In today's busy lifestyle smart gadgets are the best option for saving lots of time and making things easier. Whether you want to make instant coffee, or grab a cup of tea, or want to make 2 minutes Maggie, a good electric kettle will save tons of your precious time. In many situations, electric kettle stands out better performing compared to the conventional gas stove.

If you're a hosteller or bachelor in house and don't like to spend too much time cooking in the kitchen,  An electric kettle can be a lifesaver for you. After a busy day spend when you come back to the hostel or home,  all we want is to grab a cup of coffee and relax.  With an electric kettle in your house, all you need to put the water inside the kettle and add ingredients, turn on the kettle, and you're done!. You're instant coffee or tea is ready to serve.


Now, if you're planning to buy a new Electric Kettle, selecting the right one can be harder for you without knowing all detailed about electric kettles. As there are many brands and varieties available on the market, this is common to get confused. But, don't worry, we are here to make it easier for you. After going through long research and spending a lot of time to find some good Electric kettle, we have made a list of top 10 best electric kettles in India, along with the list of best kettles, you're going to find all guides and information need to know before buying one.

We have looked into different parameters like boiling time, size and weight of the kettle, designs and looks,  Ease of use,  how much noise does it makes, power consumptions, exterior heating, and many such parameters. Looking at all those parameters closely, we found these 10 are the best electric kettle one can have in India for home, hostel, or office uses.

Before we go for the list of 10 best electric kettles, there are few things you must know about an electric kettle. Knowing these pieces of information will help to make a better choice.

What is an Electric Kettle?

Electric Kettle is a type of kettle that starts boiling the water once connected with the electric supply. All you need to plug in and switch on the kettle to start boiling. An electric kettle is much more efficient than traditional stove kettle in parameters like the speed of boiling, power consumption, safe and ease of use. With electric kettle boiling water or making tea or coffee, can be simplest among all home task.

Things to Know Before You Buy An Electric Kettle

Speed of Boiling Water

Speed is the most important parameter to check in an electric kettle. The more speed it has, the faster you can boil water, make coffee or tea. This is a must check thing on an electric kettle before buying one for yourself. Most of the electric kettle available on the market promises to boil water within 3 to 4 minutes.

Also, there are some instant boiler electric kettles promised to boil the water within 90 seconds. However, its better to not go with the brand's advertisements promises and look deep into reviews to check does it really boil water that fast. The ideal speed of boiling water in the electric kettle should be between 3 to 5 minutes.

Weight Makes Big Difference

If you're a traveler and want to take the electric kettle with yourself everywhere, the weight is a factor that must come under your consideration. Carrying out a heavy and big size electric kettle maybe not a good choice to go with if you want to keep it with you. However, you can buy heavy ones for your home uses.

The weight of electric kettle depends on the material, the plastic kettle weight falls under lightest one, and steel or iron comes under heavier. Currently, there is electric kettle available made of glass which is mid-range weight and easy to carry everywhere.

You Don't Like Loud Noisy Kettles, Do you?

Think about you are focused on writing something or doing some important work, and want to grab a cup of coffee to boost up the work, you turned on the kettle, and BOOM! Its starts making noise. This is why you must have a look into the noise factor of the kettle before buying one. However, today's high technology made electric kettles are build to make little or no noise, but still, you have to consider this factor.

Does Size Matters?

Considering the size of kettle there are two sizes are available, one is the height and width of the kettle, and another is the capacity of the kettle. Most of the electric kettle available on the market offers several cups of tea capacity at a time. Starting from 500ML to 1.5L, there are many varieties of capacity available in the market.

Depending on your requirements you can pick your ones. Smaller capacities of kettles are good to carry everywhere and big sizes are good for homes uses. Also before you buy any size of kettle, once you look around your kitchen or place where you will keep it, measure the place and decide the size accordingly. So, yes, size does involve in picking the right one.

