Top 6 Best Similar Games like Until Dawn


Until Dawn is a great interactive play station game that includes horror, drama, action, and tragedy. If you have already completed all the levels of Until Dawn. And If looking for more games like this than you will find a list of similar games like until dawn.


The Until dawn is from the house of Sony computer entertainment. The game is based on the story of two friends out for a holiday in western Canada. When they arrived there some people started attacking them.

The Evil Within

The evil within is a game based on horror survival. It takes horror to action to a new era. Strange things are happening around you. Many creatures are out there to attack you. You need to survive and at the same time kill them

Life is strange

Life is strange is a story based game where you will play as the main character of the story, and your past, present and future performance will be counted as the whole game performance. There is total five part of this game, which is solely revolutionizing the story-based game, where your whole performance affects your life.

Sarah is missing

This game is another similar game like Until Dawn. You will be surrounded by a tense and creepy atmosphere. This game can be finished in one hour. In this game, you will play a role where you find a mobile of a person named Sarah, and the girl Sarah is missing. Using her mobile you will come to know about girl’s past. There are many possible endings.

The cat lady

This is an adventure game, regarding women. The lady has just come from a suicide attempt. There are many creepy moments. Every level brings some cool game elements. This game will give you refreshing gaming experience.

Alpha Protocol

This is a horror and action hybrid game. Full of a deadly enemy, and the great storyline. It will bring you a social interaction. You will get much inappropriate information and situation. You will also face new allies. The best part of this game is replay value.

Beyond- Two Souls

Beyond -Two Souls is a Halloween horror adventure game. It is like a nightmare. The set is a creepy night, heavy rainfall; you have to find some clues and people. At the same time, you need to survive and make yourself safe.


There are many similar games like until dawn, but here is the best of them. If you got bored to play until dawn, then you can download and play the alternatives. Links to these games are provided. You just need to download them and play. Hope you like the article.

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