Best Keyboards under Rs 2000

top 10 best list
top 10 best list

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Then you are on the right page. Today, we are going to present the top 10 best keyboards under 2000 in India with reviews, prices, and detailed comparisons.

Top 10 keyboards under 2000 in India: At trending 10 best selling keyboards under 2000, you will find the latest and trending list of best sellers in this category. We update our list after every 12 hours and find out the best and latest collection of products for you. As these are the bestseller list, products are tested by thousands of Indian buyers and rate them accordingly.

Finding a decent and reliable product at a reasonable price on the internet is really tough. Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top (best) selling keyboards under 2000, ensuring that you get the highest quality and value for your money.

Top 10 Best Selling keyboards under 2000 in India | Reviews | Details |Price

Photo Product Price Buy
Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 Multimedia USB Keyboard Comes with 114 Keys Including 12 Dedicated Multimedia Keys & with Rupee Key ₹329.00
Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard for Windows, USB Plug-and-Play, Full-Size, Spill-Resistant, Curved Space Bar, Compatible with PC, Laptop ₹625.00
Zebronics Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo with 104 Keys and a USB Mouse with 1200 DPI - JUDWAA 750 ₹499.00
Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo, LED Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic & Wrist Rest Keyboard, Programmable Gaming Mouse for PC/Laptop/Mac- World of Warships Edition ₹1,349.00
Quantum QHM-7406 Full-Sized Keyboard with (₹) Rupee Symbol, Hotkeys and 3-pieces LED function for Desktop/Laptop/Smart TV Spill-Resistant Wired USB Keyboard with 10 million keystrokes lifespan (Black)
Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, 2.4 GHz Wireless, 3 Years Warranty, Compact Design, 2-Year Battery Life(Keyboard),5 Month Battery Life(Mouse) PC/Laptop- Black ₹1,245.00
iBall Magical Duo 2 Wireless Deskset - Keyboard and Mouse ₹1,249.00
Amkette Xcite Pro USB Wired Keyboard for Laptop, PC and USB Support Devices with UV Coated Keys, 10 Instant one Touch Multimedia Keys & 3 LED Indicators (Black) ₹469.00
EvoFox Fireblade Wired TKL Gaming Keyboard with Breathing Effect |Backlit Keyboard Membrane | Mixed Color Lighting | Floating Keycaps |19 Anti-Ghosting Keys | Windows Lock Key | Braided cable |(Black) ₹899.00
Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard with 3 colour backlit, full aluminium body & Windows key lock for PC ( Black )

Editors Picked

If you are interested to know my personal recommended keyboards under 2000, then here I am going to mention my most recommended and value for money keyboards under 2000. However, this is totally based on my personal experience.

If you are confused to pick one for yourself based on requirements, budget, and preferences, we would like to suggest you the below product as the best pick of this category.

  • All-day Comfort: The design of this standard keyboard creates a comfortable typing experience thanks to the deep-profile keys and full-size standard layout with F-keys and number pad.
  • Easy to Set-up and Use: Set-up couldn't be easier, you simply plug in this corded keyboard via USB on your desktop or laptop and start using right away without any software installation.
  • Compatibility: This full-size keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, plus it's a reliable and durable partner for your desk at home, or at work
  • Spill-proof: This durable keyboard features a spill-resistant design (1), anti-fade keys and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height, meaning this keyboard is built to last.
  • Upgrade to Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard: Experience wireless freedom with K270, featuring 2-year battery life, plug-and-play simplicity, and reliable hassle-free wireless connection.

Best keyboards under 2000 | Brands To Consider 

Choosing a good brand is always a must thing to do. Below are the top keyboards under 2000 brands in India providing quality products at different price ranges.

  • Dell
  • Logitech
  • Cosmic Byte
  • Redragon
  • Quantum
  • iBall
  • Zinq Technologies
  • Targus

This product list is not based on reviews or prejudices; instead, it is based on the best sellers on When you discover best sellers on, you’ll get the right combination of quality, dependability, and value for money. Simply go ahead and select the best product for your needs.

Before you buy a keyboard, there are a few things you should look into.

A good keyboard can make the difference between an unproductive and productive work day on a laptop, PC, or even a TV. We rarely devote much thought and research to deciding which keyboard to purchase. We choose the cheapest option, despite the fact that this is a personal item with which most of us spend the most time interacting with our gadgets. A keyboard can cost as little as Rs. 400 nowadays, and the best ones can cost well over Rs. 10,000. What distinguishes them, how do their costs differ, and what should you look for? That is exactly what we are here to inform you.

Action: The response of the keys of a keyboard or piano when pressed down is referred to as action. The stiffness and resistance of each keyboard model differs. Weighted keys respond like a traditional piano while unweighted keys are easy to press down, making a keyboard with weighted keys an ideal piano for beginners.

MIDI Compatibility: MIDI stands for “musical instrument digital interface,” a standard electronic instrument language that allows instruments to communicate with one another by sending and receiving signals. While MIDI compatibility is not a required feature in a music keyboard for beginners, it may become increasingly significant to the student if he or she becomes interested in electronic music or want to connect the keyboard to a computer.

Computer Connectivity: Many of the greatest keyboard manufacturers include computer connectivity in their products. Although learning to play is not required, computer connectivity is a wonderful choice for those who want to use music composition applications to produce their own music. Purchasing a starter keyboard with computer connectivity today may help you prevent having to upgrade your keyboard later.

