Best shopping cities to visit with your SO

Do you like shopping? Certainly, it can be quite a pain in the bum for both of you, especially for guys, who silently wait near the fitting rooms. On the contrary, girls can be a little bit carried away with beautiful high boots and slick skirts. Best shopping cities in the US made up a whole culture of “shopping dates”.

However, if you cannot live without new clothes and you always trace the latest fashion trends together, you understand why it is worth traveling abroad and getting beautiful things. First, it is a great opportunity to buy designer clothes at favorable prices, and secondly, you can admire the sights of a spectacular city at the same time. Let’s break down some of the best shopping cities, which will surely appeal to all lovers of high-quality shopping.


In the UAE, you can not only enjoy shopping, but also relax on the luxurious beaches, drink cocktails, and get acquainted with eastern hospitality and forget about why do guys get jealous when your not dating them. Well, where else can you see the real eastern exotics? It is in Dubai that the advanced technologies and centuries-old traditions harmoniously intertwine with modern chic. If you want to buy everything at once, going on a shopping spree, then both of you should visit the infamous Mall of the Emirates where you can find goodies for all the budgets and quality. By the way, the shopping center works until the evening, so you can try on a bunch of interesting clothes, puff them off, devote time to some other entertainment, and then go back and buy what you want.


Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that in this city collects the largest number of designer boutiques, department stores and showrooms, where you can find a stunning outfit for a very reasonable price. This makes Milano one of the best shopping cities in the world.

Those, who are interested in vintage items only, can go to the bohemian quarter of Navigli and find one of the most famous shops of the Pourquoi Moi district there. In addition, on the last Sunday of the month in Milan, you can get to the antique market Navigli, where everyone can look out for some curious goods, and enjoy each other’s company!


Even though the advanced couples are betting on Milan, considering it the capital of fashion, however, Rome remains one of the most profitable offers for shopping-addicts. First of all, here you can get acquainted with the assortment of numerous shopping centers. And don’t miss the colorful flea market in Porta Portese, where you can find vintage items from collections of luxury brands and other budget options, and if you are lucky, you will also meet eminent designers who come here for inspiration. Thus, Rome concludes the list of the best shopping cities in Europe !


Even if you are not a fan of Europe, listen up. Paris is called the city of love and fashion for a good reason; it should be on your wish list if you are a fashionista, and so is your boyfriend (girlfriend). And you may go to Paris not only to admire the unusual architecture and plunge into the atmosphere of romance, but also to see the boutiques of famous designers, where you can buy a truly exclusive thing at a relatively low price.


If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Japan, especially in Tokyo, then be sure to take some time for shopping. After all, this is really a paradise for shopaholics, where you can easily find a wide variety of quality products – from electronics to pleasant authentic things.

Go shopping in the Ginza Quarter, where you can find the world’s largest boutique Chanel, Louis Vuitton store, Mikimoto boutique, as well as the three largest department stores with the famous Japanese brands Matsuya, Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya. Also, you should not bypass the area of Akihabara – the realm of electronics and computer products, and department stores in the Shibuya area. Tokyo is known to be one of the best cities for shopping for a hundred years!

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