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Best 3d simulation cricket game ever on Android.
  • Engaging commentary by the voice of Kris Srikanth.
  • Motion captured shots and over 30 well-known stadiums around the world.
  • You can live the lavish life of a cricket superstar ranking higher to the top of the gaming career.

RCB Star Cricket

RCB Star Cricket is a very interesting game. It depicts the IPL matches being played by RCB throughout these years. You will be able to control the different players of the team and try to win and become the top.

RCB Star Cricket- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Smooth and super responsive gameplay.
  • 3d stadiums and 3d players too.
  • You can play as Virat Kohli with all the other RCB superstars and create good partnerships.
  • Very easy controls for gamers to play.

Gujarat Lions 2017 T20 cricket

You can play this game with your favorite Gujarat Lions team and win the tournament. This game has become a huge success with over 1 million downloads. Lots of gaming modes are included to keep yourself entertained.

Gujarat Lions 2017 T20 Cricket- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Very simple tricks for both batting and bowling techniques.
  • This game is also optimized for tablet devices.
  • 3d graphics and realistic animations with motion movements.
  • Most importantly this game is free to download.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket champions is a game build on the T20 format. You can play with your favorite team and participate in the world cup scenario and win the tournament and become the best. It has two modes of gameplay-quick match and tournament mode.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D- screenshot

Key highlights

  • The game is very engaging with simple and easy controls.
  • Thrilling matches with the popular world cup teams all over the world.
  • 3d graphics with motion animations and great physics,
  • Compatible with tablet devices also.

Beach cricket

This game gives you the taste of a fantastic open world experience, playing on the beach. This game is made to adopt any surrounding. You will feel the taste of sun, sand and the sea. It is a very popular cricket game among the Android users for a long time.

Beach Cricket- screenshot

Key highlights

  • You can choose your bowler but cannot choose the batsman.
  • You have an option to play either a 5 over match or a 10 over the match.
  • Very easy controls and a smooth gameplay.
  • This game is compatible with most of the android versions of 2.0 and above.

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is the most popular cricket game in the world with over 1 million users. You can customize each and every player and build your own team and participate in different tournaments and win them. You can track your own stats by the inbuilt feature given in the app itself.

Stick Cricket- screenshot

Key highlights

  • Very easy game for every user to play effortlessly.
  • Very addictive and time killer game.
  • Attractive graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • It lacks a lot of features like 3d graphics, commentary and even bowling options which is a disappointment.

Wrapping Up

These are best cricket games for Android available in the Google play store and are free to download. You can have a lot of fun playing these beautiful cricket games. We hope this article helps you out to download android cricket game for your Android device. Do share your feedback and let us know which one you liked and enjoyed the most while playing. We will come back to you if we come up with some new and more exciting games to offer. Till then, keep hitting sixes.

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