15 Best Gaming Mouse of 2018-Made For Pro Gamers


Struggling to find best gaming mouse of 2018? Then you are on the right page. Here we are going to present a list of best selling popular gaming mouses that are made for pro gamers. A mouse is the most influential part of a gaming console that you can’t just ignore. You are not going to have a great gaming experience without having a great gaming mouse in your hand. As it allows to navigate through various sections of the game, a great gaming mouse always helps to take your gaming encounters to the next level. A good and high-quality gaming mouse is a must for gaming, without it, gaming is not much of a fun.

best gaming mouse

Here, we are overviewing some of the best available gaming mouses in the market to make it easy for you to choose the best one as per your need. We looked into different parameters like FpsWireless technology, Flexibility, Performance and choose best budget gaming mouse for you. So, let’s have a look.

Buying a mouse for gaming is the most difficult section, as it is easy to get confused to get the proper and right one for you as there a hell lot of options available in the market. Picking up the best among them is a serious work. Do not get worried as we are here to help you out in picking your suitable gaming mouse for Gaming PC, Gaming Laptops or for customisable gaming consoles.

Top 15 Best Gaming Mouse 2018

So, here you’re going to find top rated gaming mouse products. These list has been taken after review of best mouses avaiable on online stores, and handpicked best few out of them. So enjoy the list.

Logitech G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse

It is a smart looking, handy and comfortable wireless mouse from Logitech. Specially designed by Logitech for the gaming enthusiasts, it is a very good device to play around. Have a look at the specs:



  • Specially designed for gaming performance, very stylish with a full black body.
  • It is very fast, generally 8x times faster than a regular mouse.
  • Truly light-weight but strong and rigid surrounded with rubber grips for better grip and handling and protection.

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Razer Basilisk – Chroma Enabled Gaming Mouse

A badass mouse from Razer, a wired mouse which is pretty awesome to work with and gives a rich gaming experience with customizable DPI settings too.



  • Designed with DPI clutch which is removable, scroll wheel customization and generally built up for the FPS gamers.
  • It is equipped with 16000dpi and accuracy of 99.4%.
  • Highly responsive to the movements.
  • Customizable color of near about 16.8 million options altogether which lights up the mood.

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Pictek Gaming Mouse

A very stylish and sleek mouse from Pictek offers comfortable grip with good gaming experience with loads of features on board. The led illumination strikes out miraculously at night and looks amazing.



  • It is compatible with every Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, windows vista, etc.).
  • Customizable lighting options and good materials installed to provide longer life to the mouse.
  • Five DPI levels available from 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200 DPI are given inbuilt.
  • Comes with a very fast responsive performance, makes it unique and different from an available gaming mouse.

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Logitech G502 Proteus Tunable Gaming mouse

Logitech is the best in providing their customers a wide smile on their face with each and every product on offer. This mice from them is the proof, with the good looks and technologically sound offers an amazing rich gaming experience.



  • It has 11 programmable buttons and adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel for fast and accurate maneuvers with 12000 DPI.
  • Logitech has provided its best sensors which precisely translates one’s hand movement on the screen.
  • Compatible with inbuilt customized lighting, surface tuning, button macros and many more features on board.
  • Very light-weight and removable and replaceable weights of around 3.65 gm.

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Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

This compact, stylish wired mice from Redragon is a surprise from the company as it packs a lot of features and utilities within its tiny body. It is rapid fast and easy to use.



  • The mouse comes with 3200 DPI (800/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment), 3600 FPS, 15G ACC super-fast game engine and backlit which looks awesome.
  • It also comes with 5 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) and LED color options and a 6ft long durable cable.
  • Supports every windows operating system including windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows xp and the others.

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UtechSmart Venus High Precision Laser MMO

This future inspired mice from UtechSmart designed to give the gamers thrill and adrenaline rush.it looks smart with backlit customized switches which enhances the gaming environment to a next level.


  • Built keeping gamers in mind up to 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 100-150in/s cursor speed and an Avago sensor.
  • It has 8 programmable buttons, 5 Savable memory profiles each with a distinct light color for quick identification, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8), and over 16 million LED color options.
  • The right-handed design which allows a firm and comfortable grip along with a 6ft durable cable connected with a golden connector.
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty.

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Corsair is generally known to build compact, smart and user-friendly devices and driving the consumers go crazy on them. This gaming mouse is unmatchable to many of its competitors in case of performance.