The minimalist look of an electric kettle reflects its efficiency. Within the market, there are multiple available varieties of electric kettles, which ranges from an aluminum die and stainless steel which uses the heat resistant plastics like Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Polypropylene (PP). BPA (Bisphenol A) will be often contained in the given plastics which may cause various health effects and avoided to purchase by most of the consumers.

Moreover, during the overheating process, the plastic may even break down and allow the BPA to change composition or taste of the water. The long lasting is Metal kettles. The electric kettle’s body may often become so heat, hence we suggest you to purchase the electric kettle with plastic handle to keep your hands safely.

Is it Easy to Use?

The reason why you probably looking for an electric kettle is to save your time. What if you picked up a kettle that takes a longer time to set up and gets started. In this situation, the whole purpose of buying a kettle messed up. So, before you make a decision, make sure you go through the reviews and see the ease of using the kettle.

However, advanced technology makes most of the electric kettles easy to use. But, some of them comes with extra features and facilities to make it even more easier. There are high end advanced electric kettle that gives you different options like temperature control, keeps warm, auto shutdown, and more, which make them easier and controlled use compare the other ones.

You need to ensure two important things while purchasing electric kettle. The Kettle spout should be wide enough so that there is no cause for spilling and a sturdy handle to hold the kettle easily. A few electric kettles can be easily removed from the base which is cordless or can twist it up to 360 degrees rotation.

The only problem we face if the power cord is too short for the base connection. Even for charging, it will be inconvenient. The kettle body has an indicator which helps the user to identify the kettles operational or not. If you are using the kettle as regular use then we suggest you purchase a lightweight kettle which can be easily carried around the kitchen.

What Material is Used to Make the Kettle?

This is an obvious question to ask before making any decision. Most of the electric kettles are made of metal, glass, plastic, stainless steels and some are made of a combination of materials. Out these all materials stainless steel and glasses are considered as best materials to go with.

However, plastic is good for those who want to carry the kettle with themselves, as plastic electric kettles are way lighter compared to other materials. Stainless steel is the best material to pick for durability, according to many reviews, users find stainless steel material last for a long time than plastic, glass.

The Exterior Heating of the Kettle

If earlier you have used the traditional kettles, than you probably know how the exterior of the kettle becomes hot, it used to become untouchable because of heating the exterior part. However, the electric type of kettles doesn't heat at all. One can touch the exterior part of the kettle without feeling any extreme heating. The best option is to go through the review to see whether the kettle heats from the exterior or not.

Customer Service

You need to choose the best one, which can provide with the best customer service like a return or exchange the faulty product or even providing a long-term warranty.


The Electric kettle consists of two heat pipes. One is connected with hearing preservation function and another is connected with heat preservation heat pipe. The heat preservation switch controls it individually and allows the user to manually control whether they can select heat preservation or not. In general, the Insulation power will be below 50 Watts, which means even hour usage will not consume electricity more than 0.1kWh.

The key component of an Electric kettle is the Thermostat. The quality life and service life of an electric kettle will determine whether the Thermostat is good or bad. There are different kinds of Thermostat: anti-dry thermostat, waterproof, simple + sudden jump thermostat, and simple thermostat. Most of the consumers recommend purchasing anti-dry thermostat and waterproof electric kettles.

There are basic components which are essential for an electric kettle in addition to the thermostat is a heating plate, power light, handle, power switch, kettle top cover, open kettle button and many more.

Water Level Indicator – You need to check whether the kettle’s body has the Water level indicator or not before purchasing the kettle. This makes your task very simple and allows you to pour the required water based on the marked measurement indicators and the boiling process.

Additional Features

Please find below the list of additional features of an electric kettle that needs your consideration.

Filter – Even the kettle can work without a filter. However, the main purpose of using the Filter feature is that the limescale deposit within the kettle will be reduced and the flavor & water fullness will be enhanced that you drink.

Lighting Feature – Only a few electric kettles have the Lighting features. Depending upon the water temperature, the light indication changes for user benefits. For instance, the watercolor indication shows green in the initial stage and then changes to blue to purple and if the water boils it changes to red. It is not required to monitor the time, the watercolor will identify its temperature.

