What to Do If Gmail Account Is Hacked?, [Solution is Here]

Hello, what happen to your Gmail account? Is it hacked? , OH NO. You are not alone, recently 24+ million Gmail account got hacked by the hackers. Yes, Google is putting best security to save ourselves from the hackers, but with every move, hackers are also getting smart. Every month, thousands of Gmail accounts got hacked.

gmail account got hacked

And, if your Gmail account is hacked, there are chances that the account associated with Gmail can be hacked. However, the good news is there are ways to save your accounts. Today, I will cover every possible way how you can get back your hacked Gmail account; also I will tell what one must do to take prevention from hacking. So, this is going to be interesting.


Hacked but still you can login to Gmail? , then do this

If you are lucky and the hackers have not changed your original password yet, then hopefully this will help you to save your Google mail account. First, hit your username and password and see is it opening or not. Now, after login to your hacked Gmail account, follow these steps

  1. Go to the setting and change your password first. Add a highly secure password that consists of symbols, uppercase, lowercase, digits and make it real tough to guess.
  2. Now, once you have changed your password, now it’s time to change everything else, from your security question to backup mail id, everything.
  3. Once you have done with this, now it’s time to secure your account so that it won’t get hacked again, you can read Gmail security checklist for making your Gmail account more secure.


What to do if you are unable to login your hacked Gmail?

However, most of the time hackers changed all Gmail settings, so that you can’t get access again. But, still many of the hackers, forget to do this. So, if you are not able to access your hacked Gmail account, then follow below steps

  1. First, click to forget password or recovery Gmail account and use your secondary account to recover your password.
  2. Sometimes, Google will ask about the phone number or secret question. Put the details correctly and follow accordingly.
  3. Now, if you can’t remember your secret question-answer or mobile number is not working, then you have to directly contact with Google to recover your account.


What to do if you can’t access your Gmail anyway?

Hackers are getting clever these days. Now, they block every possible way to get rid of this situation. Below, I have mentioned some suggestion that you can try out to recover your account. Have a look

  • First of all, go to your all account that is been associated with your Gmail account and change their password and all security settings. Now, make a notice and put it on your social media wall, that your account gets hacked, so that they don’t send any messages to that hacked account.
  • Now, run an antivirus scan to all your devices. So that it don’t get into your computer and other devices like mobile, tablets.
  • Now, try to contact with Gmail, or Google to inform that your account is hacked. How? , You can use Google support forums to get help. Or you can contact with Google for any helps.
  • Now, if you need an urgent mail account, use your secondary mail account, or you can create a new mail account.


How to prevent Gmail account hacking?

  1. Don’t give access to your personal information to unknown and untrusted apps. This may cause you serious hacking to your account. So, next time before you click to allow access stop, and think about your security.
  2. Try to change your password, frequently after some months. It will keep your password updated and fresh. And use a highly secured password that is not easy to guess.
  3. Sign up for step 2 verification; it will give your extra protection for your Gmail account. Anytime, you can do this verification, and always use your permanent mobile number that stays with you always.
  4. Always track your Gmail activity, like when it was last open, from where it was last open. Is that right?, If you find any suspicious thing change your password and security setting.
  5. Switch to HTTPS, it is more secure and will help your security. Go to setting and change the setting to HTTPS.
  6. Remove all unauthorized access from your Gmail account regularly.
  7. And, always remember to log out while you’re using someone else device. It’s not because you trust that guy or not, it’s because if that guy device got hacked, there is a chance of your hacking too. So, better play safe.
  8. Make your security question stronger and tough to guess something. Try to add personal and unique things.
  9. You can use additionally, chrome security extensions. And always update your antivirus, because everything is interconnected. If your device got hacked, there is a chance that your web securities are at risk.
  10. Never go with any suspected spam emails. Sometimes, hackers try to grab attentions by sending Spam emails, Yet Gmail detects most of them, But still better be safe.
  11. Use security apps for your smartphones, IOS, and android, both have free to use security apps. You can use them for better security or you can get advance security by buying premium security apps.



Online community putting their best efforts to fight well against this. However, there is no quick solution for this problem. You still can follow the steps that I have mentioned above to save your account. Preventions are better than cure, so always stay safe so that you don’t have to face any hacking situation.

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