Sampler/Recording Capabilities: Sampler and recording capabilities, like MIDI compatibility and computer connectivity, are recommended for students who desire to compose their own musical compositions.

Onboard storage is a possibility, but it isn’t required; students can instead download software fixes and new keyboard sounds to micro-USB cards. When a keyboard buying guide mentions storage, it usually refers to user settings—a keyboard with 100 sounds, for example, might have another 100 blank settings for new sounds and user presets.

Audio input to a keyboard or digital piano is unusual, and when it is available, MIDI is nearly always used. The ability to employ amps and recording equipment is far more crucial than the keyboard output.

When looking for an excellent beginner keyboard, sound is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The greatest keyboard brands generate sounds that are comparable to those of a real piano.

Polyphony (the quantity of sounds produced by a keyboard at any given time) and multitimbrality are two other factors to consider (the ability of the keyboard to play sounds such as drums, strings and woodwinds as a background or complement to the tune being played).

Keyboard Size: The finest keyboard for learning piano for adults is one with full-size and weighted piano keys. However, such keyboards have fewer sound options. A decent starter keyboard for students interested in electronic music includes smaller, unweighted keys but more sound functions.

What are your plans for using this keyboard?

The majority of us will be typing on laptops or PCs, with a few of us using Smart TVs or tablets. Decide on this element before moving on to the finer points of the features. A desktop keyboard is typically large and connected, making it difficult to use with a Smart TV. If you’re connecting it to a tablet, a larger wireless keyboard designed for PCs might not be the best option. A small wireless keyboard is too small to serve as a daily driver for long periods of time. Select a format that best meets your needs.

Is a wired or wireless keyboard required?

This is dependent on your decision. If you’re going to use this keyboard with a desktop PC or even a laptop that will remain stationary, a large-sized, strong wired keyboard might be the best option. When you’re busy banging out long emails and articles, the relaxed layout makes typing a lot easier.

If you’re sitting a little further away and need some flexibility, wireless keyboards are the way to go. A television or a desktop that is kept at a distance is the most obvious application for a wireless keyboard. It’s also excellent for computers that are positioned at a distance on a laptop stand. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use a wireless keyboard with your PC, but make sure it’s full-sized and has all the bells and whistles.

When shopping for a wireless keyboard, keep in mind that some models use Radio Frequency (RF) receivers while others use Bluetooth. In certain circumstances, the more expensive Bluetooth devices may not even require you to connect a USB adapter to your laptop or PC; they can use the inherent capability instead. Radio frequency receivers must be connected to your computer, laptop, or television. Tablets and other devices without USB ports may find it difficult to use these. Models with Bluetooth are unquestionably preferable.

What is all the commotion about mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards were used on almost every keyboard until the late 1990s, and they are currently making a comeback. They’re noted for having a tactile feel to them, and they rarely lose that feel or finish over time. Some customers keep these keyboards for a decade or more, whereas membrane-based keyboards only last a fraction of that time. If you’re thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard, make sure you choose one with the proper keys. The most popular is the Cherry MX, albeit there are cheaper options available nowadays.

They come in a variety of colours that indicate how they work. Manufacturers of mechanical keyboards will include information about them on their product pages. Another mechanical keyboard trend is devices that do not include a numerical pad in order to be more compact. Tenkeyless keyboards are what they’re called. The space between groups of keys is usually eliminated on most of these keyboards. The function row of keys is completely missing on some tiny keyboards.

Look for the best key designs and layouts.

It’s possible that certain keyboard manufacturers don’t pay close attention to the layout or design of their products. As a result, you’ll have a very small Enter or Backspace key. Some models may even have the Fn key in place of the Ctrl key. All of this only adds to the confusion, making it more difficult to get acclimated to the keyboard. The directional keys, which have been downsized beyond what is ideal, are another victim. It’s also vital to leave enough space between keys so you don’t accidentally press the wrong one every now and again.

Features and appearance that offer value

Some of the more recent versions have a slew of other functions that are often found in gaming keyboards. Some versions may save your preferences and settings in the keyboard itself, allowing you to move from one PC to another without having to adjust it.

Backlighting is available on some models. This is especially beneficial while working late at night, and some even have various colours and animated effects. This not only improves functionality, but it also adds a touch of sparkle to your gaming gear when you take it to LAN parties. They’ll almost certainly make your system stand out. Some keyboards have macros built in, while others have separate multimedia buttons and volume controls.

Some tablet keyboards include a space for a tablet to be placed in it like a laptop screen, while others double as a casing for the tablet.

Ergonomics is more important than you might believe.

Aside from all the features, the design is one of the most significant considerations. The spacing between keys has already been discussed, but don’t forget about the wrist-rest forms, length, and the ability to keep the keyboard tilted using the little stands at the back. All of this allows you to work for longer periods of time without experiencing wrist or shoulder pain.


Above mentioned keyboards under 2000 are picked from the updated and latest best-selling list. You can surely find the best pick for keyboards under 2000 from the above list. This list of top 10 products is bestsellers and has a variety of brands, budgets, price ranges, and features.

Hope this article helped you to choose the best keyboards under 2000 for you. Happy shopping! Thanks

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