10 Best Water Filter Pitcher in India

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Best Water Filter Pitchers

Want to have contamination-free fresh drinking water?, Looking for the best water filter pitcher in India?, Then you have landed on the right page.

If your water source is underground it may contain germs, bacteria, viruses along with heavy metals, iron, and harmful chemicals.

These contaminations make you severely sick if you drink such water. But, when you have a good quality water filter pitcher at home, you do not have to worry.

It is the reason you need trustworthy filtration frameworks that stay at work past 40 hours to sift through unsafe substances and mix from well water. However, it very well may be challenging to make sense of the best water channel pitcher for well water without an away from how to pick one. 

Which is the best water filter pitcher in India?

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Brita Everyday Pitcher KENT Alkaline Hi-Tech Alkaline
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Best Water Filter Pitcher in India

In the accompanying purchasing guide, we’re featuring the main ten proposals of the water channel pitchers from the top brands. They are reliable and superior things, which are appraised high by shoppers for their effectiveness, solidness, and quality. We should begin and later locate the correct channel pitcher for your necessities.

KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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Kent water channel pitcher guarantees decontaminated safe drinking water with an even pH level so you and your family can lead a reliable way of life. The antacid water acquired is obvious from physical and substance polluting influences due to the residue and carbon channels. 

Additionally, water has a tolerable taste that is new and appropriate for utilization. Kent is additionally a leading water refinement brand that offers assurance for its items, making it a decent alternative to consider for a water channel pitcher. 

Accompanies a dregs channel that evacuates the pollutions genuinely present in the water. The limit of the pitcher: 3.5 L. They are developed utilizing rugged food-grade material. It has a simple fill top and a handle that guarantees an agreeable hold. 

What we like

  • It builds the pH of the water to 8.5-9.5 levels for upgraded wellbeing. 
  • It improves the counter oxidation capacity. 
  • It decreases the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water.

What we don’t like 

  • The pH estimation of the water doesn’t change. 
  • The nature of the pitcher could be better as it spills.

Brita Everyday Pitcher

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Not very many water filtration framework brands can be as reliable as Brita. While the German organization is most famous for its business items, it also gets itself settled among mortgage holders. Families who get their water from the well can depend on the Brita Everyday Pitcher to furnish them with a protected and new beverage. 

The Brita Everyday Pitcher includes the brand’s Longlast channel that can ensure more broadened filtration capacities than its standard water channel. Water tests affirmed the brand’s cases of lower levels of contaminants utilizing the Everyday Pitcher. These mixes incorporate cadmium, copper, chlorine, and Mercury. These atoms are far-reaching in well water. 

What We Like 

  • Decreases the degrees of contaminants in the water significantly superior to different brands 
  • Space-sparing structure to fit the side racks of fridges 
  • Accompanies fitting outsider quality accreditations 
  • Long channel administration life 
  • Accompanies channel change pointer sticker 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The pitcher has a modest plastic feel to it 

Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 

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Which water channel pitcher expels the most contaminants? It is an inquiry among those that are looking for a water channel pitcher. Individuals with diabetes, high blood cholesterol level, and hypertension can profit by drinking water with a higher pH than expected. The best item for that is the Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher. 

There are a few things we love about the Seychelle pH20. One is its capacity to build the pH of drinking water. While our tests uncovered that the pitcher’s pH-raising innovation doesn’t create an exceptionally high pH of 14, it makes it to a more satisfactory degree of 8 to 8.8. It is sufficient for individuals who have certain wellbeing conditions and who require essential water. 

The second vital property of the Seychelle pH20 is its capacity to evacuate various aggravates that can make the water hazardous to drink. It brings about well water that is fresher, more lovely, and cleaner to drink. We likewise love the thin profile of the pitcher, which makes stockpiling significantly simpler. 

