How To Download Facebook Videos [Tricks That Works]

download facebook videos

So, you have seen an awesome video on facebook, and desperately want to download it! But the next thing that probably comes to your mind …”hmmm..i want to download the video but there is no option to download videos from can I download???..” Well, If are facing similar problem then don’t worry, today I will show you exact way “How to download facebook videos“.

how to download facebook videos

Facebook is a place where we meet with new peoples, family members, friend, friends of friends and their friend.( altogether a huge network of people). In the recent years, Facebook has become the massive community. Where people love to share photos, status, make a group, sometimes break the group, people spent hours on facebook. And after facebook introduce it’s new video feature people gone crazy about it, everyone starts sharing video, some are private where some are public. But with that one “Big problem” also occurred, Those like you who want to download videos from facebook, got very disappointed because there is no option for downloading videos.

But No more troubles!, I am here to give you “Step by step guide” for downloading videos from facebook. I will show you the exact way that I use to download unlimited video content from facebook for free. yes! absolutely free!

Before we move for the tricks, first let’s clear two important things.

What Really “Private” and “Public” Are?

Whenever you upload a video facebook give you a choice of options, whether to make it public or private. Now, what does that mean?

When you upload one video publically it means “Anyone who is on or off facebook can access your video”

But when you publish it private “Only Facebook members and your friends can access it accordingly to the option you choose”

Now, why I explained private and public? Because there are two separate tricks to download videos for private and public. And here, I am going to talk about both types.

The guide is going to be in two section one for Public videos and the other one for Private videos.

So let’s check out the tricks to download videos from facebook…..

How to Download Public Facebook Videos

When the video is public, its bit easy to download compare to private one. To download a public videos you need to have “Internet connectivity” and that’s all requirement. In this trick, we will use 3rd party websites to download public videos from facebook, it’s simple, fast and smart way to download videos.

Now, let’s move to the “step by step guide”

Step 1: Now, the first thing that you need to do is copying the video URL from Facebook. How to do that? I will show you in the next screenshots guide.

Right Click on the video that you want to download, it will show these tree option Play, Unmute/mute, Show video Url.

Now, click on the “Show video Url” option, it will show you video URL, Copy the full Url(Make sure you have copied the full URL or it will not work in the next step)

Step 2: Once you have copied the URL, it’s time to paste it to the right place to get the download link. Here, I will give a list of 3rs party sites from where you can download the video by just pasting the URL.

Website URL

Note: In some websites like for keepvid, they may ask you for downloading a java file, Install it according to the instruction.

Here I will show the demonstration for “savefrom”, others also work the same way.

This is the “saveform” web app page, you need to paste the URL, into the box and click the arrow!

Wait for few seconds, you will find download option will appear. just click on “Download” by adjusting the quality you want to download. and that’s all, you are done!

Other websites that I mentioned above also works the same way I have shown above.

But When I tried this with a private video I got a message of “The download link not found.”

But I found out a way to download private videos also, On the next guide I will show you “how…”

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How to Download Private Facebook Videos

To find out the way to download private videos from facebook, I tried out many methods(back and white both), also try with different downloader and believe me everything fails!

And finally, I discovered one website that worked perfectly.

it’s none other then GetFbStuff, With the little trick, one can easily download private videos from Facebook for free and securely.

Without wasting more time, let’s jump into “step by step guide”

Step 1

First, Open the video that you want to download in a “New tab”.

Step 2

Once is it open in a new tab, click on “View page source”.

Step 3

The next step is to copy all the source code, you can do manually or use shortcuts Ctrl + A, and Ctrl + C. (Just make sure you have copied the full source)

Step 4

Okay, now this is the last and final step. Once you have copied the source, open this link: Download Facebook Private Videos.

After opening the link, paste the source code on the box and click to “download”, the download links will appear, choose the quality of video you want to download.


So these are the best ways to download facebook videos on PC and Mobile. Using this trick you can download both private and public videos from facebook. However, this tricks might not work always, if the application is not responding, please reload the application and try again.

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