How to Download and Play Pokemon Go [Guide]

Pokemon Go is a location based, reality type game, which you can play for free. Niantic is the developer and publisher of this game. This game was released back in 6th July of 2016. You need to turn on your location to play this game. This game is a joint venture of Niantic a Nintendo.  The game includes locating, capturing, training, and battling the imaginary creatures namely Pokemon.

This game got mixed reviews. Some people praise the game for its unique idea and physical activity, while others criticized it for technical bugs and risks associate with it. This game became popular worldwide in a very short time. After launching of this game the share price of Niantic raised by 10%. According to the developers the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times. In this article I will tell you about how download pokemon go, play, features, pros and cons of pokemon go.

Features of Pokemon Go

  1. Location based game
  2. Free to play
  3. Physical involvement
  4. Available in most of the countries
  5. Internet is always need
  6. You need to find out, captured and train the pokemons.
  7. A mixture of physical and virtual world.
  8. You can play it on both android and ios devices.

How to download and install Pokemon Go

For Android users, If it is available in play store in your country, Then simply go to play store, tab on the search bar, type “Pokemon Go” , Then click on the install option and simply allow the following steps. 

Now if the game is not available in play store then follow the steps bellow-

  1. Go to internet and download Pokemon Go apk.
  2. Go to phone setting
  3. Open privacy/security
  4. Click on unknown sources
  5. Allow installing unknown sources
  6. Go to phone storage
  7. Find out the Pokemon go apk 
  8. And install it by allowing all steps arise on your screen.

Ios users can found it on apps store. By simple general steps you can install it on your ios device.

How to play Pokemon go

After installing the game you have to make a gamer account. Then a character will appear on your screen which will represent you in the game. A map will establish based on your location. You have step to outside to play the game, it may be dangerous for Indian roads. They will provide you poke ball, which you have to through during catching a pokemon. For information of your character you have to tap on the character icon.

When you move in the real world your character will move in the virtual world. Different type of pokemons is found in different places. At the time of battle a battle ground will arise. Another part is that you cannot battle with your friends. There is an interesting part called raid battle.

Where some players gathers, the place is called pokemon gym, here the players have to defend the pokemons. If they are able to defend the pokemon then they will get the regular version of it. The players also get points and poke ball based on the time that they can defend their pokemon.

The new moves added in the latest  version

 The latest version of this game is new version. It included seven new moves –

  1. Psycho boost
  2. Doom dance
  3. Surf
  4. Draco meteor
  5. Yawn(fast)
  6. Takedown (fast)
  7. waterfall(fast)

This new moves are called generation III moves

This update also brings other changes as-

  • Relevant memory organization
  • Better animation
  • Betterment of other textures.


  1. It is totally free
  2. You will meet new people while playing this game
  3. It includes physical activities
  4. This game is simple and easy to play
  5. You will explore new areas
  6. Pokemon gym, which will establish a team spirit.


  1. Time consuming
  2. It may lead to an accident
  3. Sometimes player reached to some inappropriate places
  4. Sometimes it may lead to crimes
  5. Some features need money to get unlocked
  6. Meeting new people and sharing your information with them is not always good

Some tips from our side

  • Try not to play in night
  • Do not go to someone’s private place
  • Try to play with your friends and known persons
  • Do not play on roads
  • Do not forget to limit the firm hold and screen time

Our verdict

Well, I hope I have included all the information about the Pokemon go apk, i.e. how to download, play, features, pros and cons of pokemon go. We hope that you will love to play this game for its unique features. As this game mixes up the real and virtual world, and also combines physical and social activities, it is a full packed game. Though some risks are also associated with it, but you could take a chance to play this game for a totally new experience.

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