Google Project Fi Review: Is it Really Useful?

All of the smartphone user who loves unlimited calls, message and data usage, must hear about Google Project Fi, and also have some queries about whether it is good & affordable to subscribe or not? What are experiences of other users from all around? And you may look for reviews on Google Project Fi. So here are you in the right place to know all about Google Project Fi which will help you to decide whether it is good or bad for you?

Look, reading others experience and their reviews on Google Project Fi are not going to be the ultimate solution for you because everyone is living different lives from each other. So be with us, know all about Google Project Fi, its features, pricing, pros & cons, and then YOU decide whether it is perfect for you or not.

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About Google Project Fi


Google Project Fi is a mobile virtual network operator owned by Google which provides services like a phone call, messaging and data using WiFi and cellular data networks of operators like Sprint, T-mobile, U. S. Cellular, and Three. it was launched in 2015 to provide an international platform to be connected with the world in lesser pricing. it provides different plans on a flat rate for individuals and for families also where users have to pay a monthly rental in advance, but the It is supported by Android smartphones like Pixel and Pixel XL, and Nexus 6 & later.

Features of Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi has many interesting features which are attractive for many users. Some of the interesting features are switching WiFi and Cellular data connections automatically, encrypted user data, access to use Google hangout for calling and texting, etc. It simply switches to any nearby open WiFi networks automatically without interrupting the call or messaging service. But the users’ data is encrypted, so no need to worry about the privacy. It enables the users to use Google hangouts for calling and messaging purposes. And it is available on 135+ places around the globe, it means wherever you are, if you can connect to the internet, you can use Google Project Fi.

Plans of Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi provides a single plan for all users from all around the world. for just $20 users can enjoy unlimited call and message and for data users have to pay $10/GB. Project Fi has also provided a plan for group usage, called “Group Repay”, in which a user can add his/her friends or family members in the same plan for $15/user, and the usage for the call, messaging and data will be distributed among them equally. The user can check everyone’s usage and stop usage of data of any added user for the month if the usage is going over the limit. If the user crosses the limit, Google won’t charge penalties, users just need to pay $10/ GB of usage data and the price for unused data will be carried forward to the next month’s rental.

Is Google Project Fi really useful for you?

Yes, as per the plan & pricing, it is clear that Google project fi is going to manage the month expenditure with unlimited calls and messages. It may be little costly for the cellular data users, but it won’t consume 3 GB of data for the purposes, it means you may charge with not more than $40-$50 per month. And it also provides some offers for the individual users as well as the groups.

And features and services are also better than other service providers, I think, which allows the users to enjoy unlimited calls and messaging. Cellular data users of poor network coverage area may face a little problem, but WiFi user will definitely enjoy the voice call quality for sure. The Data service is also used which gives download speeds between 10 to 30 Mbps and uploading speed up to 6 Mbps.

So, for me, Google Project Fi is the best option for unlimited voice calls, messaging, and for data efficiency in an affordable price.

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Final Word

So, Friends, here is all about your most searched details about Google Project Fi which will surely help you to decide whether it is useful for you or not? Simply compare the quality of services and pricing of plans provided by Google Project Fi as well as your current service provider. I think the comparison will keep the Google Project Fi up a little. Still, it’s up to you to decide and to choose the best option for calling, messaging and data usage. No more for now, if you have any queries in this regard please do comments below. Thank you.

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