FlintoBox Vs Magic Crate : Which is Better Learning Kit?

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Hello readers, today we are going to write our comparative studies on Flintobox Vs Magic Crate because nowadays a lot of parents are worried about their kids and a little confused too that which kid’s learning kit should they choose for their kids. After all, today there are a lot of providers available and all of them claim to be the best kids’ learning kit providers with the best services and plans.

That is why, we have researched the top two kids learning kit providers i.e. Flintobox and Magic Crate depending on their kits providing for learning kids, services, and plans which you should read for your kids.

Flintobox Vs Magic Crate

Before starting, I make it clear that I am not giving you the option to choose the best. I just researched and analyzed that both of them have various interesting kits and services of course, which have placed both of them on top. So here I have just shared what I have found about them and then the choice is yours. Let’s get started.

Flintobox Magic Crate

Dedicated R & D Center
Activities from 2 years to 12 years
Made with kids friendly materials
Highly Engaging
1000 Hours of Testing
High replay value
Designed for both left and right-handed
Good customer support
On-time delivery
Dedicated R & D Center
Activities from 2 years to 12+ years
Interactive sessions
Good Engaging
Super customer support
Regular fun quizzes
Skill improvement sessions
Our Rating: 4.8/5 Our Rating: 4.5/5
Check Price Check Price

About Flintobox

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Flintobox is one of the best Kids’ Learning Kit providers which help in today’s world for taking care of kids by their various entertaining but learning kits which help to stop the smartphone addiction or TV addiction of kids, improve their attention span, and provide the right learning tools. You can check out the flintobox review for a better understanding of their different kit box.

How does Flintobox Work?

Flintobox offers various toys, colorful objects, puzzles, and lots more every month for different activities for all age groups starting from 2 years to 12 years and all the activities are as per the need of the ages which help to keep the kids away from TVs or smartphones and engage them to play and to learn the various thing they should learn. For example, a kid of 2 years should learn to pull or push or to kick, so Flintobox offers colorful toys like football and others which will help the kid to learn the above in a gaming way.

The most important thing is that Flintobox offers kits that are not at all harmful to the kids. All the kits are tested by experts.

Flintobox Themes

There are a lot of Flintobox themes available for different age groups as per their need which will help them to learn the right thing. Themes related to colors, nature, animals, birds, science fiction, Jungle, Marine science, moral teachings, and lots more.

Flintobox video

About Magic Crate

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The magic crate is another top kids’ learning kits provider that offers different home-based practical learning activity tools for various age groups so that they can gain interests in physical activities rather than Video games only.

How does Magic Crate work?

Magic Crate offers boxes of toys and other engaging substances which enhance the kids thinking capacity and practical knowledge interestingly and engagingly. There are different types of boxes for different age groups starting from 1½ years to 12 years. The products not only keep the kids engaged with them but also facilitate the kids’ skill development.

Magic Crate Themes

Unlike others, Magic Crate themes are designed and developed for the overall growth of kids including their mental and physical. They provide various toys, items, colorful objects that will let the kids act and think about various aspects related to Alphabets, family, nature, animal, science facts, math, motor skills, the way of expression, art, seasons, and seasonal changes, etc. In short, Magic Crate introduces the colorful world to the kids with their variety of objects and helps to increase curiosity in them to learn more.

Magic Crate Video


So this is it, you have got an overview and idea about which one is better for your kids. I have given a summarized description of both the kid learning kit providers so that you can have an idea about them. Both have various plans and several payment options for you. So go to their sites and choose the best plan for you as per your kids’ age and your budget. Their online support team is also very active and helpful which you can try if there is any query for getting more information.

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