Best Fingerprint Lock App For Android: Advancing The Locking

The smartphone is a very personal gadget, you keep your personal files within it, and I am sure, you don’t like everyone to access these files. Do you?. Now, we already have apps lock like pattern lock, password lock. But, these types of locking system are not that secure enough; if anyone knows it accidentally he/she can access your smartphone easily. But with fingerprint locker, there is no chance with it. It will open with only your identity. You will the one and the only person, who will access your smartphone.

Now, here is the exciting news, your favorite Android platform has fingerprint apps for making your smartphone more secure. Yes, don’t need to do anything just download the fingerprint app, which is already available in Android store. In this article, I will show you best fingerprint lock apps that you must try to make your smartphone safer.


AppLock- Fingerprint

App lock is very advanced lock system for your Android smartphone. You can lock specific apps like Gmail, gallery, Whatsapp, and other private chatting apps, etc. Also, it offers password lock, pattern lock, along with fingerprint lock, which is highly secured. More than 10 million downloads this app is trusted by many users. In the Google play store, this app received 4.4 rating and more than 4 lakh 5 stars. This is a very popular app for locking Android device and keeping your privacy.

Key Features

  • This smart android app lock offers three ways to lock your device patterns, password, and fingerprint.
  • If someone intentionally accesses your app it will automatically take pictures of that person and will send you a picture via mail.
  • You can hide the app using fake windows error message.
  • Supports powerful locking system with fingerprint sensor locking, it supports Samsung devices and Android marshmallow.
  • Also, you can lock and unlock your Android device using SMS text locking system.
  • It’s only 3MB app, light and doesn’t take much memory.
  • With Applock Fingerprints, you can lock outgoing/ incoming calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other functionalities also.



The app has launched in July 2014 and since that time, it’s helping people to make their Android device secured with a fingerprint lock. You can lock individual app or group of apps using finger security app. Also, if the fingerprint sensor is not working, you can use the backup password to unlock the device or app.

Key Features

  • Protect any app using fingerprint, or you can lock your entire device.
  • The widget is available for fast enable and disable of the app.
  • It catches the intruder and takes pictures of the intruder.
  • You can use fake crash dialog.
  • Automatic feature to unlock your Android device at the specific location.
  • Change the background image according to yourself.
  • Not just apps, also protect the notifications of secured apps.
  • Use an alternative password, if accidentally sensor doesn’t work.


AppLock Fingerprint Unlock

First of all this app only works for those devices which have fingerprint sensor. Now, if you don’t have a fingerprint sensor, it won’t work. Also, only supports for Android 6.0. it looks the important functions of your Android device like Wifi, Bluetooth, Incoming call, install or uninstall apps, Browser, Settings etc. So, no matter how clever the snooper is, it’s hard to unlock your device when it’s secured with this app.

Key Features

  • You can lock your private internet browsing history of youtube, browsers.
  • Lock your private apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, messengers, SMS, etc.
  • It takes a photo who tried to unlock your app immediately. So, intruders will be caught.
  • Three locking system, using fingerprint, pin lock, pattern lock.
  • Customize locking facility like lock the device when screen off, or lock after 3 min of screen off, lock the app after you minimize it.

Here are the list of Samsung devices that support this fingerprint lock app Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy A5 (2016)
Galaxy A7 (2016)
Galaxy A9
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 4 / GALAXY Note 4 LTE-A
Note 4 S LTE
Galaxy Note Edge
Galaxy Alpha
Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 Edge
Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy S5 / Duos
Galaxy S5 LTE-A
Galaxy S5 Prime LTE-A
Galaxy S5 mini / Galaxy S5 mini Duos
Galaxy A8

And, here are the Android 6.0 devices that also support installation this app

hTc One A9
Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
LG V10
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Huawei Ascend mate 7
Huawei Ascend mate 8
Huawei mate s
Huawei G7 Plus (G8)
Huawei Honor 7
OPPO R7 Plus
One Plus 2
Lenovo ZUK Z1


AppLock Real Fingerprint

Now as it name says “Real Fingerprint”, if you have any android device that has sensor hardware, this app will work for you. Now, what if you don’t have sensor hardware, Still it works for you as simulator using patters and Pin codes. Just scan your fingerprint and its unlock, and if an intruder tries to unlock it, immediately it will send a mail by taking the picture of intruder. How cool that is, right?. Below I have shown some more exciting features of this app, have a look.

Key Features

  • Lock any app including system apps also.
  • The intruder will be caught immediately by taking the auto selfie.
  • It also has sound support and vibration support.
  • Fake cover picture for making it more secure.
  • Can’t remember password or Pin? Then try fingerprint lock to make it safer.
  • By enabling private force stop, no one can uninstall this app.


Screen Lock with Simulator

Now this one is on your screen, it’s particularly designed only for screen lock. Simulator makes it look fancy, but it does the work. You can choose between password and fingerprint lock. If the fingerprint is not working, you can go with a password. It’s just a basic screen lock app with fingerprint unlocking system. But, If you are looking for more functionalities go with other apps then this one. This is not a real scanner, but it will help you stay away from an intruder using stimulator.

Key Features

  • You can use device wallpaper.
  • Its stimulate fingerprint scanner with keypad option.
  • Also, you can set it as the screen lock.
  • The sound alarm is the great feature if someone access is denied it will play the sound alarm.



These are some of the best fingerprint lock app available for android devices. You can use anyone this app to make your android phone secure from intruders. However, you can catch intruder using any of this app , as they all has the feature of auto selfie capturing of an intruder. So, next, you can track who want to unlock your mobile in presence of you. Hope, this article helps you to find better privacy and security solution for your Android smartphone. Have a secure life!

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