Easy Ways to Add Signature in Gmail [Personal/ Business Purpose]

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By adding a signature to your Gmail account you can leave personal or business impression everytime you send an email from your mailbox. Once you enable Gmail signature, every time an email send from your Gmail, there will be an attached signature with it. This will help you to leave your organization on every individual’s emails, whether you reply a Gmail, or forward a mail, or compose a mail, a good signature attached below the mail will always speak about you.

There are different types of Gmail signature that you can use, like simple textual signature, logo signature, HTML signature, or animation/Gif signature. In this, I will explain all types of Gmail signature and will show you how you can use them to leave your influential effect.

Why adding Signature in Gmail is important? 

While you send a mail, the one who will receive the mail doesn’t have any other ways to connect you then just emailing back. Whether it’s your addresses, mobile number, social identity, nothing. Also, sometimes when you are sending emails to unknowns, you must assign who you are in the mail, and the best way to do this is by adding a meaningful signature at the end of your mail. Which may include your address, mobile number, social id, or your company/ business URL. This is how adding a signature will surely help you to improve mail response.

How to add the signature in Gmail account manually?

Follow the simple steps that are mentioned below to add your signature to Gmail. This is very simple way to add signature into Gmail. You can add your designation, or business name, or your department name.

  • First login to your Gmail account by giving username and password.
  • Now, on the top right section of your mailbox, you will find one setting icon, click on that.

  • After that click on “settings” option.
  • Now, the setting tab will open, scroll down to signature section and sign your signature on that box.
  • Once you are done adding your signature, go below and click to save changes.



How to add a signature in Gmail account with logo?

Sometimes we need to add a logo with signature for better impressions, especially for branding purpose. Incorporate your brand or business logo into Gmail is very simple, by following the below steps.

  • First of all, open your Gmail account.
  • Now, go to settings and then scroll down to signature section.
  • Once you reach there, now click to insert images, and add your brand or business or company logo as Gmail signature.

  • Now scroll below and click to save changes to save your signature.


Key features of Gmail Signature

If know the all exciting features of Gmail signature, you can add a better signature that does the work. Below, I will show you some of best features of Gmail signature.

  • Different Signature font’s options make the signature just the way you want it. You will find popular signature font styles like sans serif, serif, and more.
  • Choose the signature font size of your signature mail accordingly.
  • Insert links with your Gmail signature so that people can get your brand or business through emails.
  • Add your business/company logo in Gmail signature to make it more professional and fresh. You can add logo of all images formats, even it supports Gif images.
  • If someone wants fancy signature, one can add HTML signature.


Tricks to use Gmail Signature for better response

Now, you get to know how you can add Gmail signature, but unless you are using it properly you will not get better repose that you are expecting after adding the signature.

Here I will show you some best tricks, also will show you some good examples of Gmail signature so that you get better understanding.

  • Link to your Homepage

Yes, you can add a link back to your homepage of your site. This will help people to reach your brand, business or product that you are promoting.

  • Add your social media pages

Adding your social profile is a good idea. You can increase social followers and people can connect with you on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google plus, twitter and more.

  • Company or your address with mobile number

After reading the mail if someone wants to get in touch with you immediately then the mobile number could be very helpful for them. And, the address can help them to meet you face to face.

  • Add Your Photo

Some people use it for personal branding. If you want to add the signature for your own personal Gmail, then you can add your photo. However, you may don’t want to add a picture when you’re using business mail signature.

These tricks will surely help you get more response through Gmail Signature. Hope now you can add a signature to Gmail and get the better response when you reply, forward, or compose a mail on Gmail. A good indication at below makes your Mail look more professional and helpful for people to find you.

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