Business Phone Number Services: More Than Just Call Forwarding

Every tool you use for your business should enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve the level of service you deliver to your customers. If you’ve used your personal cellphone for business purposes, you already understand how inefficient and overwhelming this can be. Dealing with incoming calls, emails and texts simultaneously while working on essential tasks can be frustrating. However, a business phone number service can help streamline communications and boost your productivity.

What Are Business Phone Number Services?

Also known as virtual phone systems, business number services allow entrepreneurs to make and receive calls without using their private phone numbers. These cloud-based services provide each client with a toll-free or local front-end telephone number that customers call to contact their businesses. Clients can choose to have these calls routed to mobile or landlines, and outbound calls will come from their business phone numbers instead of their landline or cell numbers.

What Features Do Business Number Services Offer?

Virtual phone systems can come with a wide variety of features. Many support the use of phone extensions and can route incoming calls to multiple numbers for each extension. These range from simple multiline routing to sophisticated PBX services supporting dozens of phone lines. As technology advances, virtual phone providers now offer even more innovative tools:

  • Smart auto-replies to frequently asked questions
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Text message response to voice mails
  • Live off-site answering services

How Can These Services Improve Productivity?

Virtual phone systems are unified communications platforms. Simply put, unified communications platforms allow organizations to access multiple communication functions from the same interface. Users can respond to calls, voicemails, texts and more without switching devices or service providers.

This level of accessibility is a time-saving innovation, but virtual phone systems enhance productivity in other ways. Customized responses to frequently asked questions save you the effort of typing out the same answers over and over again. Sophisticated screening recognizes and priorities incoming calls. If an important call comes in while you’re in a meeting, no worries: You can reply to voicemails via text messages.

Cloud-Based Services Revolutionize Business Communications

Virtual business phone services can turn ordinary mobile phones into communications powerhouses. Whether your enterprise is a team of one or an organization of many, everyone benefits from these systems’ advanced features. Not only do they save you time and effort, but they also help improve customer interactions, deliver better service and ensure that you don’t miss important calls.

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