BitTorrent Pro APK Free Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

BitTorrent Pro APK is the best option for securely downloading and uploading torrent files on the internet. Because, internet users often face some problems while downloading or uploading files like virus attack, auto-installation of unwanted applications, slowing down of the system. BitTorrent Pro is very useful in such situations. It protects the devices from such online attacks and also uses to enhances download and uploads speed. So if you are one of those internet users who is looking for solutions, then you must keep reading this article.

In this article, we have provided information related to BitTorrent Pro APK free download for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux/ Ubuntu. Users will get to know about the BitTorrent Pro APK, its features, reliable sources to download APK, Version Information, and three different installation methods. We have also added a comparative study on BitTorrent Pro Vs uTorrent Pro. So be with us to know more about the most popular BitTorrent Pro APK as well as the method to Download and upload Torrent files safely from the internet.

About BitTorrent Pro APK

bittorrent pro apk

BitTorrent Pro is an application designed and developed by BitTorrent, Inc. It is the first BitTorrent client that has been created by following the BitTorrent protocol. Bram Cohen is the main author of this application. The main reasons behind the creation of the application are to provide a safe and secure way for downloading and uploading files. It protects the users’ systems from virus attacks, auto-download, and installation of apps, slowing down, and many others.

The first version of the BitTorrent Pro, that is version 6, has been released in the year 2001. The first version was for Windows devices only. Since then, the developers have been continuing their job. As a result, the latest windows version 7.10 has been released on 25th October 2017. In the meantime, the developers have also introduced and upgraded the application for MacOS and Android too. The latest versions of BitTorrent Pro for MAcOS and Android devices are v7.4.3 – released on 8th May 2017 and v4.4.1 – released on 15th September 2017 respectively.

Features of BitTorrent Pro APK

BitTorrent Pro has come up with many features to provide safety to the users and facilitate them with some extra tools for a better experience. Here we have enlisted all the features that the application uses to provide. So the features are:

  • BitTorrent Pro APK allows the users to start downloading torrent files and watch instantly. There is no need to wait for downloading complete files.
  • The application is built with Anti – Virus Protection for the safety of the users’ devices. This feature uses to scan all the downloaded files, especially the torrents, and find the viruses and unwanted files out from the devices.
  • There is also an inbuilt converter on the user interface of BitTorrent Pro. It allows the users to convert file formats of the downloaded files to the desired one. Users can convert file formats that can be played on Android, iOS, Xbox, Play Stations, and Apple TV or other smart TVs.
  • BitTorrent Pro provides Remote Access to files for the users, using which the users can manage all their files from anywhere else. And it is totally safe and secured by the application.
  • One of the best features of BitTorrent Pro APK is that it is designed to boost bandwidth by adjusting the usage, according to internet connections. As a result, it is able to provide smooth gaming, and video chatting even in a weaker internet connection area.
  • Along with the Bandwidth Booster, BitTorrent Pro is specially designed with technology that uses to provide super fast file download and upload option. The technology uses to break the big files into smaller fragments and then allow downloading them from different sources, managing the bandwidth automatically.
  • Unlike other browsers, BitTorrent Pro APK allows the users to unlimited download and uploads of files and of any sizes at the same time.
  • Inbuilt Ad Blocker allows the users to block unnecessary ads on the users’ interface.
  • The BitTorrent Pro is best for battery saving too. Its in-built battery saver uses to stop processing after the predefined level and the auto shut down feature automatically shuts the app after use.
  • There is an integrated media player also in BitTorrent pro which allows the users to play and enjoy the files on the user interface. No need to open other applications for the purposes.
  • It allows the users to change the download folder before every download.
  • The user interface of the app is quite easy and simple. There is no unnecessary option that can hamper the performance.

Download BitTorrent Pro Latest Version APK for Android

The latest version of BitTorrent Pro APK is 4.4.1. It has been released on 15th September 2017. The developers of the app have last updated it on 31st January 2018. The last update has brought many extra features like full-screen video player, ability to stream videos while downloading, and ability to add an unlimited number of active torrent sites. Many fixes have also been done in the BitTorrent Pro app like fixing the most common issues of pause – resume features, misc engine fixes, and others.

