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Now a day we all use smartphones and pc for our various works. In every smartphone, there is Google play store like as an android apps market. Now we can use play store in our pc too. The question is arise, how to download Google play store for pc? So, this article is based upon downloading and installing play store on the pc.

Google is now just like a mentor of everything, you just type what you need and Google gives you the answer. For your easy handling Google invent app store or app market called as Google Play store, where you can find very interesting gaming apps, social media apps, marketing apps etc. Now you can find play store as Google Play store for all windows pc version, Google playstore to download for Mac pc, Google play store to download for Linux pc, Google play store download for blackberry and at last Google Play store to download for Android.

download google playstore on PC

Google play store is having plenty of apps, music, movies, record, books, magazines, periodicals etc. at an instance Google takes on 2 million apps and has 70 billion downloads. You have used Google play store in your android phones, now using it in your PC for increase your screen time leading, visual comfortably, big screen, and various health problems. Now you can download Google play store for PC following below procedure.

Download Google play store for PC

From the beginning of play store, you did not install it on your pc. The android apk did not support windows or mac platform pc. These support only .exe files. For that reason, we need android copycat software for the installation process. This copycat software helps you to perform the android apps on your pc.

Blue Stack is Android copycat software; by using it we can run Android apps on our pc and also Google play store too. For installing any android apps in our pc Firstly we need to install blue stack on the pc. It is the very easy process to install blue stack on pc. You just go to the main official site of the blue stack and from there you can download its latest version.

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How to install Google play store for PC?

Finished up of your downloading blue stack, now you can go for further delay. Bluestack is popular copycat software of android ask. It is so simple to use. After installing blue stack you can enjoy Android facility on your pc like as your android phone. Look at below for installation of bluestack

  • Double click or right click on the mouse to run the blue stack file on pc.
  • You see a small window showing extracting the file.
  • Extracting is completed. Then you see a welcome window. You just click on the proceed.
  • Next window comes on you as a location page. Click ‘next’.
  • Now you can see a window comes with main features. Click ‘install’.

  • Installation is undergoing. It includes four steps. For its whole process, less than five minutes needed.
  • Installation is over, just click ‘Finish’. It’s open automatically.

The blue stack is open up in front of your eyes. Now you are very near to catch up the android apps on your pc, laptops. When you open the blue stack you see some startup tips, by clicking got it you ignore this.

In the blue stack apps, you can find title bar which separates every application. As well as you can find the sidebar which has many single characteristics.

You can also search what you need to install on the pc by typing into the search bar. When you type some apps and click the search option you will get notified about to complete one-time setup that comprises enable app store, setup blue stack account, and enables app sync. Click on the continue.

Now you sign up to your Google account by giving your email id and password for further delay. For terms and condition, snap ‘ok’. Then click the symbol similar to play symbol in music player that turns you to further step. Enable app store is now fished up.

Now you can sign into finish up your step ‘setup blue stack account’.

Now snap on continue to complete the step ‘enable app sync’.

Then snap on ‘let’s go’ to proceed to the play store.

Now Android app store is opening in front of you. You can see lots of apps. Enjoy the Android apps market. You can choose your apps typing on the search bar. Now you can install android apps on your pc.

For showing various categories like entertainment, movies, books, newsstand, account, redeem, wishlist, etc. you have to do ctrl+right snap, it expands the left bar.

Few unruffled features of Google play store that you can use on PC

  • You have the facility to copy the apps from your pc to the blue stacks from the copy option. Copy option is in the left bar. Monitored by copy, paste option.
  • In the blue stack, you have a definitive option called as the shake.
  • In the top right corner of the window, you see the setting menu option that stocks all your app setting between your phone and the pc. This is calm right!

Final words

As a final point, you can get the procedure of download Google play store for the pc. By using blue stack copycat software of android you can download and install Google play store app on Pcs/Laptops. Now just open the bluestack and using the android apps market unlimited not for once for the lifetime. For a bluestack app, you don’t need to buy an Android phone, you can enjoy the android features at your pc. Using this also you can download other apps like xender, line, Flipkart, and more.

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