How to Change the Theme of Whatsapp Easily!

You are using whatsapp for while. And from the very first version you are using it in the default green theme. As from the first day you are watch the same background, then it is usually you guys will become bored. You might have think so many times to change the default theme of whatsapp, but you don’t know the proper way to do such. But just don’t worry, because here in this article, I will provide you some tricks to change the theme of your favourite whatsapp app.

As, from the beginning whatsapp haven’t changed their look. Many people had tried to change it but most of them failed to change the looks. But in this article, the list that I will provide will surely help you. So, have a look on the list of tricks to know, how to change the theme of the whatsapp.

Tricks to change the theme of whatsapp


Using the GBWhatsapp app

You can change the theme of your whatsapp by using the GBWhatsapp. You can use new themes using this app. You can also download new themes using this app. Now just follow the steps mentioned here.Install the GBWhatsapp app on your mobile from official website or from this link.

Steps of installing and using

· Open the app on your mobile and click the option GB settings

· Now click on the option download themes

· Select the theme you liked the most and click on apply option

· Then restart the GB whatsapp app.

· Click on the ok button

· You will find a new look for your whatsapp.

You can also delete the themes Just follow the steps bellow

· Open the app and click on GB settings

· Go to themes

· Click more options

· Click on the clear option

Using the whatsapp CM11 theme

This app will change the overall look of your regular whatsapp messenger. It will change the whole design of your whatsapp. This app also customizes the icons and chat heads. It does not manipulate the actual setting of whatsapp. You will able to get a detailed new look. You can choose from so many options. But there is a difficulty with reading the action bar of whatsapp, while using this app. This app is only to change your whatsapp’s visual action. This app is easily available in the playstore. Or you can download from this link.

How to use whatsapp CM11

· Open the whatsapp CM11 app

· Go to the menu

· Select the desired theme

· Click on the apply/use option

· And the new look of whatsapp will appear

Using the EWhats color app

To use this option to change your whatsapp theme you need to meet these conditions

· Android Oreo

· Whatsapp installed on device already

· To start substratum theme engine you have to trigger Andromeda.

If you meet these requirements then you follow these steps

· Download and install Ewhats color

· Now turn on substratum theme engine. Go to app drawer and launch “substratum”

· Now you can see the theme /app that are installed in your device are overlapping by overlays manager.

· Then you should watch the whatsapp overlays card and then toggle its checkbox

· You will find so many menus in this card

· Go to ‘interface’ menu and select a color of your choice

· Then go to ‘Accent’ and select accent color

· Now go to ‘style’ and select the suited style for your whatsapp

· After selecting all click on Built and enable.

Changing whatsapp theme without using any other third party app

You can use any picture from your camera or from downloads. By using these stets

· Launch whatsapp and click on menu bar

· Go to settings

· Open chat settings and then on wallpaper

· Choose any photo from your gallery

· And theme will be set as the photo you have selected

Using the whatsapp+ app

The whatsapp + is another way to change the regular theme of the whatsapp. You need to install this app first from the official website. Then within this app you will get so many options to select. Now follow the steps to install and use whatsapp+

· First you need to download and install the app

· Then open the app and go to menu

· Select theme and apply

This app is basically a modified version of the real whatsapp. You will also get some new emojis here. You can also increase the limit of files to be sent once. Hide any chat and select different theme for different people.

Final Thought

You guys are using the whatsapp from many years, but its main theme is still same from the very first day. Though there are many changes in the facilities but it still looks same. So in this article I have already discussed some option to change theme of whatsapp. You guys must try these tricks to get a overall new look to your whatsapp. Have a nice day.


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