Below we have given the links for downloading, click the link and download the APK.

Download BitTorrent Pro APK Latest Version

BitTorrent Pro v6.5.7 

Download BitTorrent Pro APK Older Version

BitTorrent Pro v6.5.7

Download BitTorrent Pro Latest Version APK from Google Play

The latest version of BitTorrent Pro – Torrent App is available on Google Play Store, but it is not free there. Users have to buy it from the play store. For free usage, users can opt for BitTorrent – Torrent Downloads. It has some of the features and facilities of BitTorrent Pro. We have provided links to both the versions. Click the suitable one to download.

[appbox googleplay]

Version Info

App nameBitTorrent® Pro
Last UpdatedFebruary 8, 2018
App VersionV4.4.1
App Size8.1 MB
DeveloperBitTorrent, Inc
Main TaskFiles Uploading and Downloading
CompatibilityAndroid 4.1 and Above

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What’s New in BitTorrent Pro v4.4.1 APK?

The latest version of BitTorrent Pro has many new features and facilities in comparison with the older versions. Using the latest version, users can set unlimited numbers of active torrents. Another newly added feature is the full-screen media player and the streaming facility onboarding. Now users can play and watch videos while downloading them in the full-screen media player. Apart from these, a lot of fixes have taken places like fixing of pause & resume features, misc engine fixes, and other bugs and crash fixes.

Generally, the official version of BitTorrent Pro for Android, Windows, and Mac are available on the official site of BitTorrent, Inc., and users can use them too. Then why to use APKs? Firstly, APKs allows the users to get an advance notification for latest updates made by the developers before the app stores. App stores generally upgrade the apps after the updates. So it helps to save time. Secondly, APKs can be used to access more features than the app store versions. And thirdly but the most useful side of APK is that it allows the users of blocked or restricted zones to use the apps continuously. Generally, after restrictions, app stores do not allow the users of those regions to download the apps. At that situation, APKs are useful.

How to Install BitTorrent Pro APK on Android?

Downloading and installing BitTorrent Pro APK is very easy and simple. Still, if you have any issues regarding it, then follow the detailed steps that we have mentioned below for your conveniences. But first of all, make sure you have downloaded the APK from the links mentioned above. If not, then download the APK first. Then follow the steps below.

Steps to follow:

  1. After downloading the BitTorrent Pro APK, go to the device Settings> Security> Unknown Sources and then Turn On the allow option for installing apps from unknown sources.
  2. Now go to the download folder where the APK has been saved, Tap on the APK and install it.
  3. Your favorite BitTorrent Pro is ready to download and upload files with the fastest bandwidth.

How to Install BitTorrent Pro APK on iOS?

Android and iOS platforms are two different operating systems designed for smartphones. That is why the applications developed for both the OS are also different. So it is not possible to install the Android apps on iOS and vice versa. Unfortunately, there is no trick also to do the same. So, iOS users have to wait for a while. The developers are also working on it to launch BitTorrent Pro for iOS devices. The iOS version will be available very soon.

How to Install BitTorrent Pro APK on Windows?

Android Package, in short APK, is designed and developed only for Android devices. So it is not possible to install the app on Windows devices. But there is a way to install Android applications on Windows, i.e. using Android Emulator which allows the users to install and run Android apps on Windows. So for installing BitTorrent Pro on Windows, users have to download and install an Android emulator first and then install BitTorrent Pro.

Those who do not have knowledge about an Android emulator and its downloading and installation process are suggested to follow the steps below. Because, here we have mentioned the detailed description of How to install BitTorrent Pro APK on Windows using Bluestack, the best Android emulator.

Steps to Follow:

  • Open the browser and go to the official site of Bluestack.
  • You will get the DOWNLOAD option there. Click to download and then install it on your device.
  • After installation of Bluestack, open it.
  • Now add the BitTorrent Pro APK to Bluestack by going to Setting> Apps> All Apps> APK> then go to the folder where BitTorrent Pro APK has been downloaded.
  • Select the APK and then install it in the same way you install apps on your android devices.
  • Now go back to the homepage of Bluestack, you will find BitTorrent Pro there, ready to use.

