Best Free Piano Learning Apps for Android in 2020

best piano learning apps

When you have installed best apps for learning piano on your android smartphone or tablet, you don’t need to look anywhere else for learning piano lessons. These great piano learning apps offer awesome user interface and let you learn piano from the basic to advance level in fun and interactive way.

Playing piano like a pro is all that piano lovers want to learn, but we don’t have time for to go to piano learning centers. But, in this age of internet and digital era, you don’t need to pay a single penny for appointing a piano teacher, because using these best free apps for learning piano will surely give you enough training to make you play like a pro. And soon you are going to be master in playing the piano. But, honestly, not all piano apps are worthy and useful. This is why, Here we have come up with some good piano learning apps that are deserving to download.

5 Best Apps for Learning Piano on Android

So, here we are going to review and show you 10 best piano apps that you can install on your android. We have picked these apps after going through user reviews, rating, and picked these good apps for learning piano. So, without let you wait for more, let’s jump into the list of top 5 piano apps for android.

Piano Guru

If you ever wish for playing your favorite songs in piano, then piano guru is for you. It doesn’t matter what’s your age is, this advance piano learning virtual app is designed for all aged peoples. Comes with more than 100,000 songs collections from different languages like English, Spanish, Bollywood, Bengali, Tamil, and more coming soon. This app promise to let you learn one song within 15min. However, it’s hard to learn a song in piano unless you have basic knowledge of it. But, it’s a good pick for someone who already has the basic piano knowledge.

Perfect Piano

The perfect piano is a very intelligent and smart app that comes with the advance piano simulator and gives your real like experience while playing the perfect piano. This piano simulator is specially designed for android mobiles and Android tablets. However, this app explains to you how to play piano with its simulator features, but there are certain limitations. Many advanced features make your piano experience amazing some of the cool features are 88 keyboards, single row, double row, dual players, only chord mode, MIDI and ACC audio recording, Direct sharing option and set as ringtone option, and lots more. Moreover, it offers you to learn thousands of popular music stored, comes with speed adjustment, and let you real-time online chatting. In nutshell, going with this app is really great move.

Piano Tiles 2

What if playing a game let you learn piano. Sounds good, right?. Piano tiles 2 is a game is fun learning games where you have to tap the black tiles without taping the white tiles with the melody. And, this will be the piano music of all popular songs and music. Within few days this app hit 900 million users around the world and going on. High-quality sounds of popular songs and music, make you feel like you are playing piano with a live concert.

Piano Teacher

This app is one of the best android apps for learning piano from basics. Comes with many great features like multi-touch piano, amazing freestyle music, compete with friends and more. When it comes to fun part this piano app is filled with fun features like you can play with your friend’s, break the world records and become the leader in the board. Moreover, you can play the magic piano game with your own music that is stored on your device. Also, you can learn by the interactive way how to play the piano. In the different levels of learning, you will get to know where to place your fingers, understanding the elements of the keyboard, notes for different positions, staff, clef and chords, and more. After going through all these piano lessons you can surely play any songs in piano-like professionals.

Pianist HD: Piano+

Now this android piano app is different from others, as it won’t give you fixed to follow instructions to play piano, you are free to play the way you like it. Pianist HD allows users to play at any speed, slow or fast, and all effortlessly. With more the 50 million downloads, this app is one of the best piano learning apps for Android devices including smartphones, and tablets. There are more than 50,000 songs are already stored in this app, also you can add your music from the local store. In nutshell, this is great piano learning apps for beginners as well as for advanced players.


Hopefully, after going through all these best piano learning apps now you are ready to download and install these apps on your Android device and start playing. However, these apps are free to use, though most of the apps are not ads free, this might be irritating sometimes. But, amazing features of these apps will surely make you overlook ads, and feel great when you play a song.

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