Similar Games Like Diablo- Best Alternative Games!

So, you have completed all the stages of the Diablo series games And looking for other games like Diablo, so that you can unleash your gaming experience. Then stay tuned because here in this article you will get some best alternatives of Diablo game.

Well, Diablo is an action RPG, Hack and slash type game, that is mesmerizing to play.Diablo was released in 1997, but the newest part is Diablo 3. It got huge success then, and also popular among the games of the new generation. This game was the highest sold game. The mark set by this game encourages other developers to make this kind of action-packed games. Now I will tell you about the best Diablo-like games.

9 Best Similar Games like Diablo- You Will Love To Play

Torchlight 2

The Torchlight 2 is among one of the most similar games that you will find on the internet.Unlike Diablo, it is also an action-RPG, Hack and slash game. This game is full of actions and fun. In this game, you will gain power as you character Geathers loot, at the same time you have to save the lives. This game will take you to explore more towns, fight with more powerful evils than that of Diablo.


  • It is a multiplayer game.
  • The players can connect to the game using lan and as well as internet.
  • New and Creative weapons.
  • Multiple appearances of the character
  • Clear graphics

Path of exile

Path of Exile is another game like Diablo. It comes with rich contents. It is also an Action RPG Hack and slash game, that will take you to a world of dark fantasy. There are much more to explore the cave, dungeons and outdoors. You can find so many exciting levels of the game. Here you can see six characters namely, witch, templar, shadow, dualists, rangers, and marauders.


  • Single and multiplayer mode.
  • Players can connect through LAN and internet
  • Higher graphics
  • You can find levels of the games that are generated randomly


Archangel is another action game for those who are looking for Games like Diablo. This game is a Science fictional game, that takes you to a fictional world. A great adventure game with a horror touch. In this game, you will play as the chosen hero who will save the world from the darkness of evil.There are some interesting facts in this game such the magical sword etc. But the disadvantage is that it is a single user game.


  • New and interesting characters
  • Good graphics
  • Adventurous levels

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

You can also try the mighty quest for epic loot. In this game, you have to loot and explore that mysterious world. When you will found a weapon then you can be a warrior. You need to go through other players castle and destroy them. Also, loot there call.The most important part is to create and ride the dungeons. This game gets and regular update.


  • It is free to play
  • Every player has there owned castle
  • Players can set traps for the person, those who came to loot their castle
  • The visualization of the game is very good

The Marvel Heroes

This game is the best game for the marvel lovers who are looking for an alternative of Diablo. This game will allow you to choose your character from more than 100 characters of marvel. More you unleash the game, new characters will unlock. It is a combat fight type game, that comes with many marvel creature having different skills and superpowers.


  • Hundreds of characters to choose
  • Continuous improvements
  • High graphics
  • Creative features

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a Dark fantasy world game that will take you the past. It will bring you to a world which has become a war field. Here you can found lots of interesting characters. This game allows you to make a combination of six features out 25 features to choose.This game will take 25 hrs to complete totally.


  • Dual class system
  • Devotion system
  • Fraction based questing
  • More than three hundred of good monsters.
  • Modding tools
  • Good visualization

Magicka 2

Magicka 2 is another game like the Diablo, even better in many areas. You have to find out spells and weapons. You can use these spells and weapons against the evils. This game is all about finding Dungeons. During the search of dungeons, you have to defeat many monsters. You guys can also play as a team, and combine your spells to make more powerful ones.


  • Horror based
  • Co-operative type game
  • Spellcasting type system.

Titan Quest

This is another similar game like Diablo. It allows the user to play and unlock new levels to upgrade the power and then a weapon of the player. You have killed the evils and explore the world of dark fantasy. This game most similar to Diablo, but if you are looking for a new touch in the monsters then you should definitely try this game.


  • Voice chat option
  • Very good resolution
  • New heroes, evils, and pets.
  • More lives.

Silent Hill

This is a horror based game. That is totally Action packed and Hack-Slash RPG content. In this game, you have to escape from the ghosts and kill them. With time you pass in this game, you will get upgraded. It comes with a type of puzzle game which you have to solve and come forward


  • Good story
  • Totally horror based
  • Good graphics.

Our verdict

If you are a gamer and looking for games like Diablo than the given list hopefully gives you best satisfaction. These games are best in their class. These games come with good stories, Good graphics, creative features. So, I think I have given you a list of the best games like Diablo. Choose one from the above and download, play, and enjoy.

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