10 Best Affordable Headphones For Music Production in India

Headphones For Music Production
Headphones For Music Production

“It is all about the music!” So just don’t at all compromise with the headphone quality. But how to know the best? just read to the end.

In our busy world, music is the only best option that gives a perfect relaxation and helps to keep calm in any situation. So it is very important to use a perfect headphone for creating and listening to music flawlessly. When it is about making music or making more creative deeds, there are several aptitudes and delicacies that require to get set in a headphone.

So how to know which is the best headphone and which is not? I have all your answers. Just hold on! Read the article to the end. Before purchasing a headphone for any sound production, you need to take care of some important characteristics. 

First, they need to be long-lasting. Thousands of branded headphones you will have from renowned markets but they do not last long. Some within or some without warranty period gets damaged. 

Second, For the new music maker or aspiring music producer, they seem to produce amazing audio and they find them to be a useful product but later on, they find several issues at the time of editing. So these are the very important aspects I have experienced during music production and suggested some best headphones which are easily available on amazon.

Why You Should Buy A Good Headphone For Music Production

Mainly for music production or making music, whether you are an aspiring artist or professional. It is very important to buy a good set of headphones for music production. There are several reasons behind buying studio headphone. These are basically made for studio purposes. There you can have more than that. 

Makes music production easier as well as dubbing and recording audios

For professional uses as recording sounds, music, recording audios, these headphones are very important. You cannot use the simple headphone. A good headphone will help you in the music production thoroughly.  It will help you to have a proper idea on the frequency, stereo, echo, background noise and other aspects.

Helps to perform to an ultimate duration

The people who actually work for the audio stations and record voices, songs go to an incredible duration in an ultimatum for trying & thus controlling the sound. So a good headphone is must compelled.

Helps to maintain all the background noises, echo and other important things

When you will be recording some voice or music you just expect the microphones for picking up the specific device or voice, yet it is too hard to obtain rather than you want. Actually, you will have to maintain properly all the factors manually that require to be carried into account. All the Background noises, reverb and most importantly echo. These all can entirely affect the sound that the microphone actually can record. 

Maintains the room tone

Do you know one more thing? the room from where you are actually recording or living, it also has an echo and thus contains a specific tone quality that is called the room the ‘room tone.’ While recording, you need to maintain these stuff as well. But a good headphone will help you to produce music without any hesitation or problem.

Helps to understand the rhythm and the beats of a music

All the music and dubbing studios are specially made for minimizing the echoes & reflections entirely off from the surfaces. Every attention to all the clear details is for the only objective of being sure that all the microphones can easily pick up just the prearranged instrument. A good studio headphone also has an identical use. It helps to maintain the criteria of the microphone and as well as the arranged instrument with that, it is attached.

Helps to balance a proper frequency response

These are prepared with a steady frequency reaction that will help you to hear the exact sound that has been recorded, either nice or bad. It is another important part of these headphones. 

All these facilities are not available in a simple headphone that is just used for entertainment purposes. So if you want to produce or create an amazing tune or music, choose the best headphone I will guide now.

Best Affordable Headphones for Music Production

Below is the list of top best headphones for music production work. These are handpicked based on rating, reviews, and user experiences with it. Enjoy the list.

CLAW SM50 Professional Closed-Back Studio

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Its 40 mm drivers help to produce the crisp sound and the outstanding bass response that is best for the professionals. It is one of the best headphones that help to produce a perfect sound without any error. It is as well as long-lasting.

Review – these headphones produce the best quality premium sound with a constant and extraordinary response. Most of the customers have given a positive review and thus makes it a very demanding headphone.


  • It provides a Great transducer.
  • Helps to maintain a Substantial frequency.
  • Well-designed with a nice colour.
  • You will also get a selection of cords.

Sennheiser HD 202

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It comes second in my list with high-end features like supra-aural, Closed and hi-fi stereo that produce a dynamic range. For mobile and music production, both purposes, it can be used. For the ambient noise, it has a nice attenuation. From its headband, the Earcups are removable. These are mainly designed for producing sounds. It can also assure the response of the powerful bass.

Review: genuine buyers have positive feedback on its sound base and frequency which helps a lot for making and editing sounds.


  • Comes with gorgeous colour.
  • It has replaceable ear pads made with leatherette.
  • It has the capability of producing flawless rhythms.

Audio-Technica Quiet Point ATH-ANC50IS

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This headphone comes as number 3 with its features. It comes with a microphone or with in-line stereo mini-plugs control. Without any battery or cable, it comes with around 192 gms. With these headphones, you can work up to 42 hours. Many professionals use this headphone for their music recording. Not just recording for all the purpose like playing games, listening to the songs, dubbing audios this headphone is usable.

ReviewAll the customers who have bought this headphone are very much impressed with the audio clarity and it’s built quality. It is so comfortable to wear air for a long period without any irritation.


  • It has a proper technology of noise cancellation.
  • It comes with rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • All types of audio codecs are supported here.
  •  Value of money.

