Flintobox vs Einstein Box: Which Educational Subscription Box is Right for Your Child?

Flintobox and Einstein Box are two educational subscription boxes for children. Both boxes are designed to help children learn and explore new concepts through hands-on activities and experiments. However, there are a few differences between the two.

Flintobox is targeted towards children between the ages of 2 and 12, and is focused on providing age-appropriate activities that help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It offers a variety of themes each month, including science, art, math, and more.

Einstein Box, on the other hand, is geared towards children between the ages of 3 and 8 and focuses on science and technology. Each box comes with a theme, such as robotics or engineering, and includes hands-on experiments and activities that help children learn about science and technology in a fun and interactive way.

Overall, both Flintobox and Einstein Box are great options for parents looking to provide their children with engaging and educational activities, but they may appeal to different age groups and have slightly different focuses.


Einstein Box

Flexible Pre-recorded videos

Storytelling sessions

Learning kit for higher engagement

Development tracker & Easy to use

Friendly Customer Support

Shipped to the doorstep every month

Focused on creative learning

Promote the love for books

IQ enhancing activities

Less digital compare to flintobox

Helps to learn good manners

Build good habits

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Flintobox Review

Every parent is not aware of the fact that most of the brain develops before the age of 8, and Flintobox has everything that you need to improve your child’s development. They ship a box of tools every month to your doorstep. It contains 3-5 activities, playing tools, educational games, etc. Flintobox avails these tools on a subscription.

Each of the boxes carries an interesting theme attractive to the kids. The themes are such as Animals, Plants, transport, buildings, and many more. These themes are made to teach the children relevant concepts in a fun way. The themes keep the kids occupied and improve the focus and attention of the little ones.

As an example:

The animal theme features; There is a mighty animal kingdom waits for your toddler. In this Amazing Animals toolbox, you will have exciting activities to teach your kids about animals. Your toddler will familiarize to a world of new creatures and get informed in a web of fun learning. So practice your roars and meows and hop in for a jolly animal adventure.

They have more upcoming themes like Magical Insects, Undersea Adventure, Beautiful Birds, and Healthy Habits etc. For more details about flintobox, you can check my flintobox review article.

Einstein Review


Another one of the top early learning program providers in India. Helping your kids to learn and grow. Toddlers are always full of curiosity, and that curiosity leads them to ask so many questions. Einstein box helps them find all their answers through different educational games. Einstein comes with 3 & 6-month subscriptions. Choose your subscription and bring home amazing learning programs for your child.

