Best Similar Games like Pokemon Go [Alternatives]

So, you have done all you have to do with the Pokemon Go. But still want to play more, and searching other games like pokemon go. Then not to worry, you are in the proper place. Here i will provide you a list regarding games like the pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go is a reality and GPS based game that mix-up physical world with virtual world. This game is the most popular in its goner. It had over 500 million downloads. This game was launched in 6th July of 2016. From the house Nianto. This game increased their stock price by 10% that year, so there is no doubt that it is an extraordinary game. Here is the list of some games like Pokemon go

Ingress is a Pokemon Go type game as it is a GPS based game you have to move from one place to other while playing.  Your mission is to take all the information from the enemy base. On this regard you have fight and defeat the enemy.  It is a science frictional game based on the hunt to take energy information from a scientist group. Developed by Niantic group.


This game brings your character to a military base where you have fought many soldiers. You will get a chance to choose guns and animations from 25 choices. It is a smooth game to play that Mix your physical world with a virtual world depending upon your location.

This game is developed by Yii International. 


  • Powerful augmented reality
  • Physical involvement
  • Cool theme
  • Easy to play
  • Lots of choice for weapons

  • Life is crime

Now this game is a booster for those who love to play underworld type game. This game will make you a gangster. This game allows you to choose a gang . And team up fight with other gangs to win points. You can live chat with your fellow players. This game will allow you to do virtual crimes in physical places. This game is totally fun.


  • Location based
  • Mafia game
  • Good animation
  • Excellent story and theme 
  • Zombies run

This game is a zombie based GPS game. Where you have to escape and kill the zombies. You have turn your location on and have to play on home or at outside. The best part is that there is you will hear you mission and music using a headphone. While playing you will get accessories to make your base. You can walk, jog or run.  This is totally fun.


The parallel kingdom is a Location based game that makes your neighborhood to an ancient  era kingdom. There will be kings and many soldiers. You can play 40 levels. There will be chat room, leader board. This game is mainly an ancient era battle themed game, where you have to survive and defeat the enemy.


  • Ancient era game
  • Live chat option
  • Combination of real and virtual world
  • Physical action

  • The Walk

This game  also comes from the house of the makers of Zombie run. You have to  walk to some destination with some virtual things that can save the world. More you come closer to the destination they will unlock some audios regarding your mission. Once you have saved the world you will upgraded to next level.


Clandestine anomaly is a game, where you have to save your world from alien attack.  You need to defend your people and battle against the alien.  It is also location base where you have play from your home and outside.

This game is available in play store, but you can also easily download the apk file from other sources.


  • Sci-fi story
  • Alien based
  • Good animation
  • Physical interference

  • Geocaching

This game is a treasure hunt type game, where you have to go to many places ,in search of real containers. It is quite similar to pokemon go. Because in pokemon go you have to find out Pokémon’s, but here you have to found geological objects. The developers gives  regular updates to this game to provide more new tools.


  • Education with fun
  • Lively interference
  • You have uncover the nature
  • You can make a list of geocaches to make them use offline

Our verdict

So guys here is the list of 8 games like pokemon go with their features. You should try them if you are really in search of games like the Pokemon Go. I think i have shared a lot with you guys regarding these games, rest is up to you. All you need to do is to download and play these games to unleash your gaming experience.

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