Keep Warm – For quick reboils, you can make use of this feature to retain the water in a warm state. This will save you extra time to boil the water once again.

Temperature Settings – This is one of the best features which are offered by a few electric kettles. You can set your preferred temperature for your water boiling. Even if you are not taking coffee or hot tea at regular intervals, these electric kettles will be the best one for manual temperature settings.

Timer – This is another best feature especially ideal for a working woman or man. You can make use of the Timer feature to predefine at what time the water has to be boiled on its own. This could be the best one to have a perfect morning tea or coffee.

How Does an Electric Kettle Works?

The electric kettle works on a very simple formula of metal coil heating. When the power is turn on the metal coil heat up and transfer the heat to the surrounding and thus the water gets heat up so quickly. In the modern advanced electric kettles, automatic shutdown system uses an auto shutdown system that turns off the kettle automatically when the water gets boiled. In modern says electric kettle, all you need to do is to put the water into it, turns on and leave for a few minutes, the kettle will automatically blink or sound when the water boiled.

If the Electric kettle is turned on with the power for more than 5 minutes then the water vapor reaches the temperature sensor limit then the bimetal deformation will open the switch contact top and the power will be disconnected.

While the steam switch failed to operate than the entire water within the pot has to burn until it gets dried. The temperature of the heating element will rise gradually which is available at the bottom location. The two bimetal will expand the deformation and temperature of the heat conduction will rise gradually to turn on the power.

Therefore, the safety protection of the electric kettle device is created and designed to be very reliable and scientific. This is the triple principles of a safety electric kettle.

The Best Electric Kettle Brands In India That You Can Trust

Let's admit it, not all electric kettles available on the mark are actually good. So it's better to first have a look into the best electric kettle brands that manufacture genuine kettles maintaining the quality. Below are some of the best kettle brands in India.

  • Prestige
  • Phillips
  • Bajaj
  • Orpat
  • Pigeon 
  • Inalsa
  • Maharaja
  • Kitchoff

These are some of the best brands to look for while you're buying the best electric kettles.

Benefits of Using Electric Kettles

Electric Kettles are Really Fast

When you compare traditional kettles with the latest technology electric kettles, you can find new modern electric kettles are way faster than the traditional one. Before, using a gas stove instead of using kettles were way faster, but currently, most of the electric kettles do the boiling work within 3 to 5 minutes.

If you live a busy life where there are some many things to do, an modern technology made electric kettles can help you a lot. In this fast-moving world, electric kettles are must have for all of us. And, most of the users buy the kettle for their first and speedy performance to boil water, making tea or coffee, or even boiling eggs.

Energy Efficient

Not like the older version of kettles those used to consume a lot of power to boil, advanced technology made new electric kettles are very much energy efficient. Depending on performance you need there are different WATT capacity electric kettles are available.  Even though you choose the highest power consumption one, it won't consume much of the power.

Auto Shutdown

You turn on the electric kettle, pour the water into it, and forgot about it. This smart gadget has the sensor to understands when the water gets boiled and when to turn it off, smart electric kettles has auto turn off features, which turns off automatically when the water gets boiled. This makes these kettles very much energy and time-saving gadget.

Not Just Water, But You can Boil Everything

Modern electric kettles not just can boil the water for you, but you can boil vegetables, milk, and eggs on it. And obviously, the best coffee or tea can be made with the electric kettles.

Users Guidelines

We would like to inform that purchasing the Electric kettle for your own use is combined with multiple hurdles and it is most common for the first time buyers. Hence, we have provided with a list of Electric Kettles in India and its features for your reference to review and choose the best one. Before purchasing the best electric kettle, you need to know its working principle and features offered.

The electric kettles which are provided in our lists will deliver the best features for the customers to fulfill their requirements and know about it before purchasing. You can get the most effective electric kettle which is worth for your money with features like 36-degree swivel base, overheat protection, simple cleanup & gushing, strong exteriors, salt glass, and an automatic shut-down.

