How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Website

types of web hosting

It’s a big question for all webmasters. How to decide the right web hosting company that gives you satisfactory service?. Now, it could be two situations, one, you have purchased one web hosting before and got disappointed, or you want to newly host your new website. For both of the cases, choosing the right web hosting is a must for the task. In this guide, I will show you the checklist that you must consider while you are choosing a web hosting.

There are few webs hosting companies that promise of doing a lot but in the end, up do nothing. They just let your site down for a long time saying “sorry for the inconvenience”. where some do a brilliant job as they promise to do. So, it’s very important to choose the right web hosting for your site, because hosting is more like the engine of your website, if your engine is not good, it will disappoint you at pick time. I know many fellows who were doing great with their website, producing outstanding content, doing great SEO, receiving a good amount of traffics, but suddenly because of their web hosting service, they got very disappointed downtimes. This article will help you to find a good web hosting service for your website.

How to Choose Hosting for Your Website?

What do you want? Now, this question must be answered first before choosing any hosting. What is your planning? how long you are thinking? what could be the estimated traffic? and what is your budget? what types of hosting service that you are looking for?. So, these are the questions that should be answered before digging into hosting websites. I know you might be getting a little confused now, but don’t worry I will answer all of your questions.

What is your planning?


Before any move, planning is a must. To make your website perform well you must come up with proper planning and how to execute it. First, ask What is the present situation of your business, or if you are new, then how much growth you are expecting let’s say in the next 12 months?. Also, what types of website that you are owning, it’s it a blog? personal website? Or an e-commerce store? Or a service provider?. All these are different, so first ask yourself what is my website is all about? And then start planning your expected goals and growth. Choose the planning according to your plan and the types of websites that you own.

What types of web hosting you are looking for?

types of web hosting

Once you have done your planning and all. Now it’s time to find a suitable web hosting for you. And, in this case, the first question that clicks in your mind is, what are the types of web hostings there? There are mainly three basic and popular types of web hosting are there. Shared server, Virtual Server, and Dedicated server.

  • Shared Hosting works great for a small blog, personal websites with low traffic engagements. As in shared hosting, it will share resources with the other websites on the same server. Shared servers are very cheaply available and very popular. But, to be honest, it can’t handle high traffic load, and will down at the high traffic time. Also, it is not recommended for heavy sites that consume high resources like an e-commerce site. So, think again about shared hosting, if you are thinking of big growth with your website.
  • A virtual Server can give you more resources and stability compares to a shared one. If you are having a decent amount of traffic or you are an e-commerce site, you can host your website on virtual server hosting. Yet, it can’t handle a big flood of real-time traffic.
  • A dedicated Server is where an entire server is only dedicated to your website. Although a dedicated server is the most expensive, it can handle a high traffic load on your site. Also, it comes with a multi-domain hosting option where you can host your multiple sites on the same server. You can have fewer downtime problems and fewer issues with this web hosting.


So this was a little overview of web hosting types and categories. Now, it’s time to choose the right web hosting company for your website. Believe me, this is the hardest thing ever!. You will be finding every company is promising to be the best, but do really they are?.

How to choose the right web hosting company?

There are many factors that you must consider while picking the right one for you. These parameters will help you to find the right web hosting. Here, I will mention some questions that you need to ask about that company and if you find a satisfactory answer you can go with it.

What are people talking about this company?

Go to the trustable review portals and online forums to look at what people are talking about them. In those online review portals, you will find after-sale experiences of users, ratings, comments, which are very important to know. Also, look for company profiles, news portals what the latest news is coming out from this company. In nutshell do complete online research about it, which you can easily do by doing Google search only.

How good a support team they have?

Now it’s not a one-time buy. The moment you purchased any web hosting service the work begins here. Without a good support team, it will be hard to find help at bad times. So, it’s very important to look for customer service. How to know their customer service is good?. Make a list of some popular web hosting companies, and follow

  • First of collect their customer service contact number or go for a live chat.
  • Prepare your set of the question before regarding your web hosting, and check how well they are answering. Also, check how long they let you wait to reach their support.
  • Find out the support options they have like the call, live chat, mail support. Explore their entire support system to find how dedicated they are to after-sale support.

How much storage do they provide?

Storage is the space server that you will use to store your content, like images, videos, texts, and all uploads. So, the storage space really does matter if you are using a heavily content-rich website like e-commerce.

Also, you will find many web hosting companies promoting them as “unlimited storage”, truth is it’s not really unlimited for all. And, if you are going for shared hosting then this is going to be a bad sign for you. As they are claiming it’s unlimited, many folks who are using the same shared server may upload heavy content, which will affect your site too. So, always look out for the storage factor very carefully.

What is the bandwidth amount that they promise to give?

Bandwidth is typically the amount of data that one visitor will use at a particular time on your site. Now, it depends on traffic also, if there is a high traffic site, you need to have high bandwidth, or else site your site may go down. When lots of traffic will access heavy contents, the problem may occur if there is not enough bandwidth to handle it. But, for low traffic site that’s should not be a big issue. So, have a look into what bandwidth they are promising to give.

What is the server response time?

Server response time is the time server takes to respond to load your content for visitors. It depends on bandwidth also. But, If that web hosting company limits their bandwidth, now it might be a problem when you will receive high traffic at a time. You can look for websites hosted by that web hosting company to look at how long the server to response time is. Some web hosting has a very good server response time, while others don’t.

What is the uptime they are claiming?

Uptime means the accuracy of downtime by the web hosting company. Let’s say one company is promising uptime of 99% which means, they are claiming that there will be no downtime of the website for 362 days but there might chances of 3 days downtime in a year. Now, if you are using money-making sites or a business-related site, 3 days of downtime might be a problem. So, always give priority to uptime while you are buying a web hosting package.

What are the tools and services they offer?

Look for the tools according to your need. Tools like WordPress, FTP access, and service like a good user-friendly C panel. First make a list of things that you would need, and look for tools and services of the web hosting service providers. Most of the hosting provider has similar tools and services, although if you can’t find anything, ask their support system for information regarding that.

Is the price list is reasonable?

Now, this question can change the whole game. Compare the prices around the web, also don’t just go for the lowest price, look at the features and analysis do they are making any tricks by giving it at such a low price. So, beware of that and look for everything.

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Hope this article helps you to make a better choice for web hosting for your website. As, hosting play’s an important role in your website success, always look for everything before you go for hosting. Look for each parameter that I have mentioned here, these will definitely help you to make the better choice.

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