  • AMAZING LEARNING SET FOR 2-YEAR-OLD BOYS & GIRLS: (1) PREMIUM BOARD BOOKS: 2 tear-resistant books that teach babies good manners, alphabets, numbers, colors & more. (2) BRAIN BOOSTERS FLASHCARDS: These cards reinforce concepts of colors, sounds, numbers, & alphabets. (3) WHERE'S BABY GAME: This game develops your 2-year-old’s logical thinking via its fun and interactive matching game concept.
  • (4) REWARD CHART- This chart will help your child take the first step towards learning good manners, by motivating them to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. (5) MY FIRST STICKER CRAFT SET: We know that 2-year-olds love stickers! So, develop your child’s creativity with this mess-free craft set. The bases can then be used to decorate your child’s room.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR 2-YEAR-OLDS: This beautifully designed and packaged gift of learning would be loved by both boys & girls. The books & toys inside are age-appropriate. Not only is EINSTEIN BOX educational, but it is also great fun. It provides for hours of screen-free time.
  • THIS TODDLER TOY DEVELOPS CREATIVITY, MEMORY, LANGUAGE & MORE: The activities are designed to help girls & boys of 2 years learn and develop better. The sticker craft develops imagination and creativity. The games help brain development and improve memory. The books, reward chart and flashcards develop vocabulary and language skills.
  • CHILD SAFE, DESIGNED BY PARENTS: EINSTEIN BOX has been designed by parents. No wonder, each item in the box is of great quality. (1) The board books and where's baby game pieces are made of extra-thick cardboard, have rounded edges, and have an easy to maintain wipe-clean surface. (2) The flashcards, sticker craft set & reward chart are made of thick laminated paper.
  • 5 AMAZING LEARNING TOYS FOR BOYS/GIRLS 4,5, & 6 YEARS: (1) Science Experiment kit & Manual (2) Wipe-clean Spelling book (3) Spelling Puzzle (4) Children’s Atlas sticker book (5) People of the World Matching Game
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS 4 TO 6 YEARS: This beautifully designed and packaged gift of learning would be loved by both baby boys & girls. It has age-appropriate books and toys for 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds.
  • DEVELOPS LOGIC, LANGUAGE, A LOVE FOR SCIENCE & MORE: The Spelling puzzle & Workbook develops language & logic. The Atlas & Memory game helps brain development and helps kids to learn about the world around them. The Science kit develops curiosity and builds a love for science.
  • CHILD SAFE, DESIGNED BY PARENTS: (1) The puzzles & memory game pieces are made of extra thick cardboard, have rounded edges and have an easy to maintain wipe-clean surface. (2) Books are made of thick laminated pages. (3) The chemicals in the science kit are non-toxic and child safe.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA: Einstein Box is India's #1 Early Learning Box. Designed and Manufactured in India and loved and trusted by thousands of parents and kids. Just appropriate books kids toys for boys 6 years toys for 5 years old boy puzzle 5 year old toys for 4 year old boy baby toys for 4 year old boy and
  • A SCIENCE KIT THAT HAS EVERYTHING - 100 Experiments with easy-to-follow instructions & video guides. Your kids will have hours of fun exploring this kit, just like a real scientist in a lab!
  • KID FRIENDLY - The detailed manual will teach your kid to complete the science experiments with step-by-step instructions. Each experiment is easy to conduct and a whole lot of fun! Just follow the simple, illustrated instructions, and start creating & learning! You can even download the instruction manual from the given link in the product description.
  • EASY TO USE - We deliberately put the chemical materials in separate leak-proof bottles. Kids can easily perform the experiments multiple times without creating mess!
  • COMPLETELY SAFE - This kit meets all the U.S safety standards of ASTM F963-17. It’s a perfect gift for kids aged 8 and above! This kit will be loved both by kids and parents.
  • This set is designed as the perfect gift for 4-6 year olds
  • A gift of learning - it will surely be the favourite gift of children and parents alike
  • The complete set has 6 books and exciting learning games and toys.
  • This set of 3 boxes from Einstein Box is appropriate for 4 year old boys and girls, 5 year old boys and girls and 5 year old boys and girls
  • 👉 ACTIVITIES THAT DEVELOP CREATIVITY, MEMORY, LANGUAGE & MORE: The activities help 1-year-olds learn and develop better. The books, rhyme cards and flashcards build vocabulary and language skills. The farm animal masks develop imagination and creativity. The 'Who's in the House?' game supports brain development and improves memory.

The boxes bring IQ enhancing games, puzzles, books, quizzes for the toddlers. Each box contains 2 books and 3 learning activities. Every month there is a new theme for them to keep the interest and joy of learning. There are different themes for different-aged kids. The books, puzzles, and activities will occupy them and make them learn everything in a fun way.

Which one is better?


Both of the products are good and helpful to our kids. But there are some differences between them. Flintobox makes boxes for 15 months+ toddlers but Einstein box makes boxes for 1-year toddlers also. They both have subscriptions of 3 months and 6 months.

Flintobox gives you 5 activity bags and 1 broad book in each box. There are transport, bugs, sea/water, animals, and many other themes so far. It’s amazing how they come up with this stuff! And the quality of each activity is far above your expectations. The study, the colors are bright, the fonts, and the print quality is very impressive.

The Einstein box provides you 3 activity bags and 2 books. We all know that kids love activities more than reading. Though the qualities of the books are quite good, we cannot deny the importance of activity bags.

Flintobox has more payment options, gives a huge discount on every purchase, ships your box as soon as you order and reaches you within 3 days. Flintobox also provides a 100% refund if you don’t like the products, and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want to.

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Flintobox Einstein Box
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Final words

Comparing these two products I found them both worthy and profitable for your child. But in the run of the competition, Flintobox runs a bit faster and stays ahead. Flintobox provides more options for every angle; the product quality is battered than Einstein also. So, I recommend Flintobox for your toddlers to teach them and help in their development.


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