In case if you are not sure about choosing the best one, you can check the electric kettles that are suggested by our in-person for your reference. This could be much helpful for you to obtain the electric kettle with premium quality around the market.

During work, most of the individuals would like to have some drinks, whether it could be hot or cold. A majority of them prefer to have coffee or tea while at work to get up and energized to perform the daily tasks. You should own an electrical spoon or an electric kettle to prepare instant tea or coffee.

Top 10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2019

Please find below the list of best Electric kettles in India:

Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Liter Electric Kettle

Philips HD9303.jpg

The finest and best electrical kettle that we found online is Philips HD9303 product. You can make of the One Cup indicator feature to boil the exact water quantity within your time frame. I would say that you can purchase this electrical kettle for your contribution to have a better environment by saving the 66 percent energy by heating the required water quantity. 1.2 Liters are the electric kettle’s capacity.

This appliance can work using the cordless mode option. Also, product ranges with regards to power supply between 220 v to 240 v. The power consumption of this Philips product is of 1800 Watts. This electrical kettle is made up of stainless steel and has a stylish body, which includes various properties like easy maintenance, safety, energy savings, and boiling. The cordless pirouette base which rotates 360 degrees is used in this product to ensure easy placing and lifting.

You can easily identify the appliance is being in function using the On or Off switch which is available on the product. The hinged lid on the electric kettle is used to enable easy cleaning and filling. The spouted feature provided by this Philips appliance to avoid messiness and enable easy pouring. The Cord Winder facility offered by the Philips electric kettle helps you to wind the long cord which is 0.75 meters for easy storage.

The kettle’s main function is convenience and safety, which is used to heat the water at a faster pace. The appliance which has the heating element is formed of concealed and stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and fast boiling of the kettle. The Anti-calc filter which is available within the kettle helps you to keep kettle clean and provides you a cup of clean water. Philips offers you the maximum safety against the short circuit by using the four-way safety system.

It has stainless steel for food grade, cord winder, and concealed heating element, overheating prevention, dry boiling, and steam sensor. This product comes with a 2-years warranty. It consists of 220 volts operating voltage and power at 1800 watts.

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Philips 1.7 liter 2400-W Electric Kettle

Philips HD4649.jpg

Philips kettle HD4649 model is stylishly designed and can use the unique feature named One cup indicator which allows you to only boil the required water. You can reduce the environmental impact and the energy can be saved by 66 percent.

It has the Multiple Safety system which will be safe to use. The Anti-limescale filter is mainly used to clean the kettle as well as you can get a cup of clean water. The Flat heating elements within the product provide you for easy cleaning and make the boiling process faster.

This electric kettle is very easy to experience. The cordless pirouette base which rotates 360 degrees is easy for placing and lifting. You have easy storage with Power Cord Winder. The light indicator helps you to identify whether the kettle is turned on or not.

On both sides, you can easily understand those water level indicators. This kettle has a large opening with a hinged lid which is easier to clean and fill the water. It has spout filling and easy lid to access. The one cup indicator is used to boil your required water.

The Green products offered by Philips brand can reduce the CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and costs. They also improved the significant environmental green focal areas of more Philips product with Lifetime reliability, Disposal and Recycling, Weight, Hazardous substances, Packaging, and Energy efficiency. The calibrator which places on the jug’s both sides helps you to read the exact water level.

I inform that the manufacturer even thinks about the efficiency of the design. The manufacturer designed the product in tall shape instead of compensating the same by extending the kettle tank. Philips HD4649 special design helps to save the tablespace and as well as contents boil faster.

If once the temperature has reached the user predefined one then it automatically stops the heating operation and keeps the food safe within the kettle through the Overhear Protection feature. You can make use of the re-boil button to start the boiling function again if the food is not properly cooked at the first stage.

