How to Change Gmail Password?

how to change gmail password

In this guide, I will show you how simply you can change Gmail password. I will also show you how you can recover your password if you have forgotten it. So, this article is going to be very helpful for you. Many people face this problem of forgetting passwords, and can’t find the way to change the password, as it’s not visible simply on the pages we mostly use on Gmail.

how to change gmail password

However, the Gmail changing password procedure varies for web version and mobile version. For information, you can’t change the admin Gmail account password using the Gmail app, which you have installed on Android mobiles. But, using web version and some little trick with Android mobile setting options, you can easily change your Gmail password. Below is the exact procedure to follow to change your password.

Change Your Gmail password using website

To change the Gmail password using the website, you will need your current password that you have used to signing. Here are the steps to proceed

  • First, go to Gmail official website that is and sign in with your mail id and password. [in case you can’t remember password, look below procedures]
  • Next, in the right top corner, you would find one setting icon. Click on that icon.
  • Once you clicked on that setting icon, you will find the setting option, click on the setting option.
  • After the setting option is opened, now go to the tab accounts and import. It will open the options like this

gmail account password change option

  • Next, change the password by giving your current password. That’s all, you have changed your Gmail password.


Advice: Try to keep your Gmail password long and strong, as hackers are very active these days for hacking Gmail’s, as your Gmail is loaded with valuable information.

Change Your Gmail password using Android devices

As I already told you, it’s not possible to change the password using Gmail app. But, there is a way to change your Gmail password using android mobile/Tablet and other Android devices. To know how look below steps.

  • Open the setting option on your Android device. Just open the menu, you will find the setting option there.
  • Now choose account setting or personal sections. [our end goal is to reach Google account setting, it might vary device to device, like for Samsung mobiles, just after opening the setting option, you would find Google setting]
  • Now, open Google services, where you will find an option “sign in & security” . Click on that option.
  • Next, choose password [change your password], and by following the further steps, you can easily change your Gmail password.


Advice: One can use this method for all Android devices, and always try to keep the password strong, by giving, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and avoiding easy to guess passwords.

Reset Your Gmail Forget Password

Now, if you have forgotten your current Gmail password, then don’t get panic. There are many recovery options that Google provides to recover your Gmail password. Here is how you can do this.

  • First, open Google account support page on any browser.
  • Now, put the Gmail account that you want to recover the password.
  • If you can remember any password that you have used earlier, try it. If it works, then the recovery password will be much easier and quicker.
  • Now, if you can’t remember the password, it’s time to verify your identity. There are several ways to do this, you can try receiving a prompt on connecting Android device, getting a recovery SMS on registered mobile number, also you can do this by setting a recovery mail on your alternative mail it or recovery mail id, if nothing, you can do it by entering new mail address to receive the code. Either way verifying the identity is the must. You can do it using anyway, that Google shows.
  • Once you have done the verifications, now you can change the password by setting a new secure password. After doing this you can login into your Gmail using the new password immediately. [but save your password somewhere so that you don’t forget it]


Google treat’s their users best, but remember don’t try to enforce anything, if it’s not happening to try another method of recovery. Not just password, you also can recover deleted Gmail’s even after 30days. Google does everything to make it easy and sweet for everyone.

However, many people have changed their password, and reset their password using these methods. But, if you can’t remember anything regarding your mail or if you are facing a different situation that I have mentioned above, you can take help from Google support forum, or comment below, I will try to solve them.

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