Gmail Vacation Responder Helps You to Reply Mails Automatically

Everyone wants a tension free vacation but when emails are ringing it’s hard to make it tension free. This s why, gmail brings this amazing feature called vacation responder. Which will help you to automatic mail reply when you are on holidays with simple Gmail setting changes.

By enabling the vacation responder every time when someone mail you, when you might be enjoying beach view on a vacation place, they will get an automated sent mail from vacation responder. This is very helpful for those who are expecting your urgent replies.

gmail vacation responder

Gmail always come up with the solutions that Gmail users face like desktop notificationRecover Your Deleted Mail from Gmail,  Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails From Your Inbox, and a Vacation responder.  In this guide, I will show you how easily you can use this vacation responder feature to get rid of emails while you are on holiday trip.

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How you can enable vacation responder on your gmail?

This is very simple, only you need to set your message or mail that you want in reply and you are done. Below are the exact steps that will help you to turn on vacation responder on gmail.

  • Login into your gmail account with your mail id and password.
  • Then go to setting option [you will find the setting icon at top right corner].
  • Once reach the setting option, now scroll down to bottom, where you will find vacation responder option.
  • Now, turn on the vacation responder and set the time period that you want vacation responder to work, and put subject and mail that will show in automatic reply.

Template that you can try for vacation responder

Look: when you are on vacation you don’t know who is mailing you.

So you have to set a mail that is good for everyone [However, you can set the setting to reply only my contacts]. Below I will show you one sample mail that you can try, however, it’s up to you how you want your reply. Just try to make it simple and readable.

Hello, there/everyone [try to keep it universal]

Thanks for your mail. But, as I am on a vacation from data….. to date…. [or you can just mention that you are on a vacation], I am out of Gmail right now.

This is an automatic reply, I will get back to your as soon as my vacation is over.


Your signature [don’t know how to add signature?, Learn how to craft a master Gmail signature]

Note: This is just an example of how you can write your automatic mail reply. But, its not like this is it, try to add your own personalized mail reply that matches you best.

This kind of reply is viable for everyone, try your own template and set your vacation responder.

Benefits of using vacation responder or an automatic mail reply

It happens many time’s when people want your reply urgent. OR your reply means a lot to them. This feature works great there, by just putting a simple message you can inform all your mail senders that you are out for a vacation.

However, you can use this features for other applications too, like if you are on a business meeting, or you just don’t want gmail destruction. Well, you can set one vacation responder for those too.

The best thing is even when you are enjoying your vacation your sender’s are getting reply to every single mail. Yes, this is really cool, is not it?. Also, you can put some marketing strategy by putting a marketing message in reply.

When you should not use vacation responder?

Yes, everyone can use it. But, not!. There are some situations where it is better to avoid one automatic responder, like

  • If it is a corporate mail, where only business people mails to you.
  • If the mail is dedicated for something like customer support, or support, or enquiry purpose.
  • If majority of mail you receive is from your business clients, then your client may go to some other place then yours.

These are some of the situations where vacation responder might not be a good option for you.

Gmail vacation responder is very good options for personal purpose, however using some tricks, you can apply it for other various purpose. This works perfectly without any complain and always does the work on time. Now, you can enjoy vacation keeping the mail out of your mind, while gmail will take care of your mail automatic replies. Wish you a very happy gmail free vacation.


Gmail Vacation Responder Helps You to Reply Mails Automatically
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