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Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle

Orpat OEK.jpg

Orpat OEK 1.2-liters Cordless Electric kettle will make your kitchen with modernize experience and it is made up of stainless steel, die-cast with brushed aluminum, and durable for dependable service and quality. The electric kettle’s safety features include a locking lid, on indicator light and automatic shut-off option when boiling the water.

The corded base of the kettle lifts off for easy pouring and filling. The spout filter is mainly used to pour out the water in a uniform flow without spilling out space. The built-in safety feature named Automatic Shut-off will automatically turn off the kettle when the water heating reaches the maximum boiling point. This feature is also embellished with power light indication which helps you from damaging the kettle and stops the kettle from boil over or overheats.

Power – 1350 Watts: The power of this electric kettle has 1350 watts which helps to heat the water within a few minutes. The quick boiling feature makes this appliance more demanding when compared to other modern electric kettles.

Safety with Power Light On feature: In most of the kettles, it is not much easier to say whether the base is hot or not by without touching it by hands. But, our Orpat Electric kettle has the unique feature “Power Light On” by just looking at the kettle.

Easy Access Switch: On the kettle’s top handle, the On or Off switch is available and specially designed to give smooth and great functioning of the product at your convenience.

Stainless Steel Body & Die Cast with Aluminum: This electric kettle is made up of stainless steel and die-cast with brushed aluminum to ensure the highly durable and long-lasting performance. The product looks smart with stainless steel and granting dependable service and quality.

Ergonomically Designed Handle: The handle of the kettle is designed to provide a strong and easy grip. This convenient design provides a maximum group to access the lid button which is available on the handle.

Lockable Lid: The kettle’s another safety feature is Lockable Lid. This lid helps to prevent any spill while pouring out the content.

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Prestige PKCSS 1.0 1200-Watt Electric Kettle

Prestige PKCSS.jpg

When compared to the most important features like technology handle style, machine automatic shut off, lid protection with a single bit, and many more, Prestige PKCSS electric kettle is the most demanding product at certain intervals in the Indian market. This product possesses various models of modern volume and styles, exclusive, and numerous. The unsmooth methodology which has the swivel base for 360 degrees rotation provides the best performance and power. For any standard rooms, I recommend that this kettle will be an essential appliance for you.

Prestige PKCSS 1.0 Electric Kettle helps you to avoid any tedious heating process and your water will be boiled within a few minutes so that we can complete other tasks as well.

Power – The efficient performance of the Prestige PKCSS electric kettle just consumes only 1200 watts of power.

Safety Features – The automatic shut off feature is another design of this kettle to automatically turn off the device when it reaches the boiling point or to avoid from running dry. To ensure furthermore safety, you can use the lockable lid during the appliance is in use.

Capacity and Body – The electric kettle was made up of Stainless steel body with a sleek form and stylish look with a classic spout design. The capacity of the kettle can boil the one-liter water within a few minutes of time.

Additional Features – The kettle has the look of a concealed element to use the swivel base which rotates 360 degrees to use conveniently.

Warranty – This product comes with 1-year warranty. You need to contact the nearby Prestige Authorized Service center to inspect or repair your product. The company can replace or repair only the defective manufactured parts. If there is any adjustments or adaptations made to the product will not cover under warranty. Also, the accessories, labels, knobs, and cabinets will not cover under extended warranty. Also, the accidental cause will not be covered under this product’s warranty.

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Morphy Richards InstaCook Kettle

Morphy Instacook.jpg

The hour needs essentials are cooking smart and healthy. InstaCook which was launched by Morphy Richards has not only decreased our time but also the kitchen efforts are minimized. InstaCook has the appearance similar to an electric kettle, but it is specially designed for beverage, pasta or noodles maker. This product is designed for consumers to have a definitive fantasy and also offers 8 various functions.

This product can do various ranges like cooking pasta and noodles, warming milk, instant soups and coffee, making tea, steaming vegetables and corn, and boiling egg and water. This product contains a steam rack which is used to steam corn or vegetables and a steaming basket to steam pasta and noodles. The dry boiler and the automatic energy cut off will guide the product really easy and safe to handle. Even for the novice, the control knob for variable temperature helps them to cook easily.

