Top 5 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone/iPad/IOS

popcornflix for iphone

Hello iOS users! are you looking for best free movie apps for iPhone??? Then I must tell you,  after reading this post, you will have all top best free movie apps for iPhone or better to say 5 best places to watch free movies on iPhone and I assure you that all the apps mentioned here are the best free movie download apps for phone and iPad which will allow you to download movies as well as to watch free streaming movies on iPhone.

So be with us, read the article, and own full access to watch free movies without downloading or after downloading them on your device storage. As you wish to plan and enjoy your pastimes.

Top 5 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone/iPad

There are a lot of free iPhone movie apps available which promise to provide access to watch free Hindi movies, new released Hollywood movies, popular English movies, and lots more. but a very few free movie streaming sites and apps fulfill the promises. And we have mentioned such best iPhone apps to stream movies for free. Have a look.

Crackle Movie & TV crackle for iphone.PNG


If you want to watch premium TV shows and Movies on your iPhone, then Crackle movies and TV is the best option because it provides a huge library of latest movies and premium tvs shows like Snatch, StartUp, SuperMansion, Joe Dirt 2, Beautiful Loser, and lots more. all the movies on crackle are categorized in various genres like drama, comedy, action, romantic, sci-fi, etc, so finding all your favorite movies on Crackle is very easy. Crackle is one of the best movie apps for iPhone like Showbox, that you can use to enjoy free movies.

And all the contents on Crackle are absolutely free for iPhone users. Just register for free, create your own wishlist of movies from different categories and watch them online from anywhere anytime. So why are you waiting for? Download crackle app for iPhone and watch HD movies for free.

It supports Apple TV too, which lets you watch movies on big screens. Users can browse to the spotlight channel for top recommendations by the team at Sony pictures studio in Hollywood.

Tubi TV



Tubi TV is one of the 5 best free movie apps for iPhone which provides amazing movies, TV shows, and thousands of videos from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, etc. It is also free and all the contents available on the app are legal, so no need to worry about that.

You just download the app and enjoy biggest stars, movies and TV shows, international hit and hidden gems from various categories including “not on Netflix”, “Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, etc, and from 40 different genres like comedy, drama, family & kids, classics, horror, anime, Korean dramas, etc. the best thing in Tubi TV is that it allows “pause & play” feature, it means you can watch all the content from where you left it before.

You can sync Tubi TV with Roku apple tv, Amazon fire tv, Xbox 360 (The US only), Samsung smart tv, etc and watch them on big screens.

Popcorn Flix

popcornflix for iphone


iPhone users who are very busy in their work and don’t like to go through the irritating search options, then you must give a try to Popcorn Flix because it has the simplest user interface with the easiest search options. All the contents are categorized in various genres and also with information including new released, most popular, etc.

It also allows the users to select all the movies you want to watch in a separate folder so that you can watch them later without searching them again. Not only these, if you have kids in your house and want to provide entertaining contents suitable for them, Popcorn Flix has Popcorn Flix for kids also which provides contents suitable for them. Isn’t it surpassing?

Popcorn Flix is compatible with Amazon Kindle, Roku, Samsung smart TV, etc to allow the users to enjoy movies family and friends.


Viewstar for iphone.PNG


Another best iPhone compatible movie app is Viewstar which provides latest movies, popular TV shows, upcoming movie trailers, movie related news updates, and lots more for absolutely free. Most interestingly, Viewstar provides the biography and related news of big stars and from there, users can choose the movies they want to watch on their iPhones.

Apart from these, the contents are amazingly categorized in different categories like latest movies, most popular, English movies, etc. and genres like action, drama, comedy, sci-fi, family & kids, etc. for easy search and availability. And for this purpose, Viewstar has provided many filter options like the film industry, the language of the movie, etc, on Viewstar app for iPhone like the desktop view.

Viewstar allows the users to watch free movies online on Chromecast, Samsung smart TV, Panasonic TV, Xbox 360, Roku, etc.


snagfilms for iphone.PNG


SnagFilms is the best option to watch streaming movies online on iPhones which provides more than 5000+ movies and TV shows, documentaries and lots more for absolutely free. It also provides free full-length movies from all around the world. for example, if you want to watch Hindi movies online, or want to watch Asian movies by streaming, or Spanish movies, whatever you want, all are available on SnagFilms.

Movies from all around the world are listed in different categories like full-length movies, classic movies, indie movies, kids and family-friendly movies, foreign films like Bollywood movies, Spanish movies, Arabic movies, Japanese movies, African movies, Asian movies, Russian movies, and lots more. even you can search movies according to genres like action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, documentary, war, etc.

Apart from these, the interesting features of SnagFilms are the ability to watch movies on multiple screens on phone, TV, or desktop, Apple TV and Airplay compatibility, easy search option with many filters like genre, topic, runtime, etc.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned apps are the 5 best movie apps for iPhone for free which will allow you to watch online movies for free on your iPhone or on other compatible devices like Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, Samsung smart TV, Xbox 360, etc. by choosing your favorite movies from various categories like latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, English movies, Spanish movies, Asian movies, etc. Watch TV shows by free streaming on those apps. So what are you waiting for? Download the apps for free movie streaming on iPhone and enjoy your favorite pastimes.

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