How to Install BitTorrent Pro APK on Mac?

Like Windows, it is not possible to download and install BitTorrent Pro APK, because it is an Android app. And MacOS is completely different from Android. But users can try out a trick that will let them install and run Android apps and APKs on their MacOS. The trick in this purpose is again Android emulator which helps the developers to develop android apps and check them by running on MacOS. Here we are going to use that trick fulfill our purpose.

So follow the steps mentioned below to Install BitTorrent Pro APK on MacOS using Bluestack.

Steps to Follow:

  • First of all, download the BitTorrent Pro APK from the links we have mentioned above.
  • After that, open the browser on your MacOS and browse the official site of Bluestack.
  • On the homepage, you will get the Download option. Click to download it.
  • After downloading, install Bluestack on your Mac PC.
  • Now go back to your device homepage and open Bluestack. Users have to add the downloaded BitTorrent Pro APK to Bluestack now.
  • To add the APK to Bluestack, go to Settings> Apps> All Apps> APK> then go to the download folder and then install the app on Bluestack.
  • After completion of the process, BitTorrent Pro will be found installed on the main screen of Bluestack. Click to use it.

Here we have used the Bluestack for installing BitTorrent Pro APK. But, if users don’t want to use Bluestack or faces any problem with it, then they can opt for other android emulators. Nox Player, Memu, Android Studio Emulator, Andy, ARCohon, etc are the top android emulators after Bluestack. Users can use them too. And the Steps of Installation are almost same for all of them.

How to Install BitTorrent Pro on Linux/Ubuntu?

Are you a Linux user? Then there is good news for you. Now you can also download and install BitTorrent Pro APK on Linux and enjoy all the Android apps or games on Linux or Ubuntu devices. For this, you have to download and install an Android emulator called GenyMotion first on your devices. This is a little longer process that is why we have provided the installation method with detailed steps for the convenience of the users. So follow the steps mentioned below and install BitTorrent Pro APK on your Linux/Ubuntu devices using GenyMotion.

Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, download “Oracle VM Virtual Box” from the official site.
  2. On the left side of the page, there is “Download” section, click on it.
  3. Now you will get the options for various devices including Windows, Mac, Linux or Ubuntu. Choose the Linux.
  4. Choose the appropriate option for your device. If you are using a 32-bit kernel, then choose the “i386 Package”. 64-bit kernel users choose “AMD64 Package”. Clicking on the packages will bring a dialog box, choose “Save this file” to download it.
  5. After downloading, go to the download folder to install the VirtualBox. Right click on the downloaded file and choose “Open With Ubuntu Software Center”. Click on “Install” button to install it.
  6. Now click the link to download “GenyMotion” and click on “Get GenyMotion“.
  7. Choose free or business plan and click on the “Download” below. Here we have chosen the free plan for demonstration.
  8. It will give two options for 32 bit and 64 bit. Choose the right one according to your devices’ architecture.
  9. Create an account or sign in with your GenyMotion account to continue. A download dialog box will come, choose “Save the file”.
  10. Now open the terminal on your devices to install GenyMotion.

Type “cd Downloads” and hit Enter,

Type “chmod +x the name of the file”, hit Enter,

Type “./ name of the file“, hit Enter,

Type “y” to give permission to install GenyMotion on your devices.

  1. After installation, go back to download folder. You will get the extracted folder of GenyMotion. Open it and then double click on file saved as “genymotion” to open.
  2. First-time users will need to add a virtual device. So click on “Add” and then log in with your GenyMotion account details.
  3. It will give options for various virtual devices. Choose one from the list and click “Next”,
  4. Click “Next” again and wait for a while to get installed. After installation, click “Finish”.
  5. Now go back to the home page of “GenyMotion”, select the installed virtual device and click on the “Start” button above to get access to Android apps.
  6. Now open the download folder where BitTorrent Pro APK has been downloaded (click the link mentioned above, if not downloaded yet). Click to Install the BitTorrent Pro APK on your Linux devices.
  7. After installation, go back to the menu of your Virtual Devices. You will find BitTorrent Pro installed there. Click to use the app.

