How to Check Net Balance [Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Jio, Reliance, Vodafone, Aircel]

how to check internet balance

So, you want to check internet balance? and looking for an easy way to do it.Here, I will show you how you can find how you can easily check your internet usages instantly. In this guide, I will tell how to check net balance for Airtel, Jio, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone, and Idea cellular.

We, often want to check our internet balance, some operators do display one popup everytime you turn off your data. But, some don’t show anything. However, there is a better way to do this, even when your data is no connected (Exception for Jio).

how to check internet balance

Depending upon the operator the ways are different. But, all are simple and easy to remember. The easiest method is using USSD codes to find your net balance. But, what is USSD code is actually?, It’s a simple code for customers to communicate with operators. You need to dial these codes in your mobile to communicate with your operators. And, that’ it, your operator will display your current mobile data status instantly.

How to Check Airtel Net Balance?

There are several methods to check 2G/3G/4G net balances on Airtel. Below I have listed out best and easy methods. Although, Airtel provide their all information while you purchase one SIM, we often don’t remember that. Also, sometimes they updated.

  • Use USSD code to check your balance instantly. It’s the easiest method one can try. Below are the USSD codes for how to check airtel prepaid net balance. From basic featured mobiles to latest smartphones, USSD code works great for all mobiles.
Network Type USSD Code
Airtel 2G *123*10# or *123*21#
Airtel 3G *123*08# or *123*197#
Airtel 4G *123*19# or *123*191#
  • Download My Airtel App, and you can check your net balance through it. Also, it has many good features like Wynk music, Wynk movies, Ditto live TV, Airtel money, Wynk games, Juggernault, Hike messenger, Airtel dialer.
  • Or you can call to Airtel customer care if finding any problems; they will solve your issue within a minute. Here are Airtel toll free customer care number 198/121(you can try any of these two).

How to check Aircel Net Balance?

Here, I have mentioned one best working way to find current Aircel internet balance. Use this method to check your aircel internet balance instantly by just dialing appropriate USSD codes.Check out below.

  • Use Aircel USSD codes to check your net balance easily. Below are the USSD codes for checking net balance on Aircel.
Network Type USSD Codes
GPRS Net Balance *133# or *126*6# or *126*4# or *126*1# or *301#
Check 2G Net Balance *133# or *111*10# *133# or *126*011# or *111*10# or *122*122#
Check 3G Net Balance *111*9# or *122*011# or *122*122#
Check 4G Net Balance *111*9#
  • Or you can call to Aircel customer care if these are not working. Here is Aircel customer care number for information call 121, for requests and complaints, call 198.

How to Check Reliance Net Balance?

Reliance telecom offers USSD code to check current internet balance. Look below to find your current internet balance.

  • You can use USSD codes to check data balance on 2G/3G/4G mobiles. Dial *111*1*3# to check net balance. If this code is not working you can try *111# and then choose accordingly. And to check data validity dial *333*1*3*1# .
  • If these are not working you can call to your reliance customer care for help. Here is the reliance customer service number 198.

How to Check Jio 4G Net Balance?

With Jio you can not simply check by dialing one USSD code. To check current internet consumption on Jio sim, you have to use my jio app. But How..??.. Below I have mentioned how you can check jio net balance using my jio app.You can easily check your daily data report by using this method.

  • To check 4G balance on jio, first make sure you have installed My Jio app on your device. If not download My Jio App first.
  • After opening my jio app, click on usage.
  • Swipe your screen to jio data use log.
  • Now, check your daily data consumption report.

If, these doesn’t work call jio customer care at 1800 889 9999. Also, hoping that Jio will shortly start USSD codes response.

How to Check Vodafone Net Balance?

Okay, Vodafone users can easily access their data report by dialing USSD code on their mobile. Below, I have mentioned the specific USSD codes to check internet balance on Vodafone mobiles instantly.

  • Dial *111*6# or *111*6*2# to check 2G/3G data balance on Vodafone.
  • Or you can receive data balance message right to your inbox by sending DATA BAL to 144.

How to Check BSNL Net Balance?

BSNL also made internet balance checking very simple by providing USSD codes. Just dial that code on your mobile and you will have your data report on your mobile screen.

  • You can use USSD code for checking data usages.
Network Type USSD code
BSNL GPRS net balance *123*5#
BSNL 3G net balance *123*5#
BSNL 2G data balance *123*5#
  • Mostly these USSD works perfectly, but if these are not working for you. Call BSNL customer care call 1503 or 1800-180-1503.(toll-free from BSNL mobiles)

How to Check Idea Net Balance?

One can easily find their Idea balance by only dialing simple USSD codes. Find the relevant code below.

  • To check idea data balance dial *125# or *131*3#.
  • If these are not working call idea customer exudative for instant help, Here is idea customer care number 12345.



Using above methods one can easily check internet balance anytime. But, sometimes you may face some issue with network problem and response for some operators. If, it is not working call customer care of your operator and ask them for USSD code to check data balance. However, sometimes operation changes their USSD code. Keep your self always updated with new updates.

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