5 Websites to Find Free Images for Blog

When I have started my blog, the main source that I use to find free images online is from Google image search, I had no idea about copyright issues and all. Then suddenly one day I got a call from an e-commerce company saying that I have taken their copyrighted images without permission. And, this is how I came to know about the problem with copyright images. So, if you have also faced a similar problem or you don’t want to get issues with copyright images, then here I will show you some genuine sources from downloading free images online for your blogs.

free image source for blog

And, still I use Google for my blog images, but now there is a twist in the story, I will tell later how I do this. First, check out these 5 sources to use free images for blogs.

  1. Pixabay

After that copyright problem, I somehow get to know about Pixabay, and since then I am using Pixabay for free images, however for paid images I use different sources. Pixabay has great collections of free images that anyone can use for their blogs for free. For some images, they also mention that you don’t even need to add caption credit to Pixabay for using the images to your blog. You can find different genres of images and all are free to download. And not just images you could find the video to for free. Best thing I like about this website is their filtering process that helps to find the exact images that you are looking for. My personal experiences with Pixabay are great, still this date I face no problem for using images from Pixabay.

  1. Flickr

Flickr is another good source of free images online. You can search images which are allowed for commercial uses like on blogs. You will see some good collections of free images there allowed for free use on blog, however not all images are free to use. So, be very careful and always use the filter to search commercially use images only. Flickr is getting very popular these days with more than 110millions visitors per month. Like Pixabay Flickr also offer different helpful filters that are very helpful to find perfect images. You can try this website when you stuck for getting any free images.

  1. Pexels

This website is an ultimate source of the free image, but they don’t have their images. Yes, they work like a search engine and find out the best free images that are available on the internet. They filter search from the different free image source and find the best result for given search. You can find creative and popular images that will take hours to search from other sources. This website makes it easy to find free images online. You should definitely try it. Because I know how heard it to find a perfect free image online. When I read their license policy , I found that you don’t need to link back to any sources for using any images from pexels, which is pretty cool. Also, you can contribute by uploading your image stock.

  1. Unsplash

This is another source of free images available online. After reading their license policy, I get to know that they also offer their images for free commercial use. But, if you want to give credit they don’t have any problem with it. Also, you can submit your photo to share with the world. They offer high-resolution images. You might not found everything here, but they have some creative photo’s collection that’s hard to find somewhere else. However, the best thing is, you will unsplash images on pexels also when you will search something pexels offer unsplash images for their users.

  1. Foodiesfeed

This is for my all lovely food blogger friends. Yes, they offer free commercial use photos but when I read their license I found that they appreciate the credit link back. Well, I think that should not be a problem for a delicious food photo. What do you think?. Here, you will discover amazing collections of only food photos that will bright up your blog posts. Food blog always need exciting photos to make their blog posts feel hungry. And, this source will definitely help to publish delicious foodie pictures.

Now’s it’s time to tell you how you can find free images from Google search. Search any keyword on the Google image search. Now, select the tools and from usage right section select the appropriate term that you want. just, that’s it. Now, Google will show you all free available images for that particular search. And, yes, you can embed those images on your website. However, I prefer using the above-mentioned websites from blog images.

find free images on google

Hope you find some valuable source to download and embed free images for your blog, or website. These all are 100% free to use, but still, I would recommend you to read their license policy once before you add any images to your blog.

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5 Websites to Find Free Images for Blog
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