Time Saving and Capable – Morphy Richards InstaCook Electric kettle can significantly be benefited like any other modern household products. Making your tea on this kettle will not take much more time. If this product is a placed in your kitchen then you should be very delighted about this.

Stainless Steel Body – The body of this kettle is made up of stainless steel which causes minus damage against rough usage and allows sturdy.

Strix Inside – The most useful and efficient safety features are the high-end thermostat.

Multifunction Auto Cook – You can make use of this feature to cook the varieties of menus using the predefined temperatures.

Variable Temperature Control Knob – This feature allows you to set your preferred temperature and the same will be used for the boiling purpose.

Cordless Connector Base – You can use this feature to move or carry the InstaCook device to any of your favorite places.

Dry Boil Protection and Auto Cut-off – The device uses the Dry Boil protection feature to identify whether there is any content within the kettle and works on the same. If there is no content or reaches the maximum temperature, then the device will automatically turn off the power supply.

1200W Motor – This device has the capacity of one liter and uses the 1200W power motor to perform all the tasks without any interruption.

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RNG EKO GREEN 1.8-Liter 2200-W Electric Glass Kettle

ENG EKO Green.jpg

The superior clear unit of the Electric Glass kettle was designed by RNG EKO GREEN model. This product was made up of borosilicate glass and attached with light-weight rectifier which is a blue colored crystal that showcases the visible delight during the boiling process. Also a maximum of 500-degrees uranologist, the additional heat resistant is utilized.

The product has the placing look by using glass, vibrant plastic, and chrome steel. By default, you need to deeply press the electric with at the beginning to open the lid, however, it is now so simple to open and shut off the lid. The automated shutdown security has been placed at the side of a body dry security, precise temperature regulator, and finest thermostat.

Stainless Steel Material – Fast Thermal Conductivity used with Corrosion & Wear resistant.

Automatic Shut-off Safety – Features like Boil Dry Protection, Accurate Temperature control, and Thermostat.

Easy Open & Close Lid – It is easy to clean, to avoid the burn you can use the center of the lid to close which is made up of plastic material and to open deep press the push button.

Ce & Rohs Certificate for Modern Design – The Exotic look from Stainless steel, Glass, Plastic’s colorful Design.

Blue Colored LED Lighting with Clear Borosilicate Glass – This product can withstand the heat resistance at a maximum of 500 Ã’°C and making the boiling process to enjoy visually.


​Please find below the following list of features offered by this product. They are Cordless Pirouette Base with 360 degrees rotation, Heating elements are hidden, Boil Dry Protection, Automatic shut off feature, 1.8 liters high capacity which can be used to serve 3 to 5 people at a time, Thermostat made of high quality which has lasting durability & accurate temperature control, High-quality Plastic materials & Stainless Steel used for Corrosion & wear resistant, Easy cleaning, Easy filling, Easy closing, and Easy opening, and 2200 Watts high power. Please do not boil egg, milk, any other liquid items, Maggie or pasta.

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Prestige PCKSS 1.5 Stainless Steel 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle (Black)

Prestige PKCSS Black.jpg

The new Prestige PCKSS Stainless Steel 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle Black color meets the captivating elegance with convenience. This product makes your day very easier through its functionality and simplicity. Your eye will catch with its subtle design. The inner finish of the kettle is made of stainless steel with higher quality and the outside surface will not get heated. 1.5 liters is the maximum capacity of this electric kettle.

Significant Features:

Concealed Element used in Inner Finish and Durable Stainless Steel – The kettle’s inner finish is made with 304 Stainless steel of highest quality. Within the chamber, heating elements or exposed coils are not used. This kettle provides durability, long-lasting performance, and it is very easy to clean after each use.

Automatic Cut off – This electric kettle uses the intelligent feature to analyze the temperature and stops the kettle automatically from the heating process if once the water reaches its boiling point. You just need to fill the water and turn on the kettle, the rest of the tasks will take care of the device. This intelligent feature will save you time and energy.

