15 Best Karaoke Apps For Hindi Songs

Hindi Karaoke Apps are perfect for those who want to sing like professional singers. Comes with lots of easy to use features these karaoke apps for Hindi songs comes with a great collection of old and new Hindi songs to sing, and for absolutely free of cost. Here you find a huge collection of Hindi songs come in many categories Bollywood movie songs, Hindi album songs, Individual Hindi songs, Hindi Rap songs, and much more. Today, we are going to talk about 15  best karaoke apps for your Android smartphone to sing Hindi songs from huge collections of old and new Hindi songs available on these apps.

Karaoke app is fun, you can sing your song solo, or duet with friends online. With the help of technology, singing becomes now easy. The lyrics are going to come in front of you, only you need to sing according to that instruction. Pretty simple!. You can make your singing friends online and sing songs with them together. And, the special thing is, you can sing Hindi songs from a huge old and latest Hindi songs collections. Even in some karaoke apps, you can find different Indian languages like Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu, Malayalam.

Best Hindi Karaoke Songs Apps

  • 1000 Pre-loaded karaoke Tracks displayed via inbuilt screen along with 5000 Evergreen pre-loaded Hindi songs
  • Hundreds of wi-fi based audio stations / podcasts | App support- Download the Saregama Carvaan App from App store or playstore
  • Bluetooth, USB/Aux In support | FM/AM radio | 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting external speakers/headphones
  • 2 Mics for duet singing (powered by AA batteries) | Inbuilt Karaoke display screen. Screen size: 9 inches /screen resolution: 800x480 pixels
  • HDMI compatibility for display on external screen like TV / Projector etc | -1 Year door step warranty against functional defects

Smule Sing!

This is an amazing karaoke App that serves you best platform to sing alone or duet. You might not be a professional singer, but if you keep practicing with Smule, definitely your skills are going to improve. You can find nice Hindi songs collection. Express your voice to 50+ million music minds. You will never feel lonely with Smule sing app, Feeling Lonely?, Sad? Happy? Excited? Whatever your emotions are express it by singing a song on Smule sing App.

Key Features

  • Sing along with lyrics and music.
  • You can add studio polish to sing like pro singers. There are many audio effects are there to find the best match for your voice.
  • Also, you can use pitch correction and reverb to get the real-time feedback instantly.
  • And not just that, you can add video filter while you are recording to make it more perfect.
  • You can upload your music videos to Smule Sing to reach 50+M music lovers.
  • Sing duet with artist live, where you would find your favorites artist to sing songs with you. Like Ed Sheeran.
  • You can meet with incredible singer around the world and sing with them. Amazing right?.


Now if you are looking for a totally Free karaoke app then probably this is the best. SingPlus provides Bollywood, Hindi as well as English songs all for free. You can have all features and functionalities to improve your singing.  Now sing unlimited Bollywood and Tollywood songs with SingPlus in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Bengali.

Key features:

    • Sing with Unlimited songbook: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Naija, Gospel & many more regional, Bollywood and Nollywood songs for free!
    • Choose the right pitch while singing along to the lyrics.
    • Edit recordings with a huge of voice effects, adjust you vocal to karaoke with vocal tools;
    • Record your own music or sing a capella in Freestyle;
    • COLLAB with celebrity and friends, or join a duet to gain fans. youre the star of tomorrow!
  • All for FREE

GaoNa Karaoke

It’s another Karaoke app for playing both Hindi and English songs. GoaNa comes with amazing voice enhancer to give your voice a professional touch. Also, video filters and video effects will make your look professional like a pro singer. You can share your video with singing lovers and your friends to get your feedback.

Key Features

  • Get real-time pitch feedback and scoring.
  • Also, find lead suppressing to make it perfect.
  • English and Hindi both lyrics display on the screen.
  • An extensive list of cool vocal effects.
  • Create and save a mix of your voice and original background.
  • Share your work with your social media friends and show them your talent.

Karaoke Sing and Record

Just another Karaoke singing app!, yokee brings this karaoke singing app that allows you to directly with Youtube. Browse through the endless catalog of songs. Once you have chosen what to sing, you can start your recording.

Key Features

  • Sound like superstars with voice enhance technology.
  • Share your best videos on Youtube directly.
  • Also, add special audio and video effects to make it like the pro.
  • And, you can re-record yourself as much time you want.

Bollywood Hindi & Eng Karaoke

If you are Bollywood and Hindi song followers, you might like this karaoke app. Also, it offers English songs also, so if your mind shifts to English, you can sing one English song. It offers millions of Hindi songs book so that you can pick the right one for you and sing. You can surely enjoy this Bollywood Hindi and Eng karaoke app on your mobile.

Key Features

  • Millions of collections of Hindi songs to sing. So, you will never get bored.
  • Offers special voice effects to make your voice like professionals singers.
  • You can easily share your work on facebook, twitter, google+, line, we chat and on many social media platforms.
  • Also, can check out the cover songs by peoples near to you.
  • Sing solo, or duet with online friends.

Sing Karaoke Record Karaoke

Scared of performing in front of the people? Then Sing Karaoke Record Karaoke is the perfect app to practice and be confident. There is a huge collection of Hindi karaoke songs available on this app from all around the world. High quality voice recording with various sound effects are possible on this app. So, sing, record and broadcast your tallest with Sing Karaoke Record Karaoke.