What We Like 

  • Produces soluble water for more medical advantages 
  • High-limit water channel for more expanded use 
  • More successful in the expulsion of more water contaminants 
  • Space-sparing plan 
  • Great quality development 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Littler pitcher limit than different brands 
  • Issues of spills 

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Captolife Plastic Alkaline Water Pitcher

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 It supplies an adequate measure of minerals like Ca, Mg, Na, and K. PH esteems changes to 8-9.5, and ORP Changes to negative < 200mv, making the Water Alive reach and lift every cell of our body. 

Material: Crystal; Color: White/Blue/Green (Any) ,Capacity: 2.5 Liters Pack contains 1pc Alkaline Water container with 1 Cartridge, which keeps going more around 4000 Liters of Water.

What We Like 

  • Accompanies ANSI and NSF accreditations for quality 
  • Stable and safe pitcher materials 
  • Great client assistance 
  • Accompanies a lifetime ensure 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Channel limit not as huge as different brands 
  • Issues with spills 

Amrutum Alkaline Purifier Pitcher

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  • RO/Filtered Water Required 
  • Container Storage Capacity 3.5 Ltrs 
  • Hostile to Oxidant and Micro-Clustered 
  • Food Grade Plastic with Negative ORP up to 200 
  • Primary Filter with included Minerals of limit appx. 3500 Ltrs.

What We Like 

  • Ergonomically structured 
  • 3.5L of sifted water in a short time 
  • BPA free 
  • Channel life span of around two months 
  • LCD pointer for channel substitution 

What We Don’t Like 

  • The top is a test to put on and off. 

Peco Ph Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer Antioxidant Filtered Water Jug

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Peco Ph Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer Antioxidant Filtered Water Jug 

Peco Ph Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer Antioxidant Filtered Water Jug 3.5 Liter. Antacid water is the best type of water that accompanies different medical advantages to humankind. 

This Peco pH Alkaline Pitcher Ionizer utilizes a fired media to change over typical faucet water into soluble water with high pH and negative ORP. This water gets a lot of cleaners, more transparent, and loaded with flavor, making it reasonable for cooking purposes. 

Then again, the item accompanies a helpful, affordable plan that forestalls limescale develop for improved sturdiness. It changes over faucet water into sifted antacid and purified ionized water. Accompanies a cartridge that evacuates the flavor of chlorine and scent from the water. The artistic media alkalizes the water, which like this, has various advantages. 

The limit of the container is 3.5 Liters. 

Made utilizing solid polycarbonate material.

What We Like 

  • Hinders maturing and sicknesses like malignancy. 
  • Drinking soluble water guarantees a stable psyche and body. 
  • You get cleaner and more clear drinking water.
  • It accompanies a monetary and helpful structure

What We Don’t Like 

  • . It Doesn’t accompany a soluble analyzer.

Alkaline Pitcher

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Basic Water Filter Pitcher transforms customary water into unrivaled, sifted essential and ionized unadulterated vitality water. Primary water channel pitcher expands the pH level of water level water for a sound body and stable psyche, Skin and hair. 

Soluble water impeccably kills the impacts of high body causticity, which is brought about by present-day western eating regimen. Necessary WATER has numerous advantages for your body. High pH level and negative ORP potential stoppage maturing measures and advances your body in cell reinforcements, forestalling multiple malignancy illnesses. 

Negative ORP potential. The antacid container has a novel and innovatory include, which ALKALIZES TAP WATER through an exceptional clay media. Also, cartridge expels chlorine taste and smell from faucet water.

What we like

  • The cartridges in the Pitcher are not merely quick — they’re proficient, as well. They evacuate up to 99.99 percent of standard contaminants, including 97.5 percent of lead, 95 percent of nitrites, and 90 percent of fluoride, alongside follow metals, pesticides, and VOCs. 
  • There is no danger of the channels adding their contaminants to the water, as they’re produced using food-grade materials. 