Designed Thoughtfully – This electric kettle has a seamless look with fluidic design and gives a sleek and eye-catching for the handle. The lid locking mechanism with a single touch makes the operation very easy for your hands. This device is much user-friendly for the consumers.

Exceptional Construction:

Know Your Kettle – You can also refer the product manual to know how comfortable you can use the product.

Wide Mouth for Easy Cleaning – The cleaning and maintaining the electric kettle is very easy task than before with the help of designed wide mouth.

Swivel Base with 360 Degree – You can place the electric kettle in any of your preferred direction and it is not required to exact place it on the markings. Within the 360 degrees base, you can place the kettle filled with water. It ensures the easy use and its portability.

Power Indicator – The power indicator switch which is available on the appliance will automatically turn off when the water is heated to this boiling point. This is extremely very much useful feature to use.

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Bajaj Majestry KTX Non-Strix Kettle

Bajaj KTX.jpg

Bajaj Majestry KTX Non-Strix Electric Kettle is very comfortable, compact, and convenient. You can enjoy the best comfort at your home by preparing favorite beverages, noodles, or delicious soup using this kettle. This appliance is made of stainless steel stylishly designed to work without using a cord and very easy to carry anywhere.

This electric kettle consists of detachable power base and connected with 360 degrees rotation. Your kitchen counter-top will not occupy more space due to this kettle’s compact size. This product’s ergonomic handle will provide a firm grip which can be hold easily and prevent from hand slip.

Salient Features:

2 Year Warranty – The Bajaj Kettle comes with a 2-years warranty and provides complete peace of mind.

Energy Efficient – With our Bajaj Majesty Strix Kettle, you can save your electricity usage cost and conserve easily. Just with 1200 watts, you can consume much power.

Easy Use and Operations – With the use of an ergonomic handle, the kettle provides firm grip which allows you to handle the device with ease handling. You can use the Noodle or Boil Water selection feature to showcase via Neon indicator that the heater is turned ON.

This electric kettle can be easily handled and moved to anywhere using the cordless operational capability, power-base is detachable, and connected with 360 degrees rotation. The hot drinks can retain its heat for long hours using the lockable lid, the heat will not be drained soon from the kettle.

Durability and Increased Safety – The Bajaj Majesty Stainless steel body is enclosed and equipped with black PP and can be a long lasting product for your kitchen use. The automatic shut off function named as Dry-Boil safe will be automatically activated if once the content within the kettle dries up. It provides convenient spout and a hinged lid to ensure that the hot beverages will be poured in a safe state. This product also offers the overheat protection feature to the consumers.

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Morphy Richards Rapido 1.8-Liter Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Morphy Rapido.jpg

Morphy Richards Rapido Electric kettle will provide all new level convenience by heating the warm water within a few minutes of time with high performance and efficiency. This electric kettle is made up of stainless steel body and has 1.8 liters capacity, which protects from physical damage and easy rusting. It also helps to retain the heated water for a longer time.

The product is cordless with 360 degrees rotation which is concealed and provides flexible usage with the flat heating element performs efficient, fast, and quick boiling. You can use the Dry boil protection feature which will automatically turn off the product when it does not have any content in it. The kettle’s operation will be automatically shut off using the Auto Off mechanism. You can store the warm water for a longer time with its ergonomic design and the excessive power consumption is saved.

Exceptionally Efficient:

This electric kettle helps you to prepare tea within a few minutes of time and rescue a lot. This product is a must-buy appliance and serves so many other purposes to the consumers. This is the best home appliance to save the energy and your time within a needed-hour. This product comes with 2200 W super-powerful motor which will perform its operation within a few minutes of time.

You can prepare large quantities of tea or boiled water using the 1.8 liters capacity. This Rapido kettle will automatically shut down the electricity supply when it reaches the maximum temperature. Also, it will turn off the electricity when the kettle does not have required water in it with its auto-detection feature. It helps the heating elements to ensure long life lasting.