Cosmic Byte GS420

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This is a superb set from Sennheiser 500 series, the HD599 is a remastered open-back model with revealed powerful drivers. It provides remarkable audio in its power with the organization’s tenancy super charged transducers. They cover 38mm which is a slight tinier than any. These are made keeping the point in the mind of comfort which combines excellent feature substances. The cans are circles that attach to the design movement of the set.

Review: these are particularly created from high-quality pieces. The audio is excellent & the open backs permit for structural audio, perfect for composition.


  •   E.A.R design.
  •   Open-backed.
  •    Bonus drivers.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Art Monitor

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This headphone fits nicely. It is an over-ear headphone. It helps to cover the whole ear and it looks very comfortable. These headphones mainly have an advantage from several larger drivers. You can rest it on the ears and these Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Art Monitor provide your ears something like the room to breathe that makes a better soundstage with the ultimate mix.

Review: these headphones are entirely well-executed & provide the best music with HD quality & these are very much convenient & continue for the long work hours.


  • It is nicely constructed
  •  Durable for a long time
  • Lasts long hassle-free.

Behringer HPX2000

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In my list, this comes at Number 6 because it comes with very good sound quality but comparatively the audio Technica or the cosmic byte headphone gives a superior quality of audio sounds

Review: if you are searching for affordable headphones for music production at a low price range and a good quality then easily you can choose this headphone. People have used and given very good feedback about it.


  • It comes with a high definition sound quality
  • The audio frequency is HD quality
  •  You can purchase it at a low price.

Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones

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In my list, on number 7, these headphones work really efficiently, producing audio with strong dynamics, bass command. The open-back type provides the music with an ample stereo model enhancing the intensity and producing an original soundscape that is more manageable to analyze.

Review: these are pretty well set together. They produce exclusive audio with the luxurious bonus package, the cordage is unquestionably strong.


  • Sturdy structure.
  • High-quality sound.
  • Open-back for interpretation.

Boult Audio Probass Boost Over-Ear Wireless

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These headphones are also for professional use. Boult is always a trustworthy company and provides the best products. It comes with superb audio quality and undoubtedly best for the creation of sounds and music.

Review: these are remarkably well-designed, the operators make impeccably with excellent transient acknowledgment. Moreover, doing a wonderful job of showing differences regardless of any complexity.


  • Solid foundation.
  •  Direct sound.
  •  HD quality operators.
  •   Majestic isolation.
  •   Coiled cordage option.

AKG K371 Over-Ear, Closed-Back, Foldable Studio Headphones

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In my list, on number 9, this headphone mainly assures that whatever you listen to has sufficient accuracy and clear and much appreciation of their exclusive made from a thin polyimide film that is extremely receptive to stimulus.

Review: The AKG have been improving their audio designing trades for many years. This set uses a technology that hasn’t shifted since its initial improvement in the 1970s. They give very precise listening.


  • Uncommon production.
  •  Delicate diaphragms.
  •  Excellent migrating response.
  •  It comes with a great price.

PreSonus HD9 Professional Monitoring Headphones

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In number ten, the hd9 headphones made with a slightly open-backed selection that provides a genuine imitation. These look pretty tough for a funds model and are thin weight but apply some very long-lasting production substances.


  • It comes with Semi-open cane.
  •  High-resolution operators.
  •  Comfortable self-adjusting design.
  •   Cost-friendly price-tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are beats good for music production?

Beats don’t create studio monitor headphones. Studio monitors are meant to not replace sound on their own. So no beats are not good for music production.

What are the best headphones for music mixing? 

  • Grado Labs PS2000e.
  • ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO.
  • Shure SRH1840.
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M70x.
  • AKG K701.
  • Focal Listen Professional.
  • Sennheiser HD 200 PRO.

What are the best headphones for electronic music?

  • Audio Technica WS1100iS.
  • Sennheiser HD 25.
  • Audio Technica MSR7 SonicPro.
  • Sony MDR-XB50AP.
  • Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones.
  • Sony XB950N1.
  • OneOdio Pro-10R Headphones.

What are the best earbuds for music production?

  • Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor
  • Behringer HPX2000
  • Neumann Studio Headphones NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring
  • Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones
  • Fostex RP Diaphragm Stereo Headphones (T60RP) 
  • PreSonus HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones.

What are some cheapest headphones for music production?

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
  • V-MODA Crossfade
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M30x
  • Sony MDR7506

What are some best studio headphones for music production?

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
  • Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Studio Headphones
  • Sony MDR7506 Professional
  • Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphone
  • Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor
  • Behringer HPX2000
  • Neumann Studio Headphones NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring.

What are the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for music production?

  • Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor.
  • Behringer HPX2000.
  • Neumann Studio Headphones NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring.
  • Shure SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones.
  • Fostex RP Diaphragm Stereo Headphones (T60RP)
  • PreSonus HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones.

Final Word

Headphones have connected themselves as a new way of listening to music. They are developing the emotional meaning of music, they’re also influencing how music is composed, played, and directed. Good headphones for music production plays a vital role. From tracking to blending and understanding, making engineers analyze how their brains will play off the famous listening devices of the time. Whether you are a designer or an artisan, knowing how headphones are evolving music is essential to building music that sounds great to present audiences.

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