How to Delete Paytm Account Easily?

delete paytm account

Facing problem in deleting Paytm account? Or you don’t know how to delete Paytm account? or How to block paytm account?, You might be tired of searching for deleting your account option but finding no such option. As there is no direct option to delete your Paytm account, Paytm users often face a problem with it. Today I come up with an absolute solution for this. In this tutorial you will find, step by step guide to delete your Paytm account.

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Paytm is not just now a recharge app,  now paytm becomes Indian’s largest payment gateways within last few months after demonetization in India. And, you will find everywhere Paytm wallet is accepted, including offline and online both. This is why most of us, started using Paytm. But, you might don’t want to continue with Paytm, and want to delete your Paytm account permanently. So, follow this article and delete your Paytm account easily.

How to Delete Paytm Account?

As I told you earlier, there is no direct option to delete Paytm account. Follow the methods that I am going to mention here.

Delete Paytm Account Sending An Mail

Send a mail to the Paytm customer care mail id that is, with the request to deactivate your Paytm account. Within two days, you will get a response from the Paytm team, and your account will be deleted after some formal procedure. Remember to mention your Paytm number, and mail id using which you have registered on Paytm.

Here is one sample mail that you can use


Subject: Deactivate my Paytm account

Dear Paytm Support team,

I have an account on Paytm with the mobile number:xxxxxxxx(give your mobile number), and mail id- xxxxx(give registered mail id), now I am not using it anymore. So, requesting you to kindly delete my account.


Your name

Ask Your Bank

If you find any specious activity, like some else, is using your Paytm account, then you can directly inform your bank about it. As it’s about your money safety, don’t hesitate to consult with your bank. And, once they receive your request, bank with taking action immediately so that no one can make any transaction using your Paytm account. You can follow any ways to contact your bank, use mail, call customer support, or visit your bank branch to notify it.

Or Uninstall the Paytm App

Now, if you want to get rid of it instantly then you can uninstall the Paytm app from your device. However, this won’t delete your account, it only will delete the app from your mobile. Fact is, Paytm has no option to delete the account permanently. So, if you uninstall the app it will only get deleted from your device, but the account will still remain active. When you reinstall Paytm again, the account will activate again.

Final Words

So, these are the 3 methods that you can apply to delete your Paytm account. Hopefully, later on, Paytm will have delete option inbuilt in their app for better user experiences. Till that you can follow the above ways to delete your Paytm account. If its very urgent because of some unwanted activities notified on your Paytm account, I prefer to contact your bank and deactivate all transactions first. Hope this article helps you to figure out a solution for this problem.

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