How to Block Websites In Chrome?

block websites on chrome

Are you kind of a person who opens up the browser to do something and end up doing something else?, Many of us are really addictive to websites, like Facebook, twitter and more. Sometimes parents also feel insecure what their children are doing on the internet. To be honest, the only controlled way to stay away from these sites are blocking websites from the chrome browser. In this guide, I will show you exactly how you can block websites on the chrome with or without using extensions.

block websites on chrome

These two methods are simple and work perfectly for blocking sites. One is by using chrome extensions, while other one doesn’t need to install any extensions. However, both of these methods work great you can follow any one of those to block sites on chrome. So, let’s go and check out.

How to block websites on chrome using extensions

Using extensions one can easily block websites installing simple chrome extensions. Just download the particular extensions that I will mention below, and you can block sites on your web browser. Let’s go and check out how we can do that.

Website Blocker (Beta)

With more than 1 lakh installed user worldwide, this extension is pretending that it can block any site once someone has done the installation. It comes with many exciting features that will surely convince you to install it now. Below, you will find some main features of this website blocking extension. However, working proxy sites can hack this extension to access sites.

Features of Website Blocker (Beta)

  • You can block any individual sites.
  • Also, you can set particular time period for blocking.
  • You can change the warning message of block sites.
  • There is a switch off and on for every function.
  • Even if you hide toolbar icon from the chrome it will work great.
  • Anyone can use it, no technical knowledge required.
  • You can set passwords so that no one can access it.

How to install Website Blocker (Beta)

  • First, open Google Chrome browser.
  • Then open Google chrome extension store.
  • Search for “website blocker”.
  • Click and install the extensions and you’re ready to block any websites.
  • Also, if you wish you can turn it on for ignite mode.

Block Site

Now, this site has more special features than the above one. Just think what if you can set a redirection website to the block sites that just creating a normal warning page for everyone. Pretty exciting right?, This block site chrome extension is full packed with lots of features like below.

Features of block sites

  • Comes with advance word blockers, whenever the specific set of the word will appear on URL it will automatically block that site.
  • You can block current URL that you are on right now.
  • All the functionalities are accessible easily.
  • Also, one can block sites for ignite mode browsing.

How to install block sites

  • It’s pretty simple, just open chrome.
  • Go to chrome extensions store.
  • Search for “block sites”, and just install it.

Stay Focused

It’s a perfect chrome extension for those who get destructed easily. You might have found yourself doing some important work and just suddenly your mind shifted to Facebook or somewhere on the web. And, ended up with the waste of valuable time, that will never back. But, when you have installed stay focused, then you don’t need to worry about this too much. Stay focused monitor your activity on the web, and according to your command whenever it sees that you are wasting too much time, it will automatically block the site.

Features of Stay focused

  • Many options are available for customization.
  • You can create a list of blocking sites and block them all together.
  • You can specify the number of hours that you want to spend on.
  • Very easy to use interface.

How to Install Stay Focused

  • First thing first, opens the browser and go to chrome extension.
  • Search for “Stay Focused” or you can search on the Google also.
  • Then simply just install it.
  • Make your list of sites that you can to block and set the time.

However, there are more extensions are there to block websites. But, these chrome extensions do the job pretty well. Nevertheless, if you want to block websites without installing any software’s, then below I have mentioned a trick to do that without installing any extensions. So, let’s find it out.

How to block websites on chrome without installing any chrome extensions

  • Firstly, open Google chrome browser.
  • Then, open chrome settings on the browser.
  • Now, scroll down and click advance setting.
  • Find the option “Change proxy setting”, and click on that.
  • Open, security tabs and click to restricted sites.
  • Enter the URL’s that you want to block.

Which method is better?

Well, both of them works great but depending on your needs. With chrome extensions, you can have better options and more features than just blocking sites. You can set the timer, password, and more. Also, you have other features that will help you to configure it more perfectly. However, if you are choosing the second method, then you will not have many options, only you can block the specific websites. But, there is one big problem, anyone can easily go to chrome setting and change the setting. So, better go with one extension.


With the rising of the internet, good and bad both things are popping up. We, need to reduce the consumption of bad thing and move forward for good. And blocking sites on the chrome will help you to concentrate on your good work, and avoid bad things. You can follow any of the above two methods. One last advice from me, don’t give up. First when you will block your website it will be difficult for you to handle it, but later on, your good habits will grow up. Hope this article helps you to block a website in chrome. All the best!.

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