  • Comes with highly accurate sensing mouse with 12000 DPI with easy customization.
  • Durable and light-weight with good mass centralization.
  • Highly programmable mouse as per the gamer needs for easy controlling.
  • The very reliable performance with good quality switches provided which provides more than 20 million clicks.

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AMIR Gaming Mouse

AMIR did introduce this mice to the gamers a long time back. Everyone was crazy about this mice due to its futuristic design elements. It is a wired mouse with lots of customizations offered.



  • Amir gaming mouse comes with 6 Adjustable DPI Settings – Integrated 9200 DPI optical gaming sensor and 6 adjustable DPI setting for precise cursor control (1000/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200/ 5500/ 9200) which gives a very rich gaming experience.
  • It has 13 Different Lighting Modes – Designed with 13 colorful lighting mode which provides a fantastic ambient lighting to match the style of playing games.
  • Very easy to install and use with a 5.95ft long durable fast USB cable.
  • The design of the mouse is done in such a way to sit comfortably in the palm and have a good and firm grip.

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Don’t judge a book by its cover! This mice from Corsair justifies the statement exactly as it may fool you by its looks. It is one of the best-wired gaming mice out there.



  • Highly programmable mouse with customizable DPI settings to play as per need.
  • Inbuilt 6000 DPI.
  • Firm and comfortable grip.

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A curvy design, firm and comfortable grip, along with RGB lighting, this mouse attracts a lot of gamers who are looking for good yet affordable mice. You can check this out as it is a very good gaming mouse from Hiraliy.



  • It has programmable inbuilt storage to store changed settings.
  • RGB lighting is also provided which match up the playing style.
  • Supports Windows operating systems for games and Mac OS for normal use.
  • DPI settings are also interchangeable.

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HAVIT Gaming Mouse

Havit gave us this beautifully and graphically crafted mouse from their library. It has a smart design to lure you and packs a lot of gaming features.



  • Upgraded to 32000 DPI, customizable settings.
  • Easy plug and play.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Gives 18-month warranty which is pretty awesome.

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TeckNet HYPERTRAK Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

One of the best looking of the lot and feature-rich mice is the TechNet gaming mouse. It is highly programmable as per the requirements of the gamers with a massive 16400 DPI on board.



  • It is equipped with 16400 DPI.
  • Center of gravity can be set accordingly to match up gaming style.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating PCs.
  • It has a gold plated USB cable with long durability.

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VMTOP Gaming Mouse

VMTOP provided this stylish mouse which is typically comfortable and sturdy too, having braided and durable wired cable for easy access. It is one of the best picks.



  • It has anti-slip and sweat-proof material which is very handy for summer use.
  • It has high-strength braided fiber cable, anti-skid scroll wheel and back side, easy pressing buttons and clear backlighting which gives an amazing game experience.
  • It is highly durable and has good quality keys which offer about 50 million clicks.

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LENRUE Gaming Mouse

How the hell this mouse made it to the top 15? Going by the looks, it is definitely designed for the future. It is a very fast wireless mouse from LENRUE and the most important part is that it is pretty affordable too.



  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/vista/XP.
  • It has a precise anti-skid rolling wheel.
  • It offers 4 led option to match up.
  • Affordable.

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VersionTech Gaming Mouse

We just can’t take our eyes off this beautiful mice from VersionTech. The graphics will make many gamers to drool over it. The most important part is that it is compatible with multiple OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux.



  • Easy plug and play.
  • The design is such that it is a perfect fit for the palm and grip is comfortable.
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux OS.
  • DPI tracking for the precise gaming experience.

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These are one of the best available gaming mouse available on the market today. We tried our best to give you a complete overview of all them including their different features and durability.

Things To Look Before Buying A Gaming Mouse

When you want to buy best gaming mouse you need to think twice before buying one. For your concern, we are providing some of the important things you should look out before buying a gaming mouse:

  • Easy plug and play will help them to comfortably install the mouse on the computer.
  • The mouse should be fast and quickly responsive.
  • The mouse should have a strong built and comfortable fit for the long run.
  • Stylish looks to get attractive.
  • Customizable and good quality keys for long use.
  • Motion sensors which help in fast gaming.
  • Should be compatible with multiple OS.
  • Braided and durable cable for low maintenance and longer life.
  • Most importantly it should be affordable.


Here we have provided all the best gaming mouse of 2018 that every gamer should look for. We have enlisted most of the popular gaming mouse brands like the Logitech, Razer, Amir, VersionTech, who provides an real value for money. Moreover, check out the list of things that we have put into consideration before buying your favorite gaming mouse. We hope you will make the best use of our provided information and pick up the best one. Just Go and Grab!

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