  • The primary drawback is that the Pitcher is costly, and, as it has two channels, the cartridge substitutions are likewise more expensive. 
  • The pitcher isn’t fit hard water, as the minerals can stop up the cartridges and hinder channel speed altogether. For a similar explanation, you ought to abstain from utilizing the pitcher for acid water.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher 

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A staple for each family, the Nakii Water Filter Pitcher, is an incentive for cash and one where you can’t turn out badly. 

The channels utilized in this pitcher are affirmed to have passed the business principles for quality and execution so you can have that significant serenity of clean and safe water each time you spill water out of that pitcher.

The WQA has affirmed that a Nakii channel can expel water-polluting influences viably to up 150 gallons of water until it should be supplanted. That measure of separated water is 300-400% more contrasted with other accessible channels in the market. 

The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher can hold 7 ½ cups of water, which makes it immaculate for household use and workplaces and eateries. It is, without a doubt, a financially savvy elective water answer for filtered water. 

What We Like 

  • FDA affirmed and BPA free ABS plastic 
  • ACF water filtration framework 
  • 3 liters of separated water for consistently 
  • Channel limit of 150 gallons before substitution 
  • Spending plan neighborly 

What We Don’t Like 

  • It requires some investment to fill the pitcher because of the water section opening. 

Hi-Tech Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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Produce normal essential water with a pH of 7.5-8.5, which results in kills acidic waste and releases it from the body. It Expands active hydrogen. Decreases water atom size to make more absorbable water and increment hydration. 

Soluble water is a decent wellspring of enemies of oxidants. It viably assists in adjusting the pH proportion of the body. Diminishes ORP, improves hostile to oxidation capacity. It Supplies Natural Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and other minor elements.

What we like 

  • The most attractive structure with wooden handle, BPA free plastic, and plant-based material creation is naturally agreeable. 
  • High-quality filtration capacity, however not precisely the first class. 
  • Holds ten glasses of water 
  • Evacuates substantial metals like mercury, notwithstanding chlorine 

What we don’t like

  • To the extent of filtration capacity, it doesn’t coordinate with our top picks. 
  • You pay for the structure rather than filtration innovation.


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Watamate is a surely understand Water Management Solutions that have approached with this incredible compact water decontamination framework under the name Watamate Puro ACFT. 

This water channel pitcher utilizes a serious actuated carbon channel innovation to create clean, safe drinking water for you and your family. The structure makes it simple to utilize meeting the necessities of Indian customers. 

Additionally, it is the savviest water sanitization framework as its cartridge has a long existence of as long as 60 days. Therefore, if you search for sanitized water at a low value, this would be a considerable alternative. 

It is a convenient water channel container planned by Global specialists to meet the prerequisites of Indian Consumers. Made utilizing food-grade material for security. 

Limit: 2.6 Liter. 

The Arc Non-slip handle guarantees a solid grasp, so water is poured helpfully.

What We Like 

  • Accompanies a top and a high channel 
  • The watertight fixing forestalls water spilling regardless of whether it is held.. 
  • PURO ACFT Fil Cartridge goes on for as long as 60 days
  • The convenient plan makes it simple to utilize

What We Don’t Like 

  • No negative focuses watched up until now.

Things to know before buying water filter pitchers

  • Water-channel pitcher-examination 

Water channel pitchers are an excellent beginning for the individuals who are still new or need to begin sifting their water. They are little and versatile, however similarly as productive and successful as the entire house filtration frameworks. 

Because of their prominence, water channel pitchers come in various styles, types, and sizes. This extensive exhibit of decisions may be befuddling, particularly to novices. 

  • Channel Capabilities 

Regarding purchasing a water channel pitcher, ensure that it has passed the necessary guidelines and affirmations. Without these present, your water channel pitcher may not be adequate or may perform inadequately. 

One thing you should pay a unique mind to is if the water channel pitcher agrees to NSF/ANSI principles. An NSF/ANSI 42 affirmation shows that the channel can improve your water’s smell and taste. Then again, the NSF/ANSI 53 guidelines imply that the pitcher can likewise kill hurtful poisons and pollutions in your water. You should also observe something else if the organization is a piece of the Water Quality Association. 

