Simple Ways To Get Gmail Notification Without Opening Mail Inbox

gmail notifications on desktop

Gmail Account is one of the most popularly used emailing platforms for all kind of business purpose and personal stuff. Many times we do miss out an important email for various reason such as casualty or lack of time and information about the email, which might end up making another unwanted problem for you.

On enabling the Gmail Notification alert on your desktop, you shall be notified of each email you receive on your desktop or laptop. It minimizes the risk of missing out the important emails, and also let you stay updated on time about all the emails you receive.

We sometimes get busy with something else on the internet or get engaged with some other task, and missed important mail that had first prior to open. Sometimes urgent mail’s needs urgent attention. But, we often forgot those important emails, while engaging with other tasks over the internet.

gmail notifications on desktop

There are two ways you can get Gmail notifications on your desktop, one is by changing Gmail settings, and the other one is by installing an extension or add-ons. However, I prefer the first method most; I will tell you why I prefer it most as we go forward.

How to get Gmail notifications on a desktop without installing any extensions and add-ons?

So, this is the first method for getting Gmail notifications on desktops. This method is very simple, only you need to do few changes to Gmail settings and you will start getting all new emails notifications on your desktop. Follow the steps that I have mentioned right below.

  • First of all, open your Gmail account by providing your mail id, and password. [Can’t remember the password ?, this tutorial of recovering Gmail password will help you]
  • Now, open the setting option on your Gmail. [If you don’t know where it is, look at the top right corner, just below your Google profile picture]
  • From there you select “setting” option and open this link.
  • After that from the general tab, you scroll down to desktop notification column. Where you will find three options new mail notifications on, Important mail notification on, and last one Mail notification off.
  • Once you found it, select the option that you want. [for information, if you turn on new mail notification on, it will send all new emails that will arrive, where if you select important mail notifications it will only notify when an important mail arrives]
  • Now scroll down and select save changes, that’s it. Now you will get Gmail notifications on your desktop.



Note: If you enable new emails notifications, you might get disturbed of all promotional and spam mails. In that case, this guide of unsubscribing unwanted emails might help you to get rid of those kinds of mail notifications. And, by using this method you can get notifications in all internet browsers, also look around that desktop notification column if there is any new features has been added or not.

Okay, you are all set now. But, if you are a fan of chrome extensions, then here is something for you. By using the following method you can get all Gmail notifications through a chrome extension.

How to get Gmail desktop notification using chrome extension?

There is a chrome extension call Gmail notifier that helps to send all new mails notification on Chrome browser. Let’s see how you can enable it.

  • First, go to Chrome extensions store and search for “Gmail notifier” or click here.
  • Now add that chrome extension to your Chrome browser, by clicking “add to chrome”.
  • Once you have installed it, you will see it’s icon on your chrome browser, click on that icon.
  • Add your Gmail account. And it will start sending notifications on your Chrome and when you are not using Chrome, it will send notification on right bottom corner of your desktop.

Why do I think the first method is better?

As you know, recently there are so many Gmail accounts have been hacked, and keeping your Gmail safety is now very important these days. So, it’s always better to not leave your Gmail account details like username and password to other external extensions and add-ons’. This is why I think it’s better to use the first method that is by changing the Gmail setting’s to get notifications. And, if you are facing any malicious activity on your Gmail account, please don’t overlook it. Do necessary thing’s if you find any uncommon or noticeable activity on your Gmail.

Deleted any mail mistakenly? , Read this to recover deleted mails from Gmail.

Hope this article helps you to find solutions to how you can get Gmail notification on your desktop. It’s really helpful when you have thousands of things to do in short time. This will send you all important emails as a notification so that you get attention of all important mail’s that are coming to your mailbox. And, if you are using multiple Gmail’s accounts, you can follow the same method’s to get notifications from your all Gmail accounts.

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