GIMP Vs Photoshop – Which One is Better for You?


GIMP Vs Photoshop Which one is the better option? It is the question of most of the photo editors especially the beginners or hobbyists who often look for the best photo editor softwares to upgrade the level of their work so that they can compete with others. GIMP and Adobe Photoshop both are so popular and featured with many useful features for the photo editors, so comparing them and declaring one the better option is very tough. And it is not possible for the one among the two to be favorite by all editors because everyone’s needs are not same and hence the solution would not be the same also.

For this purpose, you have to go through a detailed discussion on both the photo editing apps on the basis of their features, tools, advantages and disadvantages, prices, etc. which we have published here for you. Now read all points of both, compare, and then decide GIMP Vs Photoshop, which one is a better option for you.

GIMP Vs Photoshop


GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free photo editing software which is used for retouching, restoring, resizing, cropping, drawing, color correction, etc. designers use the software for creative image manipulation, creating icons, graphical design elements, user-interface elements and more.

On the other hand, Photoshop is premium software designed and developed by Adobe systems, for editing photos including retouching, background removing, photo restoring, clipping path, and many interesting effects.

Targeted People

If you are a hobbyist or beginner who wants an app for photo editing then GIMP would be the best option for you because it is totally free and features with almost all the features and tools that are needed for editing photos.

Adobe Photoshop is the best option for professionals who need multi-purpose tools and options for fulfilling the clients’ demands. Even it supports all Photoshop documents which are required for professionalism. And the service starts from $9 per month which would be very expensive for others.

System Requirements

GIMP is a lightweight photo editing app which is compatible with almost all devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc and can be installed in 8 & 16 bits operating systems. Users can use it from external storage too.

But Adobe Photoshop is heavy software which is compatible with Windows and Mac only and can be installed in more than 16 bits operating systems and most importantly it needs a 1GB space of the hard disk.

GIMP Features

  • GIMP is free software whose source code can be changed and distributed by anyone.
  • It provides customization options for theme, color, icon sizes, widget spacing, etc.
  • GIMP enables the user to read Photoshop Documents and also to edit them.
  • You can use the full-screen mode.


  • Photoshop is featured with many tools like multiple healing brushes for image retouching.
  • It provides easy and simple editing techniques which help the professionals to work faster.
  • Photoshop provides color modes like RGB, CMYK, etc, and file formats like RAW, JPG, etc.
  • It offers the best support for the users including cloud services like Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, and others. Users can even have on-call support from the developer team.
  • Advantages


  • It is free software which provides tools almost same like the Photoshop, so one can practice the use of such Photoshop features for free.
  • It has a vast community of users like all other leading photo editing apps like the Adobe Photoshop.
  • It is very small in size which helps the system to run fast without any disturbance.


  • As it is designed and developed by the Adobe Systems, it is featured with all the Adobe features Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, etc of the cloud which helps in editing.
  • Adobe Photoshop’s support system is the best part of it. Its developer team is so responsive that users can even interact with the team personality over chat or on call.
  • Developers keep the software updated regularly.
  • Users can plugin options for further tools and facilities they need.



  • As it is free to use software, it provides some basic features and tools for the users like in case of brushes.
  • The developers are not so responsive; you may wait for some days to get the answers to your queries.
  • GIMP is best for the Linux OS, on windows it takes some time for loading.


  • Photoshop is very expensive, even the extended services are also expensive. That is why most of the users use the duplicate app.
  • On upgrading the software, you should download the previous plug-ins again as it doesn’t upgrade them automatically.

Final Words

So, Friends, these are the various sides of GIMP and Adobe Photoshop which are explained here in detail which simply shows that both the software has some advantages and disadvantages as well. But it is clear that GIMP is best for amateurs or hobbyists who learning to edit or do it sometimes, but for the professionalism, you need Adobe Photoshop that provides various tools and facilities which are very helpful for professionals. So now you got the idea about GIMP Vs Photoshop, which one is good for you.

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