ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites List {100% Working}

Extratorrent Proxies

After the blockage of torrent sites like ExtraTorrent, downloading movies, software, games, and others have become costlier. Even finding the latest and upgraded things on the web has also become tougher. But the only possible ways that can solve the problem are ExtraTorrent proxy sites. The proxy sites of ExtraTorrent can give the users access to search and download all the BitTorrents available on the site. So if you are looking for the same, then you must read the whole article.

Because in this article, we have listed out the top 2019 updated list of ExtraTorrent proxy. All these websites are genuine and active to date. So browsing to those sites can give you full access to download whatever you want. Along with the list, we have provided a brief description of ExtraTorrent and the cautions that you must have during browsing and downloading extratorrents dubbed movies and other BitTorrents from the site. So read the article top to bottom carefully.

What is ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, KickAss, LimeTorrent, 1337x, Torrentz, Torrentz2. It uses to provide Torrent files and magnet links for the users to download the latest movies, games, software and whatever they want. And all the stuff available on the site is for absolutely free.

As a result, millions of users from all around the world have switched to Torrent sites to download BitTorrents.

Why ExtraTorrent Gets Banned?

All the torrent sites like ExtraTorrent use to provide latest movies, latest games, upgraded software and others without the consent of the producers or authorities. As a result, due to the copyright act of products/ items, most of the countries are restricting Torrent sites to provide a fair business opportunity to the producers. Now worldwide access to the torrent sites is not possible. But, using the extratorrent proxies one can be unblocked extratorrent and access the contents easily.

Possible ways to Browse and Download from ExtraTorrents

After the restrictions, browsing to the ExtraTorrent files and downloading them is possible. There are two different tricks available for that.  One of the possible] ways is proxy and mirror sites and other is VPN service. Let’s go through an in-depth discussion of both the ways.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites List 2019 – 100% Working

Extratorrent Proxy

There are thousands of proxy sites available on the internet that uses to browse and provide all the items of extratorrent. But here we have listed out the best  Extratorrent proxies that are active and fast-accessible.

So the updated list for extratorrent proxy and mirror sites is here.

  • https://sitenable.pw/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLnB3&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://siteget.net/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZWdldC5uZXQ=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://sitenable.info/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmluZm8=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://freeanimesonline.com/proxify.php?proxy=ZnJlZWFuaW1lc29ubGluZS5jb20=&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://sitenable.ch/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmNo&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://sitenable.co/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLmNv&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://freeproxy.io/proxify.php?proxy=ZnJlZXByb3h5Lmlv&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://filesdownloader.com/proxify.php?proxy=ZmlsZXNkb3dubG9hZGVyLmNvbQ==&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5zaQ== (Active and Working)
  • https://sitenable.asia/ (Active and Working)
  • https://sitenable.pw/proxify.php?proxy=c2l0ZW5hYmxlLnB3&site=aHR0cDovL2V4dHJhdG9ycmVudC5jYw== (Active and Working)
  • https://extra.cd/ (Active and Working)
  • https://extratorrents-cc.com/ (Active and Working)

Note: please copy the complete URL of above-mentioned websites links and paste in your browser to access extratorrent and bookmark this page to access all of these extratorrent proxy sites

We, smartwoop.com, don’t support any pirated sites, or proxy sites for browsing these pirated sites, this content is only for educational purpose, Please don’t use these proxy sites for downloading any commercial contents. This is only for educational purpose.

How to Use Proxy Sites to Browse and Download BitTorrent from ExtraTorrent?

Users who are using proxy and mirror sites for browsing and downloading BitTorrents from ExtraTorrent needs not to do much. No need to bypass the restrictions or change the IP address or nothing. Proxy sites can provide direct access to all the contents of the ExtraTorrent. But all proxy sites may not open at all locations. In such a situation, try out other proxy sites from the list.

VPN Service

VPN service uses to provide the users an encrypted connection to the users from different servers located in different locations including outside the restricted region or countries. Then the users can get access to torrent sites like the extratorrents. There are many free and premium VPN service providers are available worldwide. Users can search for them on Google too.


Proxy sites of Torrent sites can also be banned by governments anytime and browsing to such is illegal. So users are suggested to stop browsing to banned websites by Governments. Such websites show warnings or alerts while browsing.

Final Words

Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites are the easily available way for searching and downloading BitTorrents from ExtraTorrent. But all the proxy sites will not be accessible worldwide. So try out all the proxy sites one by one and bookmark the suitable one for your region for future use.

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