13 Tips To Charge Your Mobile Faster [Best Tricks Ever]

If your mobile is taking too much time to charge, or if it’s showing low battery most of the time, it’s truly frustrating. Not all mobile charges quickly, so sometimes it gets very irritating to see you’re mobile charging but not get fully charged after a long time. There are several factors are responsible for slow charging, so if you really want to charge your mobile faster. Then, here, we bring 20 amazing tips to charge mobile faster. We are going to cover up best possible ways to charge mobile fast.

There are many things involves slow charging, including mobile battery capacity, the charger you are using, the mobile charge capacity, type of USB cable you are using, apps that you are taking up you’re mobile charges, the charging mode and lots more. To optimize mobile charging, one needs to apply tips and tricks that help to charge mobile faster and also include the tips to save battery life.

How to Charge Mobile Faster?

Here we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that you can try out to charge mobiles faster. However, these are best tricks you can try, but it depends on the types of handset you are using. Although, we have given these tips that are applicable to all types of mobiles including smartphones, Featured phones, also applicable for tablets. So, here we go for ultimate 20 tips for fast charging.

Tip 1: Put Mobile in Airplane Mode

A large percentage of battery eats up by the network signals. That means if you’re in a place where the signal is low, your charging will take longer time as network signals will consume a large amount of battery while charging. Hence, when you put your mobile in airplane mode while charging, mobile will not consume the battery while charging and will help to charge mobile fast. Almost all mobiles including Android, IOS, and other features mobile has airplane mode. All you need to turn this feature on while you are charging your device, and will help to charge fast. Research and several tests found that by doing this you can charge your mobile more than 25% faster.

Tip 2: Turn Mobile Off While Charging

There is one general rule, the less your mobile is performing the faster it will charge. And, the best way to turn your mobile activity down is by switching it off. Doing this, you will make sure that you’re the mobile phone is not wasting any power while charging, and this will surely increase the charging time.

Tip 3: Keep It Cool

You will notice that most of the mobile become hot while charging. And, if you expose it to a high temperature, it may cause permanent damage to your battery life. The best temperature of charing is not higher than 95°F. Also, it’s not a good idea to keep your mobile at very low temperature for charging, as it will reduce the charging time too. Hence, it is advisable to put your mobile at normal temperature when you want to charge it fast and same time want to keep your battery life safe.

Tip 4: Switch To Charging Mode

Some of the Android devices come with USB connection configuration as charging mode. This is the best option to choose when you’re charging your device. As that mode is specially configured for charging, will turn off all unwanted apps and background activities when charging, and helps to charge fast. How to switch charging mode on? , just go to Setting>Developer Option> USB configuration > Turn Charging mode on.

Tip 5: Don’t Use Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a great innovation, but not a good option to pick when your main priority is to charge mobile faster. Practical testing shows that compare to wired charging, wireless charging is 50 percent slower and not efficient to charge fast. It is because power is not fluently transferred through simple contact like cable. So, it is suggested to avoid wireless charging when you want to charge your mobile fast.

Tip 6: Remove Mobile Case

Nowadays most of the smartphones using Lithium-ion battery, and which perform best at cooler temperatures. And, the mobile temperature is controlled by the surrounding accessories, and the mobile cover is the one who wrapped up the mobile and responsible for heating up the mobile while charging. Hence, removing the mobile cover while charging will increase the charging speed.

Tip 7: Lower Your Brightness

Now if you can’t turn off your mobile when it’s on a charge, then you can lower your brightness to increase the charging little bit. However, it’s not going to decrease the charging time dramatically, but surely going to make it little faster. As mobile display eat up a large amount of charge, so it’s better to reduce the brightness for better-charging performance.

Tip 8: Shorter Your Screen Time Out

The more display is active more charge will be consumed. So, if you make the screen timeout down, the display will turn off quickly and will save your battery. So, shorter display time will significantly decrease the time of charging.

Tip 9: Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another feature that drains out battery most. So, if you’re Bluetooth is on while charging, charging speed may go slow. So, its good to turn the Bluetooth feature off when you want to charge mobile faster.

Tip 10: Use Right Plug and Charger

We all know the fact that Android mobiles come with the universal charging port, but it doesn’t mean every charger will give you same output. The right charger will give 100 percent efficient charging while hooking up with an unmatch can increase the charging time. However, charging with a laptop or other system having USB 2.0 is not a good option as deliver only 2.5 Watt, where USB 3.0 delivers 4.5 Watt. Your wall charger provides more power compared to others. Also, now many new Android devices come with the fast charging of 15 watts, but you will get the best result only when you charge with the right plug.

Tip 11: Turn Vibration Off

Why?, Testing shows that vibration feature eats up more energy than a ringtone. So, if your vibration is on for notifications, and calls, it may cause obstruction charging. Hence, turning off vibration mode make charging faster.

Tip 12: Deactivate Unwanted Features and App

Honestly, if you want the charging fast, you need to disable all unnecessary features and apps that are consuming your battery. However, not all apps consume high battery, but some active apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and other apps that stay always active consumes more power. By disabling, these apps will make your charging faster.

Tip 13: Get a Powerbank

This is another great option for charging quickly and always. If you want to charge your mobile on the go, power bank is a great choice. Some power bank offers same output as wall charging. And, most amazing thing is, you can charge anytime, anywhere you want to. Today, we have power bank that offers even better charing power than wall socket. But, before using such power banks make sure your mobile is capable enough to take up such power supply.

Final Words

This is it!, Here we have mentioned all best tricks and tips to charge mobile faster. These are well-proven tricks that work efficiently. However, if you’re mobile battery life is not good, you can use good power bank to support it. If you follow the tips mentioned above, its surely going to help you charge you’re mobile faster. Moreover, if you know any other methods of charing fast, please comment below.

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