  • Channel Life 

The channel’s life expectancy relies upon the degree of contamination and the measure of water it must channel every day. The producer, for the most part, shows these numbers. It’s suggested that you buy a channel that can last somewhere in the range of two and a half years. This period isn’t too short to even consider warranting additional expenses and not very long to influence the channel’s viability. 


  • Material 

Water channel pitchers are typically produced using plastics to make them reasonable and lightweight. Be that as it may ensure you buy the correct one. Inferior quality plastics will just posture dangers as it might even be the wellspring of synthetic compounds and different contaminants in your water. It’s prescribed to buy pitchers that are BPA free since they’re protected to utilize. 

  • Size 

Water channel pitchers come in various shapes and sizes. This factor relies upon what number of individuals are there in your family unit. If there are multiple individuals in your home, at that point, it’s ideal to purchase a more significant pitcher. With this, you won’t need to top off the pitcher and sit tight for it to channel continually. A more substantial pitcher just holds more water and means a lesser issue and burden. 

  • Simple to Use and Clean 

By and large, all water channel pitchers are anything but difficult to utilize and gather since they contain fewer parts. In any case, you have to ensure that the pitcher is durable and reliable. For one, the container, handle, cover, repositories, and channels should firmly fit together to forestall any spillage. The chain ought to likewise be anything but difficult to disconnect for simple cleaning. 

About cleaning, you have to clean the water channel pitcher about once every week. With this, you can forestall and stop green growth, microbes, and different contaminants from developing inside, which may debase yours as of now separated water. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What is the most believed water channel pitcher for well water brands? 

While you can discover numerous brands on water channel pitcher for well water, you can’t confide in every one of them. It is why you have to keep an eye on the brand to guarantee that they are focused on the quality and execution of their channel pitchers. A couple of those to trust incorporate Aquagear, Brita, Seychelle, and Filtered, among the rest included before. 

  • What is the guarantee? 

You can discover data on this on the name or details page of the item you need to purchase. It changes starting with one model then onto the next and brand to mark. If it doesn’t determine, you can likewise contact the client’s assistance. You have to know the guarantee for included genuine feelings of serenity in the buy. It is an essential piece of the purchasing procedure. 

  • How to mind and clean? 

You can allude to the client manual, and afterward, follow the particular producer headings on the best way to clean and deal with your water channel for well water. You don’t have to do convoluted strides in playing out the consideration and clean by the by. 

  • Where to purchase? 

You can discover these water channels for well water in home stops and supplies shops. In any case, for a full scope of choices, you can look at online commercial centers, for example, Amazon and eBay. You can likewise purchase from the site of the makers themselves

  • How would you change the channel? 

Changing the channel requires almost no exertion, and it tends to be done inside only a couple of moments. Notwithstanding, before that, you would need to absorb the new channel the water for 10-15 minutes. In the wake of depleting the new channel, evacuate the ancient one and supplant it with the original track. Presently let it sift through the water in the pitcher multiple times where the separated water is tossed each time. It permits the channel to enact before use.. 

  • How often would it be advisable for you to change the channel of the water channel pitcher? 

The occasions you change your water pitcher channel rely upon the degree of tainting of your water. Water with a more significant contaminant level will obstruct the channels a lot quicker and subsequently require visit substitution. 

Most channels require changing after every 2-3 months.


There you have what to think about finding the best water filter pitcher for well water.  Every one of these things has its firm and frail focuses. It is the reason looking at them one next to the other can assist you with making sense of which among these channel pitchers are for your requirements. We’re trusting you’ll have the option to locate the correct channel pitcher for well water with the highlights you’re searching for to begin receiving their rewards, for example, contaminant evacuation, movability, and proficiency. Purchase your water channel pitcher and guarantee clean water today!

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