Cool Touch Body – Irrespective of any heat within the kettle, you can easily touch the product base at any time.

Stainless Steel Body – The body is made up of stainless steel which allows any damage minus rough usage and sturdy.

Strix Inside – The best and useful safety feature is a high-end thermostat.

Cordless Connector Base – You can easily carry the device to any of your preferred and it has a detachable base.

Spout Filter – The spout contains a filter which is used only to filter out others or essence the liquid.

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Kent 16023 1500-Watts Electric Kettle

Kent 16023.jpg

Kent Glass Type Electric kettle is named as modern day appliance that has a high capacity to brew the favorite beverages and boils the water in a few minutes of time. The appliance can be used with various features like automatic shut off, overheating protection, rotating base with 360 degrees, and flat heating plate.

We all say the traditional way of boiling the water is unsafe and time taking process. Kent Glass kettle is the best appliance for you to prepare soup, coffee, or a cup of tea even without going to the kitchen. With its best performance, the kettle has a blue LED illuminating lights which gives stylish and flaunts a modern look.

Salient Features:

Concealed Heating Element – The appliance most important part is the heating element, which is covered by Stainless steel. Since the heating element is properly sealed and concealed it prevents the electrical parts for water touch and also from any damage.

Rotating Base with 360° – The compact glass kettle has a swivel base with 360 degrees rotation designed for boiling the water and convenience for easy serving.

LED Illumination – This kettle has the unique blue LED illumination which allows you to boil the water is stylish form.

Auto Shut-Off – Consumers will never compromise on safety measures. The auto shut-off feature will help the user to safely operate the device. It will automatically shut off the power when it reaches the maximum temperature.

Superfast Boiling – Kent Glass Electric kettle is the best product to boil the water when compared to stovetop or microwave oven. With 1500 Watts of power heating plate, the device provides efficient performance and quickly boils the water.

Borosilicate Glass Body – This product is used with the premium borosilicate glass to easily withstand any changes in the temperature while boiling the water. Also, this product does not contain any plastic elements, which is an eco-friendly device.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Kettles

How Much Power Do Electric Kettle Consume?

This totally depends upon the kettle you picked. However, typically in modern electric kettles consumes power around 1200 Watt and takes an average of 125 seconds to boil the water. If we calculate it comes around 0.04kilo watt- hour(kWh).

Is Electric Kettle Is Safe to Use?

However, there is no such risk of burning or safety while using electric kettles. But, we found some of the cases where the plastic material used int he kettle may cause some issue, so we recommend you to go with stainless steel, glass, or metal body electric kettles.

How Long Does Electric Kettle Last? 

It depends on the brand you're picking, above we have mentioned the best branded Electric kettles that come with a warranty of 1 year to 3 years. According to the user's review, we found that stainless steel, metal, and glass electric kettles last for long days compare to plastic electric kettles. However, it depends on how carefully and wisely you use the kettle.

Is it Safe to Boil Drinking Water on Electric Kettle? 

As the water boils up above 100-degree temperature, potentially harmful bacteria and other pathogens can't survive at such temperature. However, in many online forum, it is mentioned that stainless steel or plastic material made electric kettle can contaminate the water with harmful materials, but there is no such report found where its scientifically has proven.

Are Plastic Electric Kettles are Safe?

Plastic electric kettles are made with the highest care so that it doesn't harm anyway. But, if in case any incident happens plastic materials will burn faster compared to the materials like stainless steels, glass, or metals.

Can I Carry Electric Kettle in My Hand Luggage on Airlines?

Yes, you can carry electric kettles in the cabin bag. It doesn't contain any offensive material within it. But, don't take anything inside it, if things like coffee or tea or any other objectionable things found inside the electric kettle, security will now allow the kettle on the flight.

Can I Use Electric Kettle for Boiling Eggs and Milk? 

Yes, you can use it for boiling Eggs or Milk. But, usually, for boiling eggs, it will take a long time.