Is Fitbit Charge 2 Waterproof or Not? Can It Survive Underwater?

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Fitbit Charge 2 is a fitness tracker wristband which tracks heart rate, steps taken, every activity, sleep, exercises, calorie burns and displays it to the user with an OLED display on offer. Charge 2 helps you to stay fit and active throughout the day by calculating your each and every activity and it also encourages to take 250 steps per hour. But, is Fitbit charge 2 waterproof? can it survive underwater? how long? or just like Iphone 8, its also water resistance but nor waterproof?  , In this post, you’re going to find all you’re answers. Keep reading..

It consists of a GPS navigation system which shows the route covered, the time taken to cover the route and other important health measures covered during this route. One can stay fit easily using this product, which is very helpful in tracking down daily possible activities of a person including his sleep time duration and waking up with a silent alarm.

A lot of sportspersons prefer swimming a lot. It is a very good exercise to stay active. Hence they prefer a fitness tracker which should be waterproof.

Is Fitbit Charge 2 Waterproof?

image source: Cnet

Most of the Fitbit trackers and watches are waterproof but unfortunately Charge 2 is only water resistant which is not waterproof completely.

Charge 2 can withstand splashes or rain to a certain extent but it does not make it eligible for a shower or go swimming. Fitbit introduced the device not for the swimmers but for those who work out on a daily basis and sweats out a lot.

But the customers around the world were in a need of a reliable and waterproof tracker and Fitbit did their best to serve their consumers by providing a sweat, rain, and splash proof device in the name of Charge 2. However, Charge 2 is waterproof up to a depth of 30 meters underwater with a 1-year warranty by water.

Fitbit claims the tracker to be non -waterproof and does not encourage to take any shower or go swimming with the device. If it’s done, it can damage the device and one can void the warranty of the device. The company will not take any responsibility for the device then.

According to us, a tracker must be able to withstand every possible situation it should be thrown at without any issues and hurdles. It should be well built and should bear good overall protection from wear and tear and most importantly waterproof.

Fitbit Charge 2 is a very good reliable product from Fitbit and is available at a very reasonable price globally which attracts a lot of consumers towards it. But the main drawback is being not waterproof.

Fitbit Charge 2 is generally developed for those who are looking for a smart companion which can track down their daily activity without being much of a headache to use and should be simple enough for anyone to use it on the go.

But there are some third-party developers who claim to provide the device with being waterproof. Waterfi and Underwater audio are some of the few names which provide even warranty over the device if any issues persist or damage being done.

Go and grab one! But if you really want the device to be waterproofed, you can look out for the third party providers.

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