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Download WifiKill APK,  and it let you use high speed internet by disconnecting others from the same wifi network, in other words, you can hack a wifi network without leaving your footprint. Sounds cool right?. So, when you are selfish about getting high internet speed, and others are busy for same. You can shut down other wifi users using WifiKill. All you need to download latest WifiKill APK version, and install in on your device and start getting high speed internet by disconnecting others connections.

In this post we will cover everything that you need to know about Wifikill, also will walk you through how to download and install WifiKill on your smartphone, and PC and more.

What is WifiKill App?

Wifikill is an android application for smartphones, tablets, and works on all Android devices as well as on PC (using android emulators) to disable others users on the same Wifi networks and increase the internet speed. Moreover, it’s a wifi hacking apps that help users to find better internet speed by disconnecting others peoples from the common Wifi networks. It happens with most of us when we want to download some internet files, and internet speed becomes suddenly slow. WifiKill is a very useful application in that case. This is disallowed others peoples to join the Wifi networks and helps you to get full internet speed.

General Features of WifiKill

  • It shows a statistic of traffic consumption by the device in real time.
  • Wifikill hacks and shows the sites visited by the users.
  • Clearly shows the network name on the device that you are connected.
  • Also, enclosed the total number of bytes transferred by the snatched device.
  • Highly capable of disabling the internet connections of the device connected to the same Wifi networks.
  • It supports on Android tablets, and smartphones, also by using android emulators you can use it on PC as well.
  • It supports all latest android versions 4.0 and above.

WifiKill App Features for Android Devices

  • You can see and manage the whole wifi network.
  • Also, you can see the device name list which is connected to the same network.
  • It shows the data transfer rate and amount of data are transferred.
  • The application is easy to use and comes with a very user-friendly interface.

New Features on Latest WifiKill APK Version

  • One can gather different useful information from the device connected to the same wifi network.
  • Shows internet usages by the device.
  • Latest version works smoothly on android, tablet, and pc.
  • Supports all devices above android 4.0

How Exactly Wifikill Hack Into Wifi Network?

After the successful download of WifiKill Apk and installing it on your device. Your mobile act as Wifi router to the network you are connected. And, it gives you all the power that the admin of wifi router has. This is how, you can modify, and delete the users connected to the same wifi networks. Moreover, when you cut others users connections, you can grab the highest bandwidth speed. This application unblocks everything of the wifi networks that you are on right now and hack into it easily.

Download WifiKill Pro Apk Latest Version

D:\download\download wifikill apk.jpg

Here you will find latest APK version of WifiKill wifi networks killing apps. This is last updated latest version of this app, you can download it easily by clicking the link below. But, before that, have a look into this version info.

Version Info

App Name WifiKill Pro
Last Update 9 Dec 2017
App Version 1.1.2
App Size 10.3 MB
Downloads 50,000+
Compatibility Android 4.0 and above
Developer Technokits
Main Task Hacking Wifi

Download WifiKill APK Latest Version

How To Install Wifikill Apk On Android?

Follow the steps to download and install wifikill pro apk on your Android smartphones and tablets.

  • First of all, download WifiKill APK from the link above.
  • Allow unknown source to install on your device, and it will start installing.
  • Then it will ask for root access, give your root access.
  • That’s it, you are ready to use WifiKill.

How to Use WifiKill APK?

  • Once the installation is completed, open it.
  • Scan for a connected device that is connected to the same Wifi.
  • It will display a list of devices that are connected.
  • Now, select the device that you want to cut the connections.
  • After that, click on kill button.
  • Now if you want to disconnect all devices, click on kill all.
  • Or you can click on “grab all” to grab all the bandwidth.

How To Download and Install WifiKill APK For PC?

Yes, you can use WifiKill on your PC too. But, there is no official version is available for PC, so you need to access this app through an android emulator on your PC. Here is how you can do this.

  • First of all, download and save WifiKill APK from the above link.
  • Then download and install Bluestack latest version.
  • Now, click on the WifiKill APK file to start the installation.

WifiKill Alternatives

If wifikill is working on your device, or you just don’t want to root your device. Then you going with apps similar to Wifikill is a good option for you. Below we have given some best apps like WifiKill.


  • Why is WifiKill not working? 

Many users are facing this problem Wifikill is not working, mostly this problem occurs if your device is not rooted properly, please check your rooting status using root checker app and re-root your device if needed.

  • How to Protech My Device From Other’s WifiKill?

You can use wifi protector apps such as Wifi APR guard, which will not let other to hack your own wifi network.

  • Is WifiKill Illegal to use? 

The app is not illegal to use, but you should use it for good uses. Using this app with bad intention might be risky for you.

  • Can Wifikill be detected? 

Yes, it can be detected using some tricks. But, normal users don’t get any notification of tracking WifiKill for disconnecting wifi networks. However,  there are many tricks available to detect WifiKill.

  • Is Wifikill available on MacBook?

Yes, you can use Wifikill on MacBook. However, it’s not officially available for Mac users, but using android emulators one can use it on MacBook.

  • Is Rooting Necessary to use Wifikill? 

Yes, now there is no other option to use without rooting your device. There is only rooting access available, but you can try other WifiKill Alternatives to use without rooting.

Wrapping Up

Following the above process easily you can download and install WifiKill APK on Android and On PC. However, this app is highly capable to hack wifi networks using a smartphone, we recommend to use it wisely, only when its necessary to use. Don’t interrupt any important wifi networks like office work for fun. Enjoy and have fun using WifiKill.


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