Key Features

  • Online and Offline modes are available.
  • Recording high-quality voice with background music is possible.
  • Provides various sound effects like bass, treble, echo, mid and reverb.
  • Real-time singing ability with original tracks.
  • Save and backup recorded songs.

Record And Sing Hindi Karaoke – Bollywood Karaoke

From the name, you must get an idea about the Record and Sing Hindi Karaoke – Bollywood Karaoke. It is a free online karaoke app that allows users to sing and record their voice with the popular, latest, as well as old classic Hindi songs. Users can share the recorded songs on social networks directly from the app.

Key Features

  • Provides ability to sing and record own voice with original videos.
  • Huge collection of Hindi songs and regularly updated.
  • High quality voice recording with multiple sound effects.
  • Ability to share the recorded files with friends on social networks.

KARATUBE – Best Youtube Karaoke

KARATUBE is the best karaoke app that provides karaoke songs from the Youtube. Here you can find more than 80000 karaoke songs from different genres. As it shares Youtube karaoke songs, all the latest songs of popular singers are available along with the old classic music also. KARATUBE also provides high-quality voice recording system to practice and save.

Key Features

  • A huge collection of 85000+ karaoke songs from Youtube.
  • Different categories on the basis of genres for easy search.
  • High quality system with audio effects for singing & recording.
  • Ability to customize the sound system for experimenting.
  • Upgrades library on regular basis.
  • An integrated search engine.

Hindi Karaoke Sing: Record

Hindi Karaoke is really the best for singing and recording performances. It professional voice simulator helps the users to perform the best way to the public. So if you also have the craze and want to rock the public then use Hindi Karaoke Sing: Record. You can also use your mobile and its songs to make karaoke on the go.

Key Features

  • Ability to sing and record karaoke on the go.
  • Record songs with videos.
  • In built professional voice simulator available.
  • High quality audio recording.
  • Search option to search free unlimited songs quickly.
  • Record, save and share recorded karaoke with friends on social networks.

SingerZone Hindi and Bollywood Karaoke

SingerZone is an open platform for new singers who want to broadcast their talent. SingerZone Hindi and Bollywood Karaoke provides unlimited Hindi and Bollywood karaoke songs with lyrics for the singers to sing, record and upload them to the user interface. It also allows the users to rate the performances among the singers from all around the world. So it is the best place to learn, compete, and to be confident.

Key Features

  • Largest library with unlimited free Hindi and Bollywood karaoke songs with lyrics.
  • A customizable sound system with three different pitch levels.
  • Ability to record songs with background music.
  • Provides a platform for uploading recorded files.
  • Ability to watch/listen performances of others and rate them.

Karaoke Free: Sing & Record Video

Singing is fun with Karaoke Free: Sing & Record Video app. it allows a huge collection of songs and videos to choose from and record your own voice in the original track. For the recording of your voice, the app has high quality voice recording system with different audio effects. So record your own karaoke song and share them with friends and families.

Key Features

  • Choose your favorite song or video and sing on the go.
  • Record karaoke song online with original video.
  • High-quality voice recording system with different sound effects is available.
  • Music library with unlimited songs and videos.
  • Ability to share recorded files with friends on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

Karaoke: Free to Sing and Star Maker

The real star maker in the music world is the Karaoke: Free to Sing and Star Maker. It provides the huge collection of Youtube of different genres like Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Rap, Latin, Soundtracks, Pop, K-Pop, etc for absolutely free. Along with the high-quality audio recording features, it provides lyrics also, so that you can be prepared any time you want and sing.

Key Features

  • Library with thousands of music from Youtube.
  • Sing and record karaoke with high quality audio effects and tools.
  • Ability to replay and re-record of songs.
  • Mark your favorite songs for future use.
  • Sharing with friends via social networks available.

Sing Karaoke Online – Hatkara

Sing Karaoke Online – Hatkara is one of the best Hindi karaoke apps. It allows the users to sing and record songs online on the go. The app has built-in music system with different sound effects like bass, treble, rock, echo, etc which allow the users to experiment with different type of songs. Broadcasting the recorded files is also possible.

Key Features

  • Sing and record karaoke songs online.
  • Ability to record songs with videos.
  • High-quality recording with different sound effects.
  • Share recorded karaoke and get ratings among others.
  • Send files to friends on social networks.

Bollywood Sing Karaoke – Record Songs Music

Last but not the least, the Bollywood special karaoke app is Bollywood Sing Karaoke – Record Songs Music. Here you will get latest trending Hindi songs as well as old classics in its huge collection. So sing and record all your favorite Hindi karaoke songs on Bollywood Sing Karaoke with upgraded sound effects and tools.

Key Features

  • Huge collection of Hindi songs from old classic to new released.
  • Auto updates for new added songs and videos from the app.
  • Easy search option for any song.
  • Choose, sing and record karaoke songs from any category.
  • Record voice with advanced sound effects and tools.
  • Sharing recorded songs with friends and others online and get appreciation.

Singing is for everyone, don’t drop it because you think that you can’t sing. Just download one of the Hindi karaoke apps and start singing. Singing will keep your mind fresh and calm, it will let you feel happy everytime you sing a song. Trust me, when I sang my first song alone at home, my all work pressure and stresses gone within a sec. Also, you can discover you the inherent talent of singing. So, try one of the karaoke apps and start singing right now. Because singing will lead you a healthy mind too!

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