How to Connect Laptop to TV ? [Wirelessly]

connect laptop to tv

Hi, do you want to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly?. Then this article is going to be very useful for you. There are several methods are there to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly, but some really work great, while other doesn’t. You can use different external devices to connect your laptop to Televisions within no time. Many big companies come and have given an easy and simple solution to this problem. And, believe me, you will love it, when you can have high-quality pictures and videos at large TV screen.

connect laptop to tv

Basically, what we need is a device which can send wireless signals from the laptop and one system on the TV which can grab the signals and transform them into visual. Sounds, very techie, but actually not. Amazing devices has made the whole this so easy that any nontechnical guy can do this easily. Below, I will show exactly how you can connect the laptop to TV wirelessly.

Connect your laptop to TV using Chrome cast


Chromecast is the very popular device for connecting the laptop to TV. It’s very easy to use and give very high-quality resolution picture and sound. With chromecast, you can enjoy your favorite videos, Tv shows, movies, videos, chrome, and more on your TV. And, the most amazing thing is not just for your laptop, you can use it to cast your mobiles and tablet screen too.

You don’t need a remote to control it, just play it on your laptop it will automatically do other things for you. Also, you can enjoy internet browsing, YouTube, and much more internet fun on your large TV screen.

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Laptop requirements for chromecast installation

To run the applications like chromecast ultra, chromecast audio, chromecast Tv your laptop must have wifi connectivity with minimum below requirements

  • MAC Operating system 10.9 or higher.
  • Windows operating system 7 or higher.

TV and broadband requirements for chromecast installation

Without high-speed internet connectivity, you can’t enjoy 4K quality videos streaming on TV. Also, you need good hardware that meets the needs. Below are some must have requirements.

  • To run 4K contents, you Televisions must be capable of running 4K.
  • High-speed Internet connectivity is another must have the thing for 4K content playing.
  • For High dynamic range (HDR) quality content plays you will need a TV that plays HDR videos.


Setting up chromecast is very easy just follow the steps, within few minutes of time you can enjoy live casting on your PC.

How to Connect Laptop to TV using Chromecast?

  • First of all, plug in your chromecast to your Tv, and after that connect the USB power cable given in the chromecast box.
  • Set up your Wi-Fi network to your laptop and turn it on.
  • Now, connect your TV with your laptop Wi-Fi network.
  • After that download Google home app.
  • Now set up your chromecast by following these steps.
  • It’s almost done. Now, start casting the contents from laptop to TV.

Connect your laptop to TV wirelessly using WiDi (Intel Wireless Display)

Now latest Windows laptops used to have installed WiDi inbuilt. If your laptop doesn’t have WiDi, you can install it. This technology is developed by Intel, which let you stream music, videos, movies, photos, videos, apps wirelessly. But, your laptop and TV must be compatible to enjoy this feature.

Laptop recruitments for WiDi

  • The laptop must have operating system Windows 7 or above version of windows.
  • Must have Intel dual band wireless or Tri-band wireless.
  • Must have above 4th generation Intel processor.

How to set up WiDi?

  • First, update your Intel wireless display, so that you can avail the latest features.
  • Open Widi on your laptop and turn it on.
  • Now, put your Tv on screen monitoring mode.
  • After that scan for wireless display in your laptop, you would find a wireless network of your TV.
  • Now click to connect and select the TV model and device types.
  • Once these are connected one PIN code will display on your TV, and put the same PIN code into your laptop.
  • Now, click to the next and you are set to enjoy laptop on TV.



This is how you can connect your laptop to TV. However, still things need to get better and comfortable, still, you can enjoy high-quality videos, movies, TV shows, the internet, youtube and much more fun on TV using your laptop. This is real fun to enjoy laptop screen on large screen TV.

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