File Recovery from Undetected Hard Drive

It is not uncommon that you may face a problem where your hard drive is not detected by Windows or Mac computers. At times, it happens that the external hard drive is plugged in the system as usual, but there is no pop up on the screen. In such a case, you won’t be able to access the data stored on the hard drive.

As scary as it may sound, you do not have to worry about it because it is totally fixable. You just have to figure out the root cause of this problem and then walk ahead towards the most suitable solution. There are numerous possible reasons for the problem, varying from the cable to the system itself.

Reasons for Undetected Hard Drive

  1. USB Port: Many a time, you don’t realize but the USB port that supports building a connection between the hard drive and the system, gets damaged.
  2. USB Cable: People usually miss this point but sometimes the entire problem lies in an impaired USB cable. The wrecked cable breaks the connection which in result doesn’t let you access the hard drive.
  3. Corrupt/ Outdated Device Driver: A hardware driver, commonly known as a driver, is responsible for communication between the system and the hard drive. With a corrupt or outdated driver, it is not possible to access data on the hard drive.
  4. Issue in Partitioning: Slicing more than one region of the hard drive on the secondary storage is called Disk Partitioning. Sometimes, the problem arises due to incorrect partitioning of the disk and you may fail to access the data on it.
  5. Refusal: Sometimes, the Windows refuses to acknowledge the hard drive even after validating the connectivity of the hard drive with the system.
  6. Dead Hard Drive: One of the main reasons for an undetected hard drive is that the hard drive itself is dead. In that case, you will not be able to detect it in any system around you.

Solutions to recover data –

First and foremost, you should try changing the USB port, followed by changing the USB cable itself. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may go forward to re-install the device driver to fix any communication gap between the hard drive and the system. You may also troubleshoot to get some help from the system to proceed further. But if it is still unfixed and is getting on your nerves, do not hassle and simply approach one of India’s best data recovery companies – Stellar, which makes file recovery easy for you.

Stellar’s skilled technicians, with the help of advanced proprietary tools, can recover up to 100% data from undetected hard drive. They guarantee you the utmost privacy you deserve, along with the excellent customer support. They make sure that no one enters the lab except the technical experts and the first person to see the extracted data is you. Stellar is among the few data recovery companies which have class 100 clean rooms. Stellar Data Recovery India has proven to be successful in terms of data recovery from the past 26+ years.


That being said, to keep your hard drives safe and sound, you can make sure that your device driver is up-to-date and not corrupted. Along with this, troubleshooting is one of the great ways to keep things in check.

To prevent data loss from the hard drive, you are suggested to keep at least two copies of your data so that you are always backed up. Besides, it is highly important to keep your hard drive with the most possible care you can give. Never carry it without a case or let it fall out of your hands.

When I am saying ‘losing,’ trust me I don’t mean it because any lost data could be recovered with just a little effort. All you have to do is not do anything to the hard drive and approach a professional data recovery service provider such as Stellar. They will recover your lost data in as minimum time as possible with the excellent expertise they possess.


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