Video Tutorial to Download and Install VirtualBox and GenyMotion

How to Speed Up BitTorrent Pro?

It is often found that BitTorrent Pro is slower than the expected level or getting slower after a few days of usage. If you are also facing the problem, then here is the solution we have provided for you. All you need is to change or reset some settings of your BitTorrent Pro app. Though it is a little longer process, you can do it just following the detailed description provided by us. So keep the page open on your browser screen, open your BitTorrent Pro application, and follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow:

  • First of all, open the BitTorrent Pro app on your devices. Click on the “Option” button, and then on “Preferences”. You must have got a screen with all the highlighted options on the left, like this:

speed up bittorrent pro

  • Now click on the “General” button, and Unmark the “Check association on startup” options.
  • Go to “Connection” section and change the “port used for incoming connections” from “36270” to “53906”.
  • In the “Bandwidth” section, you should change or reset four fields. They are:

“Maximum upload rate (kb/s): [0: Unlimited]” from “0” to “30”,

“Global maximum number of connections:” to “500”,

“Maximum number of connected peers per torrent:” to “100”,

And “Number of upload slots per torrent” to “8”.

  • Now go to “BitTorrent” and change the “Outgoing Protocol Encryption” to “Forced”.
  • In the “Queueing” section, the following changes are required:

“Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download)” to “8”,

“Maximum number of active downloads” to “4”,

And “Minimum ratio” under “Seeding Goal” to “320”.

  • Now click on the “Plus Sign” near “Advanced” option. You must have got 4 new options including “Disk Cache”. Click on that option and unmark “write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes” and “write out finished pieces immediately” under “Enable caching of disk writes”. Unmark “Turn off read caching if the upload speed is slow” and “remove old blocks from the cache” under “Enable caching of disk reads” also.
  • Now go to the “Advanced” option, search and Reset the values of the following:

“bt.allow_same_ip” from “False” to “True”,

“bt.connect_speed” from “25” to “28”, hit SET,

“bt.progressive_piece_span_mb” from “80” to “1”,

“gui.show_notorrents_node” from “True” to “False”,

“gui.update_rate” from “1000” to “2000”,

“net.outgoing_port” from “0” to “50”,

“offers.404_code” from “0” to “4”,

“peer.disconnect_inactive_interval” from “300” to “125”,

“rss.update_interval” from “15” to “20”,

  • After resetting or changing all the fields, click on “Apply” and then “Ok”.
  • Close the BitTorrent Pro window,
  • Click on the “Show hidden icon” button on the taskbar, right-click on BitTorrent Pro icon, and click on “Exit”.
  • You have enhanced the speed of BitTorrent Pro. Now open the App and enjoy fast downloading and uploading files from/on the internet.

Video Tutorial to Speed up BitTorrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro Vs uTorrent Pro

BitTorrent Pro is developed by Bram Cohen, the owner of BitTorrent, Inc. and has been released in 2001 and uTorrent Pro is developed by Ludvig Strigeus and has been released in 2005. But later, BitTorrent, Inc. has owned the uTorrent in 2006. So basically both the torrent downloaders belong to the same company now.

Even the features and facilities provided by both the downloaders are almost same. But BitTorrent users can search content using the integrated search box and download an unlimited number of files at the same time. On the other hand, uTorrent users have to personalize the search box before use. It is not possible to download multiple files using uTorrent. The statistics analytic graphics of BitTorrent is also better than uTorrent that allows the users to know about the status of their download as well as uploads.

Final Words

BitTorrent Pro is the safety tool for secure browse browsing and BitTorrent Pro APK gives the access to you. So download BitTorrent Pro APK for free from the links mentioned above and enjoy unlimited browsing without compromising privacy. Here we have also added the three different ways to download and install BitTorrent Pro APK on various devices including Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is no way available today to install BitTorrent Pro APK on iOS. So iOS users must wait for a while.

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